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  • HA! I cant stop laughing at how horrible it is!

    wow! I just have to say WOW! the worst show ever! I gave it a 1.2 because I'm nice! man if the people who made this show ran on good rateings they would have died loooooooong ago! I mean really this is a waste of show space! well little kids may like it but still its teens and adults that choose the shows! (and give them the rateings!) I'm sorry but still this is the worst show ever future head lines will say natt wolff or whatever his name is reported missing from shame of his carrer and was found dead in his apertment at the age of 52
  • Not half bad.

    The Naked Brothers Band- from what I have seen- is a fairly good show. I would not call it a comedy, but it does have some humour in it. I think that I would like it better if I had seen it before Spinal Tap. Though The Naked Brothers Band is different from Spinal Tap, they both are similar because they are both about the lives of fake bands. I like the characters in the Naked Brothers Band. The writer did a good job because they made me care about the characters. Unlike with some shows, I have the ability to feel badly for the characters sometimes, and good for characters at other times. I would have to say that my favourite character is Cooper because I really like the way he acts and he was written very well.

    I think that Nickelodeon has produced another very good, and controversial, television series. I hope that the series continues for a couple more seasons before it ends.
  • This is worse than my grandmother's feet - if you consider my grandmother's feet disgusting.

    Naked Brothers Band?

    Are you sure?


    Nickelodeon, are you sure you just didn't have a typo? No? Well, Nick, this show doesn't make any sense. I don't even know why I even watched this show in the first place. This show is all about 2 bratty kids who are living a "star's" life.


    I just laughed at what I just said. Face it, the Naked Brothers Band will never be real stars, only kids who are too immature for their own good. This was just a scheme to get Nickelodeon Records to stay in-business and to redeem money for that crappy hotel they have.

    I do not recommend this show to anyone, in my honest opinion.
  • Its unbelievable and unthinkable how this show is still on the air.

    I don't know what you would classify this show as? Its definatley not a comedy. Why you ask? B/c its about as funny as my Great Grandmas stories of the great depression. Speaking of depression it isn't exactly the most dramatic show mainly b/c you have to have talented actors to run an effective drama . But look at the cast. Nat Wolff is not a very good actor neither is his little brother Alex Wolff. The other members of the band are all ameturs and are not very talented at all. Im sorry for people who can't find their remote and have to watch this show.
  • why nick why did you give us such a horrible show!!!!

    all i have to say is why. i i hate this show it is so boring and dumb. i hate it. this people cant even act. and they cant even cry on cue. that is how this show is so bad. they cant even sing also the fact that they cant sing is that how do they sell cell.cds there songs are so bad i want tear out my ears. i dont get why does nick een show us re-runs. it so bad. i think it just should canceled . also he music videos are werid and i hate the plot to the story because it dosent make any sense. nickoledian do us all a favor and please cancel this show
  • Great! A show about child singers.

    What can I say about this show? Oh yeah. It's horrible. I don't consider the lives of two child singers interesting. I heard them singing. It was horrible. School of Rock is the only piece of entertainment that I like that was about kids singing. Reason? It was actually trying to be funny. It had some characters that people could relate to. But NBB has a bunch of kids who thought "Hey let's make some songs and get a ton of money!" And where are the parents? Is it like in real life where the parents mooch off the singers? This is a kids show! You have to at least put in one or two responsible adult figures. Otherwise, it's follows the same plot that Disney Channel has been using for years.
  • They are Nerdy in there show!

    Well The show is very odd strange and umm hopefully NOT What they acy like in real life. Whoever writes the script for the show should be fired really! Maybe a reason for there bad show is Because there still little kids!!! There nt ready yet they started Way to young! All there Music Videos and music have to be Children friendly because its on Nick. Im mean Songs a bout Chores and smoothies Gezze Weird! The reason i gave this a 4 is because i think there doing everything wrong/Too soo, and i like just one of there songs long distance relationships will kill you ,whicj was a bad episode but anyway DOnt watch this show if your 12+ , Watch this show if your 4-11.
  • What has gone wrong with Nick.

