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  • So boring, two brothers that made thier own band called the "naked" brothers band.

    Why name this band naked brothers band? Every time this show comes on, I get ready to change the channel before I vomit. And not to mention that this is just to dramatic between Nat and Rosie. And a little ten year old in love with a woman, wow just wow. And that music they make are not so good, the only good song they made was "crazy car". That's why everybody just loves them. But their videos are just simply horrible. Nat acts like a little girl, Alex loves a woman, their band are just too wierd. Simply horrible.
  • Really awesome. I love Nat he is so great

    I love Nat and the band members! I think its a really great show. It brings out their musical talents and also gives them a chance to use their acting skills!I LOVE it! I think its a good change because their arnt a lot of shows like The Naked Brothers Band. A lot of people say I am stupid to watch it but whatever.. everyone has their opinions I guess. I hope it runs for a while and one day I hope I can meet Nat! I hope he continues singing for a long time! Much love to everyone! xoxox
  • Good idea, poorly made.

    The idea sounds good because it's similar to a documentary of a band, but with 8-year-olds?! Now that's just silly. The kids are cute but their career isn't. They can't sing, they can't act, and their songs make no sense. I know they are kids but Miranda Crossgrove was a kid when she first started acting and she doesn't stink! Then there's the title: The Naked Brothers Band. "Naked" Brothers Band? What the heck? I can't believe Nick would allow a show with the word "Naked" in it. If they wanted it to mean young, then just make it "The Young Brothers Band". If they tried to make it funny, it isn't, it sounds sick to me. Don't watch this show, it's just plain pointless but don't take my word for it.
  • I don't know why I turn to such a show, but there is just something about it that makes me want to watch it every week on Saturday.

    I know that for some people my age wouldn't get caught watching such a show, it's just this mild interest in their cheezy music that I have. Some of their songs make me want to tap my toes a bit, and they easily get stuck in my head, so basically NBB is an earworm. And an earworm is, something that you don't want to get stuck into your head, but it's just there. UGGH. But it's an alright show, not the best, but still watchable for people at young ages and such.
  • It is horrible.

    Okay Its a stupid show.With wierd kids in a band.
    Their band name is stupid.And they can not even get a good name.Man,Who thought of this piece of crud.
    It is horrible and STUPID.And those tags for this show are right.I hope it soon gets off air because it was stupid.
  • A show about a band that has the dumbest subjects on songs. On top of that, it's boring and just random.

    What the heck nickelodeon! What were you thinking! This show sucks. It is so boring. It is random. And the songs! Taxi Cab? Crazy car? What the heck? IF you lik this show you must be as boring as them. Nothing. IT's blah blah blah blah blah. Don't watch it. Don't ecourage it. I'd rather watch wicker man. It's a 0! I'd rather watch grass growing. IT's so a lot of inappropriate words for children to here. Don't watch this show! blah blah blah blah blha blah blah bhal djk;ajfskl fkldj;fa kfjdjfdkjf kjdfkd;la jfkd;ljf jdkjf kjfk djkjfkdj kjfd It sucks!
  • This is the best show on nick!!!!

    THis is the greatest show on Nick. It deals with kids ages nine through thirteen dealing with real problems, including love, trying to get girls, and other sorts of drama. At some times the show can be a little cheesy, but it makes me love it even more. THe whole pairing between Rosalina and Nat is so so so cute and that is what makes me watch it every weekend! I recommend this show to anyone who love Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Hannah Montana. You will really love this show and become a fan very easily!!!
  • Naked Brothers Band is an awesome show about an awesome band!

    The Naked Brothers Band is a show about a band (duh) and the two man characters of the show are brothers (also duh). Nat is the singer/song writer of the show. Alex is his little brother who plays the drums for the band. Rosalina is Nat's crush and the rest of the band are the brothers really good friends. Cooper, David, and all the others. The band has a great sound and talented actors. It all started with a documentary and then became a show. The entire show is like a documentary of their lives. I think everyone will become a fan. My favorite is Alex Wolff!
  • Is this a joke?

