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  • Because of this, I started watching Disney Channel.

    I think this show is a disgrace to Kid's channels everywhere. It's not funny, enjoyable, or watchable. It just kids reading a script, lip - sycing to songs not even written or recorded by them, and getting paid by the moneybags. They name their band something stupid just to get kids to watch their show. My parents won't let me watch nick just because of this show and the word in the title. Since then I have started watching Disney Channel and I haven't missed Nick or this show since then. I hope no one has to suffer from watching this show ever again.
  • Though its not my favorite, its better than I thought it would be.

    Well, many say The Naked Brothers Band is a complete waste of time, but though I don't really watch it much, I think it is pretty good. Alex is funny to me. Nat's personality, acting, and his 'sucking-up to Rosalina' thing is just annoying to me. In fact, NAT is annoying to me. Rosalina is kinda hot. Then Nat and Alex's dad is your everyday parent who would rather embarass you to death instead of keeping their mouths shut. Jesse is hot too, but, a little too old for me. The other band members, really, I don't see why they're in the band in the first place. Um, uh, is there any other characters I haven't mentioned. I don't think so. I'm done, I give this show, one thumb up and one thumb down.
  • Nick,you have failed me.Naked Brothers Band is the worst show I have ever seen.

    Naked Brothers Band is the most worst,pointless show I have ever seen.It talks about a stupid band who does stupid things and thinks they are soo good.Well the evil band is wrong.Naked Brothers Band is just so stupid.I hate it.Nick has failed me.They rarely show the good shows anymore because they always show the stupid Naked Brothers Band.Well,this show has failed big time.I hate it.
  • Okay, it's official: I have an extreme addiction to this show! But seriously, reading through most of the rest of these reveiws... i felt like i was gonna cry!

    I honestly, honestly fail to understand how this show has a 6.7, OR why people seem to hate it so much. What, has today's society turned heartless?
    The only conclusion i am able to come to is that some people have not allowed themselves to watch it all the way through, or had pre-concieved opinions of the show they couldn't let go of. Besides, this website is mostly made up of teenagers and adults, so the people who really need to be reviewing this show (the kids that it's actually AIMED at) aren't getting their say.
    I personally, just recently bought the movie on DVD, and have watched it practically every day since.
    The fact is, it is a fabulous show. Nat and Alex Wolfe, (ESPECIALLY Nat) are incredibly talented kids, especially for their ages. Their show is something new and different, and although some people might be thrown off by this, i like how it's filmed in a sort-of documentary style. It makes you really feel like it's happening, you know?
    The music is a lot of fun to listen to, thank you Nat Wolfe, and the charecters are really likeable. You really want to root for the band. I wish the kids really could achieve Beatles status, as it's obvious they want to, but no thanks to the haters that are represented so overwhelmingly on this site, i'm not sure if this is possible yet.
    Regardless, Nat and Alex both have long, bright musical futures ahead of them. No one can stop that.
    Hands down, it's a great show ALWAYS worth tuning into.
    Overall show grade: A
  • OMFG! I felt stupider just watching this dribble. Please read! Nick, you are starting to fail me!

    Ok, I don't mean to be rude but they need to get the hell up outta here with this! This is worse than the X's Catstrach, and Mr. Meaty put together. I hope them and thier "Crazy Car" of thiers drives off a bridge with them in it. And the girls can't tell who the boys like, even though thier staring them right in the face! Thier babysitter who's supposed to be 21, cant see Alex likes her. And if you guys go fishing again, fish for some talent of a voice that doesnt make small childrens ear's bleed! Sorry guys, but try agian.
  • Hate it!!! Hate it!!! Hate it!!! Hate it!!! Hate it!!! until the end of the world.

    I hate this show so much!!! Is just 2 kids that make this band call "the naked brothers band" which is a stupid name for a stupid show. I watch it one time and said "what is this?? Is this a joke?" I just hate it. I can't believe Kids actually likes this show. There songs are just the same tune, telling about stupid stuff. To make this just a stuff show!!!
  • Strange.....

