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  • Wow....there are good and bad words to describe this show...

    Well I have to say the classification tells all. This show does have potential to be a great shows but from I see it can still change. There are alot of fans of this show so it might not be canceled but whos to say...the Black Donelleys, I belevie Ugly Betty and other got canceled. Im going to be compleltley honest. This show isn't the greatest. It migth be werid me saying that since im Nat wolffs editor but this show still needs work. Nat can't really sing becuase he is going through "Puberty", Alex...he's alex, and there is some bad acting. Oh and the songs aren't my taste but that fishing for love song is the worst. I hate it. If they fix the show up a bit it has a the potential to be a great show and change the haters minds maybe.
  • It started out as a movie now its a tv show wow I'm in heaven.

    I love this show so much. This show is my life. Nat and Alex equal love for me. They are my life. Yes, I met them. Long story short I know their cousins and because of that I met them. They are very sweet in real life. This show is so funny and great I can't get enough of it. I have never been so obsessed with a movie in my life. Everyone always says bad things about it but it is amazing. Just give it a try. And yes, they are very talented. Trust me, for their age, they are. I love this show.
  • This show is one of the dumbest shows I've ever heard of.

    Ok, this show has to be one of the worst shows I have ever heard of. Ok, I understand they want to make them look good, but I highly doubt Nat really writes his own songs. Even if he does... the songs aren't very good... For the people who bought their CD, it'll be collecting dust in a year or two. This show also seems to make the kids seem older than they are. Like this show is trying to me some stupid MTV show but with kids instead. In one commercial scene, Nat (or someone) had shaving cream on his face. They are supposeldy younger than 11, nobody shaves when they are under 11. This show makes a mockery of Teen Nick. This show is in no way for teens. This show seems for 10 year olds who want to seem older.
  • ok this is the best new show EVER!!!!! This show accually relates to our lives and not some 15 year old's life!!!

    This show is sooooo sooo sooo sooo sooo soo soo soo soo cool!!! Everyone knows that Nat and rosallena should go out. this new episode looks like it will be the best best best best best episode yet! i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this show!! i am repeating words so i can get a level higher. Alex is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to yong for Jessie and nat should be older then rosallena. the new moviw looks like it will be ttly awsome!!!! he doesnt accually look nine anymore!!!!! i love this show
  • This is a sick excuse for a show.I can't believe some people actually watch this show. Even the thought alone is appalling...

    This is a sick excuse for a show.I can't believe some people actually watch this show. Even the thought alone is appalling...
    Then again...maybe i jsut don't get it. I might not be in the age group but Jimmy Neutron's targeted at the same group and i still watch and i think everything, including the graphics, is great.
  • Awesome show its just great really

    Nat and rosalina make a grat couple not so much alex and jessie but the timberman brothers get annoying sometimes thay are still funny though.cooper rox and quassim isnt my fav but we all hav to live with that . the show is my new obsession and im still singing"wishy washy soap bubbles makes a color rainbow"haha it is such a fun song to sing and dance to.i am just in love with this show and hope it last for many more seasons to come!! and the dad is funny too( in his own special way) but u just gotta love him
  • This show is great!

    The Naked Brothers Band is an incredibly awesome show! I didn't like the most recent one, "A man needs a maid", because Rosalina wasn't in it and the maid was way to weird for my liking. I didn't like the frist episode, "VMAs", because it was childish and dorky. My favorite character is Rosalina. Me and my friend agree that she is incredibly pretty. My favorite episode was probably "Fishing For Love" because it was the first one that didn't have too much of their music. But I noticed in the episode "A Rebel and A Skateboard" that there were numerous inappropriate things. But that's not the point of this review, so I won't go there. Anyway, NBB is awesome!
  • totally better than hannah montana...

    This show is ten times funnier than hannah montana. And I mean the kids are adorable and the characters on hannah montana bug me. besides, there's stuff in hannah montana that's just NOT FUNNY!!! I mean it has like little kid humor and its just dumb. Everyone loves hannah montana and I have no idea why it has a higher rating than this show. People think the name naked brothers band is dumb, but its way better than hannah montana. I don't think anyone's name would be hannah montana and that show is totally unrealistic. In hannah montana people think miley's so funny but she's not. and she bugs me. But i mean hannah montana is okay but the naked brothers band is awesome!! my mom thinks the naked brothers band is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better than hannah montana. Im just proving my point.
  • the naked brothers band is one of the greatest shows ever made!!!