    Plot: Two kids one day out of nowhere decide that they should make the worlds worst band and call it the Naked Brothers Band for some reason. They face puberty, fans and all sorts of wacky things with a talking dog.
    Writing: This show is bad, Nick with it's latest attempt to put something on the air that grabs fans, instead of actually being good. With that idea and two spoiled kids with rich parents, plus some accidental pouring of chemical X we get NBB. Well to say, it's not entirely the NBB's fault for making this show awful, it may just as well be the writers making this bad.
    Acting: meh.
    Sub: Comedy: In a generation where there are way to many shows trying to be funny, this one is just the same.
    Overall: I just want to say that this show is bad, not much besides that. Also, I am not making fun of the fans for watching this ok, that's it.
  • The show is really horrible.

    This show is about Nat and Alex Wolf who form a band called the Naked Brother's Band. This show is in the style of documentary, but we all know this band isn't real. There are a couple of things that are bad about this show. One, the songs are horrible. Two, they are only kids and have a successful band, not likely. Three, the show is a complete bore and puts me to sleep. Four, did I mention the songs are horrible. Five, their band name is the Naked Brother's Band and that is just wrong for a stupid kids show. I have advice for any one who watches stop watching this because they are brainwashing you and you need to break free. Overall I really don't like this show and it is one of the worst television shows on modern t.v.
  • This is so stupid its a bunch of crap

    Real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff (ages 11 and 8 (9 and 6 in the movie) respectively) set out to prove that rock and roll isn't just for adults in this part documentary, part mockumentary with a comedic twist. The path to super stardom is a long, difficult one. The camera follows Nat and Alex through their concerts, their rehearsals, and their private lives, as they deal with the growing pains related to love, friendship, and fame. Okay this show sucks i never ever ever ever ever want to watch this show it is sooooo stupid please cancel it oh did i mention it sucks Nat is soo gay i hate it soo much what a bunch of Crap
  • I'm sorry but, The Naked Brothers band is a show that should be taken of Nick A.S.A.P.

    After watching some episodes of The Naked Brothers Band, I'll have to say that this show really is a bad one. First off, what the hell were they thinking when they put on that Puberty episode?! They're 8 and 11 for Heaven's sake! And trying to make Nat's voice sound deeper was pretty pathetic to me. Another thing, how can those guys sing about love? They're too young to know what true love is. All this show proves is that this "band" has no musical talent and are way in over their heads. Alex doesn't have a "girlfriend", and he never did. Rosalina is out of Nat's leauge, and pretty much all of their songs are a headache. They try to act like they're 17 when they're only little kids! This show is so bad it shouldn't even be put on Nick Jr! Sorry to say this peeps, but this show has got to go....permanently.
  • This isn't the best show I've seen on Nick, but it's not bad, either. I wouldn't mind watching it if nothing else was on, but it's not something I'd want to watch at the same time.

    First off, I don't understand why people are so hard on this show. It's not that great, yes, but it isn't terrible, either. The name could be changed, thought. I mean, the Naked Brothers Band? That's just embarrassing, and some homophobics could think they were actually naked. But the show does have some decent plots. Like, having that cleaning specialist Betty come over was rather amusing, although they show that episode on a regular basis. I actually sort of like watching their experiences ever now and then. But what really bothers me about this show is the band members. I know it's a documentary, so they're not supposed to be acting, but they all act so unnatural. It's like they're always nervous to be in front of a camera, even though they should be used to it by now. Also, some people are just annoying, awkward, embarrassing, or downright dimwitted. Alex is the only character I really like, because he has so much personality. Also, the music videos and such are just horrible. The green screening is unrealistic, and the themes are pretty uncreative. Plus the songs are both childish and poorly done. Nat sounds like a girl, and everyone else shows little emotion. Fortunately, all the songs are rather short. All in all, this isn't a bad show, but I wouldn't want to watch it too often.
  • This is one of the worst piles of steaming-trash I've ver seen! Its horrendous and the concept is stupid.

    I'll give you a summary about this trash heap: It is mostly about these kids who need an attitide ajustment because they act like these big-shot singers and musicians when all they are is a bunch of kids who are wanna-be singers. The singing is atrocious. Every episode consists of them singing the same corny songs, including the ever-so-corny "Crazy Car." Overall, the show just stars these 8-year-olds acting like superstar musicians. I'm sorry but this show is just more proof that Nickelodeon is going to the dogs. Only a few show are saving them from going broke. Do yourself a favor and watch something else.
  • The Naked Brothers Band is a very good show!!Its hilarious but not too childish mature but not too grown-up!!Its perfect for kids and tweens.I have even seen some teens enjoy the show alot!!