    Okay, so i've been giving shows that don't look so interesting a chance now (due to avatar), so i watched a bit of this show, i didn't even get 10 min. into it when i decided this was stupid and a complete waste of my time. I think it's totally unoriginal, and i'm not trying to bash everyone who likes this show, i'm just saying to me it's like every other show out there.
  • Somebody should be punished- besides the viewers

    This has got to be one of the worst things Nick has ever done. This a show about a group of very young kids (I think they max out at 13 or so) who have this pretend reality show where they deal with a lifestyle and issues way to mature for them. It's not cute,funny, or entertaining. The whole idea of a nine year old obsessing on his relationship with an older girl is nauseating. If these are issues that kids can relate to then there are parents out there not paying enough attention to their kids. It's also sickening that this show is ran by the Wolff boys' parents.It's like they skimmed over all the screwed up child star bios and picked some mild parts out of each and set it up as a show for their own kids. It's like poking at the ant bed to see what happens- except you use your own kids finger to do so. These kids are unfortunate, unattractive,and only mildly talented. It is really awkward to watch.I have seen a lot of hype on TV about them but very little from the kids that are supposed to be watching. I hope Nick comes to their senses soon.
  • this show, like i said, is a complete waste of time, film, and hollywood supplies (lights, sets, etc) its just a show about little snotnosed creepy, high-pitched squeaky voiced kids.

    There is no storyline, and the kids are little famous wanna-be's. Besides, who actually names a "band" the naked brothers band? and one more point. why the heck are they in my J-14 Magazines? They suck on ice! ok, im done. not yet. you suck. Put some clothes on! the name makes the show sound like a porno, which it is as good as, and pornos are idiotic wastes of time and energ. point blank, it sucks and is a complete waste of time and energy.
  • it a cute show but everyone seems to hate it....

    i love how cute these little kids are... well i shouldnt be saying that cuz some of them or my age.. srry rambling.. anyways theres nates pathetic but somewat enetertaining trys to get rosalina to like him. hes soo awkwards its kinda funny. alexx is soooo adorable i love his hair especially when he trys 2 straighten it. the singing is okay though alot of them sound the same.. umm cooper of course the glasses very cool. yeah thats it. umm thats not a 100 words oops. la la la la la la la la la la la la la
  • Boring!

    The Naked Brothers Band is one of the examples why TV today is mostly crap let me start on my review:
    These idiots can't sing in fact there AWFUL when they are singing plus they don't even deserve a show because they asked their mother aka Polly Draper to make them a movie and then turn it into a retarded show but Miley Cyrus(though i think she's awful too but not as awful as these brats) auditioned for the role of Hannah Montana from what i've heard and she earned it so basically Nat and Alex are spoiled brats plus ''The Naked Brothers Band'' what in the hell is that being a title for a kids' show it seems too explicit for a kids' show and before you NBB fangirls go ahead and tell me ''There only kids'' just because there kids doesn't mean we should like them i mean look at people like Micheal Jackson they started their singing career when they were kids and Micheal Jackson rocked when he was a kid so there the only thing basically good about this show is the hot and mega sexy Rosalina other than that there's nothing appealing about this show i hope Nick cancels this show along with Mr Meaty, Zoey 101 and Unfabulous plus they think there girl magnets when they aren't even hot(i'm not female and i can say that without being female) i recommend you watch Drake and Josh and Ned's Declassified if you want to see some Nick live action comedies.
  • What is with this show?

    I don't get this show at all. Apparently it's about two kids, Nat and Alex who make music and go around the world. Ok, I get that part, but how is it funny? I mean c'mon, a song called Crazy Car? The narration of this show is weird, cuz at times they're between actors, and people trying to totally block out the camera. I wonder how this show gets good ratings, so Nick cancels Ned's Declassified, and takes a whole more lot of time from Avatar and things to try to keep this dead show alive. I totaly dislike this show, and I think Nick either needs to revive some of there good dead shows, get new episodes for them, or somehow find a good show idea. Unlike this show.
  • Although it is liked among children and tweens, this show fails in its attempt to depict a "real" rock band and their lives.

    This show is not that bad. It has some ups in that it is aimed towards the children between the tween ages, one of the few rare shows that actually do so (most Nick shows aim at early teens). What is bad (and possible sad) about the show is that it tries to influence a mature view towards the members of the band as adults and their "mature" affairs, like late partying and women, even though their ages range between 8 and 13. The children do their part as well about this. They try to act mature by doing (more precise, mimicking) what other famous rock stars do, yet when the situation tenses, they are binded to act as little, spoiled children. (Yelling towards each other for trivial things is depicted as spoiled). All the guys in the band are all shown an attraction towards women and their attempts to flirt, and sometimes show antics that teenagers expose. The only girl in the band falls into that, as for her exesive make up might show some scare in some parents.