    Not only is this some of the worst acting I've ever seen by a bunch of little kids, but it's the worst acting coupled with the terrible so-called "rock music" that makes this a crappy show. It seemed like most of the humor was way too contrived and one-sided for even children to enjoy (I mean "cement grapes", come on!). Don't get me wrong, these kids have potential musically, but just because they're young and can play four chords over and over again doesn't mean they should get more publicity than a possible cast of truly talented slightly older musicians. This could've potentially been a decent movie/series had the kids hit puberty (the singers voice is unbearable) and if they played some decent music, unlike that mainstream pop wannabe rock that they're playing.
  • i like nat, rosalina and alex the most

    i like alex's drum and nat's voice the both look so cute and i could never forget to watch it when ever they show it on stuarday.everone shold start to watch it and find out whats going to happen in the next episode. i also like rosalina i think she is sweet, kind and nice. i always wonder from the beginning of the movie till now if nat and rosalina will ever go out on a date in the show. im so exicted about it it make me cant sleep at night and i always wonder what will happen in the next episode and then the next one also.
  • The Naked Brothers Band doesn't even make sense. "They're only little kids" is a poor excuse! Dakota Fanning is a the same age, if not younger than these kids. I don't see her making lame shows! :D

    With all due respect to the members of the Naked Brothers Band and their fans, this show downright sucks. I know this show is mainly aimed for little kids, but even if I were a little kid I would not watch this show. It's like watching a bunch of toddlers run around in bandanas and Limited Too clothes with a camera. Anyone can do a remake of this show in their own living room, and it will probably be funnier! The only reason why I do not walk over to their shooting set area right now and knock everything down (LOL) is because I know one of the kids on the show, and she's pretty nice. Overall, I don't know why Nickelodeon let this show onto their network. I know they are getting a lot of bashing now because of the fact that they did. Nick has lost its touch. There are a couple kids with potential on this show, but the rest are just horrible and are just in it for the fame or becuase their moms forced them to. LOL. But I hope the careers of the kids with potential are not hurt because of this.
  • Basically, the Naked Brothers Band is liked only by kids IMO. Because I don't know why anyone would be able to LOVE this show...

    This show has bad acting, bad camera men, and almost bad every thing. I know one of the actresses on this show, and she's probably the only reason that I don't immediately flip the channel when I see this show on in Nickolodeon. I think the jokes are ridiculously corny, but then again, this show is mainly aimed for the younger audience. When I was a lot younger, I would of probably loved this show, but I'm not in my youth years anymore.

    The only actors/actresses that I see have talent is probably that little African kid. I forgot his name (sorry). And probably Allie DiMeco. The two have potential for the big screens, but only time will tell whether they will take those opportunities or not.

    Overall, this show would suck and wouldn't be worth your while UNLESS you are an immature person. Lol... or if you're just a kid. :P
  • This show is about Nat and Alex Wolff and their band, The Naked Brother's Band. This show is mad awesome. Nat is mad hot. I like want to marry Nat. The show inspired me to reach my dreams.

    When I first saw the show, I thought that:

    Nat: mad hot
    Alex: short but cute
    David: cool
    Thomas: cool
    Qaasim: looks like a girl
    Rosalina: pretty
    Cooper: cool
    Dad: weird

    I really like this show. My favorite episode is Fishing For Love because well, I just do. I don't really have a specific reason why I like this episode. I really like all the episodes.
  • The show is ok but jeez give them a break they are only kids

    The Naked Brothers Band is an ok show but its annoying when people call them talentless and posers. They are all the little kids give them a break. They are pretty talented kids for their age. They have some good songs too. I watch this show sometimes, some episodes are good and some are not interesting at all. The only episodes i like so far are A Rebel and A Skateboard, Alex's Clothing Line and Puberty. My favorite character on the show is Alex. He is a much better actor than Nat or anyone else on the show and he is the youngest on the show.
  • A show about a fake band that has no real talent. This is coming from a fan of the genre of music these people bastardized.

    A show about a fake band that achieves fake success. Their music is no fun to listen to, even for the Radio Disney generation, and it gets even worse after you listen to Taking Back Sunday or Underoath. Plus, this show is supposed to be a comedy, but I don't ever remember laughing when watching it. Not to mention, why is a show about toddlers in TeeNick? Just wondering.
  • Naked Brothers Band is about two brothers, Nat and Alex Wolff, who start a band with all there friends and become a sensation!

    I think this show has it all! It's funny, touching, and romantic at times. People may think it's stupid because it is supposed to be a fake documentary but I think it's obvious how much the brothers love music and that's really awesome for 11 and 8 year olds. Their music is actually good. I get chills during the romantic slow ones and smile during the fun fast ones. Nat's song writing ability is amazing and Alex's hilariosity is, well, hilarious! All the characters add a little more to each episode and leave you smiling even when the show ends.
  • The best show ever.

    Its not just 10 its 100 million. I love this show sooooo much. Nat is SOOOOO hot and him and Rosalina are the cutest couple ever. I wanna be on this show more than anything.......... My fave episode is First Kiss and second.... hmm I love all of them except A Man Needs A Maid... I hate Betty... her voice is annoying.... but yeah.... I also think Cooper's glasses need to go.. get a different pair... but Nat--- PERFECT--- he is like a 2021348234891234091234098123094810239481234 billion..... lol... I love nat!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is the best ever and anybody who hates it is a loser.
  • "The Naked Brothers Band" is about two young brothers who have a band with their friends. It follows their life as they go through everyday experiences as well as unique experiences of famous kids.