    I really really love this show!!Its the greatest show out there now!!Anyone who doesn't like it needs to give it a chance!!I didn't like it at first but now I LOVE IT!!Nat and Alex are both very talented actors/singers/songwriters!!I love watching the show every weekend!!I cannot wait for the second season!!I think it will be equally as great as the first season it might even be better!I love this show soooo much!I wait for it all week!!I count down until on Sturday at 8:30 and Sunday at 6:30!!I really really REALLY like this show!!Most of my friends don't like it but one of my friends is equally as obsessed to them as I am!!So it shows the show is popular!!And I know alot of other people that like them even though they aren't my friends; and not saying that I don't have alot of friends its just watev!!(LOL jkjk)
  • I bet the fans of this band were payed by Nickelodeon. Because I feel that the fans are just haters. Even the people who were on the commerical may've been payed by saying those ridiclous things about this so called "band"

    The Naked Brothers Band have already won The Worst Show of 2007 pretty early, but it still sucks. It first started with the movie which is suppose to be Spinal Tap for the younger group. Unlike the documentary however, the main band are just horrible to even have their very own Nickelodeon show when I hear that their mother payed the channel to get them into ultimate rockstars because she's an actress! The show's name seems like it would anger parents, but they don't give a crap about child care these days. The people who've came up with this name thought this was hillarious accorrding by the brothers, an episode had already faked a montage to the Music Video Awards [Special thanks to Bloo_Herriman.], the band members sing with zero tolerance to their gender, the lyrics are usually on songs that deal with romance and love, they're kids going in their lifes with tatooes and other random crap they think they can do from the movie or show, and their mockumentery did help them a bit, but it still plauged the entire series.
    I'd rather watch Super Size Me then to watch the movie.

    Overall, if your looking for a better show featuring a band, then watch Hannah Montana. Otherwise, you can pretty much avoid it like the plague. Rating: 1.0 out of 10.0
  • This show would be much better off it was reality.

    I really don't understand this how at all. I mean seriously, it's not funny at all. It doesn't even make sense. Despite there music, how many kids do see having a band and their own television show. Even before the tv show itself, the movie kind of made me confused. Who would actually believe that they started when they two and formed a different band, the silver boulders. The only reason why I'm saying this is because the movie is based on reality. It's all true, no kdding. What they should really do is just capture what they do in there everyday life, and not by just turning reality into comdey, by turning comdey into reality.
  • this show is about some stupid kids trying to sing some gay song

    the naked brothers band is the worst show on nick. no let me correct myself it is the worst show ever made on earth. i mean serioulsy it is about some brats who think they can sing but they can't at all. when this show came out i thought it might be good. it was on teenick so i thought i could relate to it. i was way wrong. just because it is on teenick doesn't mean it is a teenage show. last this show is so bad i hope they ban it from tv permentatly.
  • They couldn't sing, let alone come up with a good idea for song EVEN if the entire world tried to help them. The reason that NBB is still on air is because of am alarming rate of pedaphiles.

    Seirously, this show is so random and stupid. This show is completely random. I have a good idea how this show got started. A Nick Executive saw "The Office" and "Hannah Montana" and thought it would be a good to combine both but did a horrible job doing it.

    I don't get this show at all. Seirously, this show is so random and stupid. It is LITTERALLY OFF the WALL. The songs are retarded. Crazy Car? Taxi Cab? I heard Hannah Montana sing better songs. And her songs make sense unlike this show! Why is everyone trying to be a singer, what happened to just acting. I don't see Josh Peck trying to sing, so why should these horrible singers (or unoffical musicians.) are trying to sing!!! The only song that was good is the theme song and I just like it because of the cutscenes.

    The chicks are ugly and hitious and also 6-year old. I don't want to look at that! The only NBB is still on air is because of pedaphiles..........