    The music they do is subject of critisizm. Many have questioned the player's ability to play instruments(by the exception of Rosalina, who is often excluded of many of those critisizms). Their melody is indeed catchy, but their lyrics need a lot of fine-tunning. Although the kids think their lyrics have a deeper meaning, they actually are very vague and too repetitive (ex. "Crazy Car"). In my opinion, I only do part into likeying Rosalina, as for the song that she wrote and her ability to play instruments in real life makes her accomplished. (you can note the member's ability to play instruments by looking at the synchronization of the hands with the music)

    This show is not that bad, but it does suffer for its constant attempts to appeal more mature audiences
  • i know alot of people hate it , but i don't

    First off this show is different to any other. and you have to remember it's aimed at children. i think it's just a bit of fun , and nowdays there are alot of children who are in the spotlight and this show focuses on them, so it's not completely unrealistic. i think that if you wanted to watch something serious then you should just change the channel.although my brother who is 12 hates it, but it just depends what your into. this is about a group of young celebraties who have started their own band and are constantley follwed around by camara men(us) to film a documentary.
  • It's cute, but it could be much better.

    I have my good points and my bad points about this show...

    Good points:

    -It's really cute. I mean, you have to admit that Alex is adorable. Especially in the movie when he was younger! Plus, the antics that happen in the show are always pretty cute.

    -The Nat/Rosalina relationship. Okay, there can't be anyone out there who can resist something this perfect. Rosalina obviously has some feelings for Nat somewhere in her...she just hasn't discovered them yet. I always love watching episodes with romantic tension in them, and this is one of the cutest pairings I've EVER seen.

    -The characters. I love a lot of them. They all have their own distinct personalities, which is good in a show. Alex is just plain cute, and it's funny to watch him think that he needs to worry about all these adult things when he doesn't actually need to. Nat is the responsible, always-thinks-things-through kind of guy, which (although he can sound kind of fake at times) is pretty cool.


    Now, my bad points. The biggest problem I have with this show is that it's just not realistic! It seems like if someone's making a show, they actually decide on ONE genre for it first! Half the time it tries to portray real life, but the other half is just littered with stuff that would NEVER HAPPEN. If they wanted to make a show about a band, it seems like it would be more realistic than this. My personal opinion is that you can't combine fantasy and realistic fiction in the same show, and that's what seems to be happening with this. Here are my reasons for thinking it's unrealistic: -The crowds. Ugh, now this one gets on my nerves. I've never seen an episode of this show where there's ANYONE who doesn't LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE them. Reality check, people: There is not a band that exists in this world that EVERYONE likes. There are going to be people out there who don't like them! And on the episode where Alex has his own clothing line? Puh-lease! Just because one member of some band comes out with a clothing line doesn't mean that every single person in the U.S. is going to like it!

    -Nat's love life. Okay, I will admit that if I were a few years younger, I'd probably like him, too. But that doesn't mean every single girl in the world is madly in love with him! That's what it portrays on the show. It just isn't realistic!

    -Not all adults are idiots. This happens often in kid shows, where kids are portrayed as better than adults...but this is ridiculous. Jesse's uber-ditzy, Nat and Alex's dad constantly acts like he's high on something, and even the principal (who only appears on one episode) is completely nuts! This just wouldn't happen in real life.


    This appears to be the kind of show that people either really, really love or really, really hate. However, I'm not either way about it. I don't love it, and I don't hate it. It's a decent show, and I do like watching new episodes when I can. But honestly, it would be a lot better if it didn't constantly mix real life and fantasy world.
  • Is this some kind of joke?

    Ummm, is this show for real? I mean, it can't be! What is this world coming to???? This is the worst show I've ever seen in my life!!!! The sad part about it, is my husbands 8 year old sister loves it! Have I missed something? What happened to the GOOD shows??? All I know is, watching a couple of babies attempt to sing and be in a band, while talking about their music and lives like their 30 year olds with some kind of life experiences, is pathetically stupid. How could anyone in their right mind think this is a good concept? For God's sake, their mother was a famous actress and is the only reason they have a show, it's such a shame that someone else's fame can bring talentless people to television and music....Not to mention, my dogs could act better than the characters in this show...what a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh, horrible, the worst show ever made.