    I actually like this show. It's goofy, but entertaining. Alex cracks me up because he is so little and cute, and he tries to act like an adult. It is very different from other shows out there. It seems a little more realistic. The humor comes naturally, it doesn't seem forced. They are great singers too. This is a great show for kids to watch with their parents. Or, if you're a teen or young adult, you might get a good laugh from it. The show might seem a little lame on the surface, but give it a chance and you just might like it.
  • it is about the naked brothers band

    this show is very bad not intresting at all very stupid i think nothing is funny about it. i'm surprised that they put it on nick because it saids bad stuff on it (you know what i mean)i hope this is the one and only season and alex is realy anning and nat is just parinoid rosalina is not that pretty as everybody saids to me atleast and nats dad is werid and they try to put drama with nat and alex without there mom but it does not work on me atleast so agin this show is realy realy realy realy bad
  • The Naked Brothers Band is all about two boys who form a band at a very young age. Its about their rise to fame along with the other memebers of the band David Thomas Quaasim and Rosalina. The show goes along their everyday lives as famous rock stars

    I liked this show very much. I think for being so young all these kids have ALOT of talent. The show is great for younger kids and its not all about teenagers (wich most of the shows on Nick are) I really like this show and dont see why everyone hates it so much. If you dont like it why go through all the trouble to look it up put the show/music down and the people who like it. Its funny, creative and very wholesome unlike some shows and movies you see on Television today. The lyrics to the songs are imaganitive and easy to sing along to. I love the Naked Brothers Band and I think the people that ask the questions like "how did they get so famous over night?" dont understand that the movie and the show isent really a documentary. Its meant to look like one. They were ACTING and they do the same on the show, however their talent is very real. The show is great and I love it, I love their music and I dont care what you say.
  • The worst show I've ever watched. It doesn't even deserve a slot on Nickelodeon.

    One day, I decided to give this show a try, and to ignore the reviews about it. This was probably the worst decision I've ever made. I couldn't even bare watching ten minutes of this show. It doesn't deserve to even be on television. This show is boring, and has the worst storyline ever! They can't even sing! Sorry "The Naked Brother's Band" fans, but this is my opinion..and this the WORST I've ever watched. I wouldn't advise anyone to watch it. I don't even understand why Nick would put this show on their channel. For your sake, change the channel for it comes on!
  • this is the worst show on nick yet.

    take it off it sucks these little babies need a spanking. there songs stink and why am i even writing a review of this terrible show? anyway please i beg of you all dieing ppl take this show off the air, that is all oh ya

    yes sir, yes mam the whole world hates the naked brothers band
  • Abyssmal!

    Who came up with this crappy show. This show meets my standards of the worst shows on Nickelodeon. This show is there with Mr. Meaty, The X's, Romeo Show, As well as many others of which I can't think of right now. Please go back to the older shows that were good, Rugrats, Hey arnold, Inspector Gadget, as well as many others. Nick is really beginning to suck. They can't sing, they can't act, the guy has no chance with the girl, and they just, all around suck at life, the comercials show enough to me about how bad the show really is.


    Sonic80 reviews the Naked Brothers Band.
    Rating - 0.1/10.0
  • well im wondering how exactly this show started? i mean who are these kids!?!?

    this show is alright i guess, i mean i have to watch it since my sister watches it, the show has its ups and downs but saturdays episode was probably the only good one so far, this show shouldnt be hated on i mean there are other shows that could receive more critisism, this show is an "ok" show for those kids who like high pitched boys singing with a girl whos pretty talented and cute, ill give this show a 7 just because it has a cute girl =)
  • this show could be described in one word: HORRIBLE!