    That's the only reason I can think of.
  • This wus horrible and stupid

    This show is so stupid. a bunch of kids in a band. they have gay songs like crazy car. they r stupid. a 10 year old owns a band and has a 6 year old in it........ got no mojo!! got no moves!! what a stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid dumb show!!! who would wathc it. what girl would like a stubby guy that looks like a midget and has girls hair. his little brother in one episode has a stupid hat that says moo on it. wow hah very funny. I say to you, dont watch it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This very good

    I Love the way of a band idea even though it's false advertised, i didn't know that before but someone sent me a message saying that i was wrong in my old review, so thnak you whoever sent that message! It is a good programe and i can't wait for the next series, or the episodes that i haven't seen from the first series like Battle Of The Bands Part 1 or Part 2 or Alex's First kiss that will be a good episode but i wish Nat would get together with Rosalina, i suppose it will happen in the end like everything else...
  • overall this show is a family delight kids especially will like to watch this show of a band led by Nat and Alex wolff. This show actually inspired me to write music of my own and that is why the naked brothers band show deserves a superb rating.

    I find this show the Naked brothers band to be a great show for the whole family to enjoy.Its a show about a kid band led by brothers Nat and Alex and in this show these musicians are pursuing their dreams of being in a rock band and doing what they love to do.If you listen to the music of the show and the band it sounds very similar to the Beatles that is because Nat is a huge beatles fan and a master at Beatle's trivia.The show The Naked brothers band is based on its movie and in the movie they are known as the silver boulders until the band breaks up over a feud of whether to play the song rosalina or boys rule girls drule.In the movie nat basicly gets depressed and he comes up with the song If there was a place to hide. At the end of the movie they get back together and become the naked brothers band we all know and love and that is how they came to be. and thats my reveiw of The naked brothers band
  • I love this Show

    The naked brothers band is awesome. they prove that rock and roll is not just for adults. i think it is awesome because how many shows are out there that tell you how hard it is to be 6, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 and be in a well known band. i think it is amazing how they learned how to play these instruments before they were in kindergarden. And the bond between these 2 brothers is great. If you don't like it then don't watch it. But I'm going to keep watching the Naked Brothers Band.
  • This show is freaking awful!

    The Naked Brothers Band has got to be one of the most irratating and annoying shows on television it's about these two people who happen to be brothers called Nat and Alex Wolff and they are also a band but these guys are irratating they can't even sing a song to save their life plus there butt ugly especially Nat who has ugly hair but he thinks it's great and their praised by fangirls for silly reasons they think there both "hot" it's even more disturbing that they find Alex hot since he's 8 and there like 13 i hope this show gets cancelled and bring back the classics like Rocko's Modern Life and the Angry Beavers and cancel this and Mr Meaty i have a feeling they'll run out of ideas too plus it's really sick that they are having romance storylines for people at such a young age i wish it would get cancelled someday.
  • Why.

    First of all who the **** made this show? It's Demeaning. The Music is horrible, All I hear is the Word Crazy Car Uttered Five million times in a row. My ears are now Bleeding. Nick has Offically Sucked. They're going to Cancel Dp For THIS? And WTF is with the show's title? The Only thing That Makes Sence of this show is the Word Band. I swear This Show is worse Than That Coconut thing show. Someone get this Crud off the Air, Burn it's tapes and Throw it into the Bermuda Triangle. The "band" Sucks campared to The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Weird Al, Pink Floyd, and LOADS of other bands.

    The "band" songs are more Annoying than leet. This band isn't even leet.


    VERY annoying
    Makes Nick Offically downhill

    Nick If you're reading this (I doubt it)Get this Crud, no, I mean S*** off the Air, It's stupid.
  • for all those people who think its a little kid show and its horrible--you.are.wrong.

    all these people think this is a baby show or that its stupid or something. But thats not true, in fact its a perfectly watchable show. My little brother watches it and one day i was walking by the tv and he told me to watch it, so i did and now i'm hooked. seriously, give this show a chance. its really really really really good! alex is so cute, and everyone else in the band is great too.I could watch this show all day long and i'm almost 14--haha. Seriously though, this show is really good, the plots on every episode are good, and they keep you watching.
  • Horrible, completely horrible!