    I could not believe my eyes when I saw this, horrible, hideous, terrible show. It is the number 1, I repeat number 1 worst show ever made. This show is about stupid little kids who sing terrible and pointless songs that make no sense and are just difficult to listen to, who actually think they are good. Ha! They think they are cool teenagers who can date and have girlfriends and boyfriends and are so popular. Well they are little tiny kids who are in way over their heads and should not be singing or dating or thinking about that stuff. They should all be sucking their bottles.
  • Just plain stupid and no point.

    This show is just plain terrible. What is the point of this show anyway. All it is is 2 kids who somehow became really famous for making songs that sound like crap. What the heck kind of song is crazy car? And they got there name just cause people say them in their underwear. If this show wasn't created nick would be able renew and not cancel or good shows like Ned's, Fairly odd parents, and Danny Phantom. I would rather watch squirell boy and I hate that show. Overall not a good show and if it wasn't on nick the world would be a better place.
  • This show is not bad..........

    i don't understand why so many people are bashing this show. im a teenager, and i do enjoy watching this show. maybe the music isn't professional, but that isn't the point of the show. this show isn't about 30 year old professionals in a band.

    it is about a bunch of kids in a band, which is what they sound like. and a good one at that.

    mothers, why do you care? stop complaining that the nick execs are bad. don't watch the show. no one is forcing you. & no one is forcing your kids to watch it either.

    if the think the songs are so bad, you write a song. he is like, 12 years old. and can write a 10x better song than you ever could. give these kids some credit.

    the naked brothers band isn't terrible, and the jokes aren't terrible, you obviously don't understand the point of the show.
  • ???????????

    What's this about?
    Im sorry to all the fans out there but this show is pointless. Alot of people out there can actually play an instruent and sing deserve their fame. Sorry NBB but I would never buy any of your stuff and I never watch your Show.Now I need to babble because this has to be a minimum of 100 words. Theres not really much you can say about Naked Brothers Band. Again Im sorry to all the fans. My cousin Vickybarb loves them and I just dont get it. Well Now I only need 3 more wordds.Done!!

    Love YA All
  • Real life brothers Natt and Alex Wolff bring their band, "The Naked Brothers Band" to Nickelodeon.

    I must admit, this show is funny. But this shows humor can only go on for so long and the whole Natt/Rosalina storyline just gets on my nerves. I really don't know what Nickleodeon was thinking when they made this show. A lot of the things in this show are either far fetched, makes no sense, or just plain stupid. I will watch this show if nothing else is on but on making more shows like this... Nick just needs to get realistic and understand that teens don't want to watch shows where the main characters are singing idiotic songs where the title is repeated seven times in one sentance.
  • What was Nick thinking??!!

    OK. From what I saw- this show is about a band that has 10 yr. olds in it that cant even sing half way decent. The songs make absolutely no sense whatsoever and there is this kid that supposedly "loves" this 20 yr old woman. Theyre like 8! how could they know what love is?! The episode ideas are stupid and pointless-kinda like spongebob now!! I mean if the kids were like teens or something then it would be a little better and I dont get why they have this show on TEENick. they should have it on just Nick because they are 10 and I think that would attract younger viewers.
  • A very bad show, but it actually made me chuckle once. Once and only once. Recommend this for little kids only.

    Seriously, this the best Nick can do for a show? The title is enough to steer people away from it. The Naked Brothers Band? But enough of me smack-talking the title, the real problem here is that it shouldn't (I'm not trying to bash the fans of the show) attract anyone over 7. The characters are snot- nosed brats and the songs are repetitive. However, the show did make me chuckle ONCE and it suprisingly did not make me change the channel. I guess that's an accomplishment (in a very cosmic way) and that's why I never gave it a 1.
  • I love the Naked Brother's Band! It's AWESOME/@!

    The Naked Brother's Band is a show about Two brother's and their issues with their Band. I think Nat is Talented at writing songs. Alex is the best drummer EVER ! ! ! ! Overall I love this show and you should too! But if you don't I understand that you have better things to do. The Naked Brother's Band means a plethora to me though because I love the show!I watch it all of the time! Keep on rockin with the show Ya'll ! ! Nat Wolf and Alex Wolf ROCK! And don't you forget it! *Peace. Love. Happiness.