    This have got to be the worst show i have ever seen i've seen some bad shows like: squirrel boy, unfabulous, ned's desclasified, fairly odd parents,JustJordan but this show is the worst. It's just that i hate this show, anyone who thinks this show is ''great'' should wake up and accept the following facts 1)the shows name is stupid (so there have been some shows with bad names like Hannah Montana, but unlike it Hannah Montana is 20 times better) 2)the idea is stupid, a group of kids who pose as rock stars eventhough no one has ever heard of them. 3)the music is horrible. it's not catchy, the lyrics are stupid, and the lead singer sounds like a really lousy singer who sings with a sore troath. 4)the show is BORING this show is called a comedy, a comedy of what? the only reason i would watch this show is if i wanted to sleep. no mater what they do this kids codn't make anyone laugh even if they tried. Whoever came up with this crap should be fired. Nickelodeon how could you do this. just when i though Nick couldn't get any worse. Any one who watches or likes this show really has be retarded
  • stupid and annoying.

    this show makes absolutley no sense!! I mena what do people se in it?? Its so annoyinmg it needs to go away!! its just I dont know just IDIOTIC!!!(big word) The songs are annoying the show is AWFUL and I dont even know what to say!! TEENnick used to be good but now its getting stupid. The movie that started this show made no sense whatsoever, this show just show just drives me crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy!!Im so sick of hearing about it all the darn time. JUST GO AWAY!! Gosh, the naked brothers band stinks.

    Nick used to be my favorite channel, but now, ugh. Drake and Josh used to be all right on the earlier episodes, Ned's is awesome, and Zoey 101, who came up with that?! And now the Naked Brothers' Band. What the heck were they thinking. It is, by far, one of the WORST shows I've ever seen! (And I've seen MANY horrible shows.) It's totally and obviously scripted. The acting is horrible and the plot is, well, stupid!! I'll cut to the chase and stop ranting, or I'll be here all night. The Naked Brothers' Band is just a show about 2 wannabe little brats. I'm not sure what Nick was thinkning, but I really hope they pull it together soon.
  • NBB

    I love this show! It is the best show.When Nat and Rosalina find out they have to kiss in their new music video, they're both nervous, but for different reasons. Nat is shaky because he's never kissed a girl on the lips. Rosalina is conflicted about her feelings for Nat - after all, she's a teenager and he's only 11. She begs the director to recast and he does, setting up a contest for a lucky girl to be the first girl ever to kiss Nat on the lips. Nat is hurt and his friendship with Rosalina becomes strained, especially when the winner of the contest is a very pretty, sweet girl that everyone, including Nat, likes.The Naked Brothers Band and a rival band, the L.A. Surfers find themselves at the center of a heated battle of the bands for a charity event. Even more heated is the battle for Rosalina's heart between Nat and the lead singer of the L.A. Surfers, Bobby Lowe. Bobby is self assured, older than Nat and a dreamboat. Rosalina falls hard and all of Nat's attempts to win her back result in diaster, even leading Rosalina to threat quitting the Naked Brothers Band. When Nat discovers that Bobby is just using Rosalina to get to the Naked Brothers Band, he has to find a way to tell her without further alienating her. Alex has a crush on a very pretty 11 year old named Vanessa. Just like Nat, everyone teases him(especially Nat). He wirtes Nat an angry letter and Vanessa a love letter but those two letters get sent to the wrong people. Vanessa gets upset and thinks Alex hates her. Alex gets upset and thinks Vanessa hates him. Alex tells Vanessa that the letter was supposed to be for Nat and the real letter was a love letter. Vanessa kisses him for his sensitivity. These are great ideas!
  • Nick what were you thinking? I can stand Zoey 101 here and there. And Ned school survival guide is awesome same with Drake and Josh but this... no its horrible just horrible

    Ok the naked brothers band is about well... brothers in well a band. The movie starts the series like most other series. RIGHT WHEN I saw the commericals for the Naked brothers band I new it was goona be horrible. The music is bad as heck. Really only a 8 year old could like his show. The show is way to kiddy if you saw the movie you would so no what I mean xD.

    Now the movie itself is a horrible way to start a series. If they stopped trying to make the kids look cool and added a little more comedy this could of been awesome.

    The show is about two brothers and there friends starting a band called the naked brothers band and end up being famous. Then the band name changes to the silver boulders then after the movie they end up as the naked brothers band again.

    Now a horrible series has to have something good about it right? Yeah it does.. no wait never mind it doesnt..

    This show is for KIDS and I dont no what teen would like this show. But everyone has a opinion right?

    Oh and a big reason why I hate this show is because the kids are posers x_X I mean really I dont think there even that great. But the series needs to make them LOOK great for a story right?
  • Nick is out of control!!!

    Why would Nickelodeon put this stupid show? Its so boring and dumb and all there jokes are childish. When a say there jokes are childish, I mean only little kids would laugh on there dumb jokes. I bet people are lying that they love this show cause its just horrorble. The most worst thing about the show is there singing. There singing is horrorble and its painful to hear. Why do they make songs anyways, there songs are poor and weak. I bet Nick is planning to get rid of this show one by one. People have to get back to there sences and smell the coffee cause there watching a terrible show here. I am never watching The Naked Brothers Band again for the rest of my life.
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