    This show is one of the reasons why TV is so dull and boring these guys can't act nor sing i hate it that Nick replaces good classics like Rocko's Modern Life and the Rugrats with this piece of crap come on Nick come to your senses and cancel this show and Mr Meaty because these kids think there "cool" teenagers who apparently can get girlfriends and money just because there on TV and it's even worse that this show came to the UK back on May 28th, 2007(though it was a good day because American Dad Volume 2 reached the stores in the UK) the only people who would watch this show is kids and fangirls and Nat thinks he's so "mature" for his age when he isn't neither is he cute nor adorable same with Alex i mean i've seen one part of the show where the two are fighting and it was so damn immature these guys need to get a life and enjoy their youth while they can because i want this show canned and never to be bought back on the air.
  • The Naked Brothers Band is about two brothers and their band. During the show the band goes through all the good times and bad times of child celebrities and all the normal child problems like crushes, school and friendships.

    This show is great. It's one of my personal favorites and I don't see why everyone thinks it's so horrible. I love the comedy and awkward moments that they put in the show. The crushes and friendships going on really makes the show real and something wholesome kids can relate to including all the work they do with school. It sends a good messege that children can do what they put their minds to and to set your goals high. All and all this is a really great show and I think one of Nicks best. NAKED BROTHERS BAND ROCKS
  • Stupid.

    Why is the Naked Brothers Band fake? I have some answers, I went to a Wal-Mart in NYC (where they're supposed to live), no CD, what 11-year old makes so emotional songs? Rosalina's real name is Allie. It's just stupid!

    To write the next 54 words:
    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Kids, don't watch it! You're being fooled. You're being ripped off. Stop watching it! Please, Please, Please, Please, Please! Please, please, PLEASE, Please, Please! Horrible! I can't watch it, it is so bad. Very stupid!
  • Oh how the once mighty Nickelodeon has fallen

    I remember when back in the day we had GOOD Nick shows like Rugrats(pre Kimi episodes)The Angry Beavers,Invader ZIM,and such.Now we've got bull like Zoey 101,Mr Meaty,Unfabulous,The X's and this.I hate it with a pssion and I'll explain why

    1.Unnecesary praise

    These people aren't popular in real life,those people in the commercials were just paid to say that.

    2.They don't deserve a show or movie

    Ok,real childsatrs would audition for a roole fair and square,they don't go to their mommies to ask them to make them movies and then shows out of the movie.

    3.Theses kids can't sing or act

    Really I can tell the songs aren't really recorded by them,they are just moving their hands on the instruments(would the tempo and movements mean anything?)

    4.The arrogance of the band members.Ok,so these kids just go around thinking they such hot stuff when they aren't.The only people who love them are kids and fangirls who fell for the commercials with people saying"Naked Brothers Band is so awesome!" or "I want to marry them!"

    5.It tries to be funny with adult humor

    Really now wouldn't parents be complaining to Nick about the jokes they play such as "boobies" or the title(really,Naked?That's a cenor waiting to happen)

    6.It puts good Nick shows like Avatar on hiatus or cancels them altogether so this can take up what could've been (insert show name here)'s airtime

    7.The fact that people use the excuse "they're only kids" so that we don't have a right to hate them.Well did it ever occur to those people that we all have our own opinions?

    8.The unoriginality,ok their songs sound like a cross between Beatles Songs and a nursery rhyme played on an electric guitar

    9.It's a perfect explanation that Nick,once the best kids network on tv,doe snot wish to be funny and original,just "hip" and "cool" so they can replace almost all cartooons with non animated,trying to be realistic teen crap

    10.overall it saddens me to see my beloved childhood memories wind up replaced withthis of all things,it had to be this.
  • Whatever happened to all the good Nick shows?

    I have not watched this show and I will never will. I mean, I grew up in the 90s with all the game shows, kid shows, etc. Some were awesome, some were average, but by the time, I got used to those shows, they had already ended. Nickeloden, IMO, is going into the gutter....FAST and this is a perfect example of that diahrhea mess.

    First of all, look at the title of this show. WTF? It's a kid's channel! Full of cartoons and stuff. Not only is it inappropriate, but it SUCKS! To be honest, the only good Nick show still active today is Drake & Josh, but by the looks of the last episode, it may be ending too! Back in the 90s, Nickelodeon was the only good channel I could watch. A lot of the shows were awesome, but nowadays, we have these retarded immature shows that aren't cool at all.

    I'd rather have a buffalo take a diahrhea dump in my ear than watch shows like this, specifically with a such a bad title.
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