  • There no doubting that these kids are Talented. Im almost 18 and Alex plays the drums better than me. Nate can sing well at 11, and when he gets up in age, hes going to be pretty big! Thats that! But at the same time the show has bad execution.

    Sorry to everyone but these kids are all talented. Whether we like it are not, they have more talent on the camera than some of us will ever have on the camera, and just at their young age. The only problem with it is that there’s just no conflict. And in a TV Show, if there’s no conflict, what the point is. I watched the movie and that was pretty funny and entertaining. But I look at what some of you are writing and some of you think that it’s like a reality series. No! They’re just acting kids. Goodness. And if you really think that the songs don’t make any sense, a lot of songs won’t make any since to you. Its very cryptic and some things you just have to think about, but it all has to do with life and relationships. Overall, the show could be alot better, and Nick needs to step it up cuz we all know that the golden age of Nick is over!
  • Nat always is trying to impress Rosalina and keep it a secret from her that he likes her but she already knows but he doesnt know that. Alex is trying make Jesse or Junita his gf. While David and Thomas make fun of Natalina. While Quassim and Cooper watch

    I love this show. I don't understand why people don't watch it. It rox my sox. It also rox's bob! I mean i am a big natalina fan for the show they are the cutest couple but then yo uhave all the funny parts in it with Alex and Jesse and the Adorable Timberman Brothers. But nobody at my school know's i watch it. I try to get more people to watch it but they heard that it wa terrible which it isnt! I mean you also have David and Thomas who always tries to get girls attention and stuff like that. And Quassim well he just always help everyone including Nat with the ladies.
  • I think the naked brothers band should come to portsmouth to help people with problems also i would like to be in the naked brothers band i can sing well for rosealina im a good kisser im 13 i was born 4/94/1

    nat wolff i would love it if u can help me by putting me in ur band i live a 38 harloston road england portsmouth wymaring for all the fans i think im most desprite to help me mum with all she needs i think nat u should keep flirting with rosalina if u dont get interupted so i hope u and rosealina have a gr8 time she luvs u so call me on 02392710162 plz let me be on ur band well i listen to ur songs 24/7 so i can be as gr8 as u iv been singing for friend and familey since i was 5
  • This show isn't that good, sorry naked band lovers.

    Okay first of all they can't sing worth a note. Second they can't act to save their lives. Third i keep hearing this stuff of how there so cute which i don't see. I mean they look okay but not cute. I like there hair. The only thing good about the show is some of the people can play instruments. That girl that the lead dude likes is keeping this show together because if it wasn't for her not as many people be watching it. Trust me on that. I mean me and my sister can act better then that.
  • Oooh, a bunch of little kids in a rock band. Way to go, Nick! Ya screwed up BIG TIME!

    WARNING: Whiny teen ranting ahead! Continue at own risk!

    Now, I've never actually watched this show, but I don't need to have seen it to know how idiotic and unoriginal it is. I liked Nick the way it USED to be. They used to be "wacky, silly, and funny", but now they just try to be "hip" and "cool", and it's NOT working, not one bit! Basically, it's about these little kids who decide to start a rock band, and are suddenly the most popular band ever. Pfff, it doesn't work that way in the real world. In the real world, a bunch of kids in a rock band wouldn't get any farther than performing for mommy and daddy in the garage. I can tell just by seeing the commercials that these kids can't act. And the worst part is that Nick is trying so hard to promote this show, that they're releasing CDs of this so-called "band", these little boys who are trying to rock... and failing. Yes sir, it's a sad day when you see your childhood days of "Rocko's Modern Life", "Ren and Stimpy", and "Angry Beavers" fading away and being replaced with crap like this. If it wasn't for the fact that Nick was showing "Spongebob", "Fairly OddParents", and "El Tigre" (Yes, I do like El Tigre.) I would never watch this channel again. Please, for the love of all that is decent and good, stay away from the Naked Brothers Band!
  • This show is about a band who thinks they are hottest band.

    IT SUCKS! This show makes absolutely NO SENSE! These guys think they're famous but in reality they're not. They need a serious reality check if they think they're ever going to make it in the music business because they are horrible and there stupid, idiotic songs are horrible. I'm Out, Crazy Car, and If That's not music than what is? Everything other than the Naked Brothers Band is music in my book. I don't even know why I watched the shows 2nd episode after I saw the first one. The episode where they one an award. They are never going to win an award. NBB YOU SUCK!
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