    the naked brothers band is one of the greatest shows ever made!!! I have never seen the movie, but the series are so great!!! Nat is sich a great singer! Ys, sometimes his songs make no sense, but i mean hes 12 come on,hes great for his age! the rest of the band is great too. I mean come on, how could you not resist watching the show just to watch Nat and to have a good laugh???
  • awesome

    this show is one of the best i hav ever seen. The best would hav to be the way Nat acts around Rosalina. He totally loves and i even think Rosalina likes him because the hints she gives everyone(even Nat)In an episdoe not going to say which nat has to be in Romeo and Juilet as Romeo he is afarid to kiss the girl that is playing Juilet because he doesnt wnt to hurt Rosalina. Rosalina actally tells nat that its ok because she doesnt like him (or so she says). On openning night the girl that is supposed to play juilet falls sick and nat doesnt know when he sees who is playing juilet his jaw drops it of coruse is Rosalina. She says that she was the understudy for the girl and the kiss they were suppose to have doesnt mean anything. They play goes on and nat and rosalina kiss (on the lips). At the end the band teases nat and rosalina because they kissed. nat gets tried of them making fun him and dcieced to speak here his axact words " Guys it doesnt mean a thing stop teaseing me for liking rosalina none of u know what i am going through she is two years older than so there is probaly no way she could like me and that kiss she said so herself was just a stage kiss and i relize she doesnt feel the way i feel so just leave me alone!" Little did nat know rosalina was listening close by. On that night the band had a party and rosalina caught nat sitting alone in his bedroom. she asked him wwhat was wrong but he didnt answer then she says that she liked him too. he doesnt answer again when she is about to leave she gives him a kiss for real. He asks her if it was real and she answered yes. He stands up and gives her a kiss they stayed like that for a long time untill nats dad calls rosalina to leave. In a love stuck vocice nat shes goodbye while holding on to her hand. She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. the episode ends and the song I Ineed plays.
  • A show about a group of untalented children pretending to be rock stars.

    Like I said above this show is about a group of children name David, Rosalina, Tommy, Quassiam, Thomas, Alex and the worst of them all Nat Wolff. They have cameras follow them around on the "life" where they have "fans" and stuff. For the most part it is a waste of time. They are not very good actors, musicians, singers or comidians. So they 1.1 rating and people don't waste your time on this show look around turn on the history channel somthing has to be more interesting there than there is here. So take my advice dont watch this.
  • The Naked Brothers Band is a great show if some pigheaded people would give it a chance.

    I can't believe the show has a 6.5 rating. People are being unbelievable. But anyway NBB is the best TEENick show since Ned's Declassified. It has a bunch of smart humor and it is so original. It can't be a rip off of Hannah Montana because the Naked Brothers movie was made like two years ago. I also like the fact that there is a new song for every episode that Nat or Alex supposedly writes. They are a very talented band. I wonder if Nat and Rosalina will ever get together. I hope Nick keeps this show for at least three seasons because its great. Again, the 6.5 rating is ridiculous and the show deserves at least an 8.8.
  • Don't worry fans of SVUBestShowEver its me but I have a new name b/c of a temporary suspension.

    Like I said don't worry I'll be back in a week with my old name but in the mean time why don't I inform all of you again with some cold hard facts about the Naked Brothers Band. First off there not funny or talented. The music is first grade. Now Nat Wolff the leader of this "Band" is a horrible actor comedian and musician. Then Alex Wolff, Thomas, Quaassiam, David and Rosalina are all very bad but Nat is the worst. Some if you have to sum up what I wrote you could the Naked Brothers Band is something that should not be watched.
  • Naked Brothers Band is a new sensation and it is sweeping the nation, literally. It is a show about 2 brothers, and how they became famous and their journey. The main characters are Nat, Alex, Rosalina, Jessie, Cooper, Nat&Alexs Dad, and a few others.

    This show is amazing. Everyone watches it. It is a sensation. It is my guilty pleasure. This makes my school days ok, because I know that on Saturday, there is a new Naked Brothers Band. Me and my friends have every single song on our ipods. We sing them constantly. All I can say is, Nat And Alex Rock Out Loud! I would be a serious fan. Would be? I meant AM a serious fan! This show is so fantastic. Best one of TeenNick by far. I mean, I skip watching Ugly Betty for it, so it must be pretty amazing.
  • Perfect for the 10+ age group who just likes music in general. It's funny, smart, and is starting to pick up a kind of story line. The music isn't Shakira or Fall Out Boy, but if you try, you'll love it.

    The first time I saw this I absolutely fell in love with it. It was the kind of thing I like to watch. It's funny, has great music and a perfect couple that is too nervous to find out how the other feels. Every single kid on this show is very musical and very talented. I think this is pure gold for Nickelodeon who took over the independent film and made this series. If you can, I recommend seeing this show at least once just to try it out. I almost guarantee you'll love it. If you'll watch it with an open mind about the music than you will see why I think this is such a great show.
  • cool!!

    its a show about music love and life a lot of things kids can relate to its this ones different from the other nick shows cause on nick they mostly show comedys and cartoons (i like cartoons tho)
    but its kinda stuid like in the movie alex was a sodaholic like achoholic but everything else is 100% awesome!!!
  • They totally rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They totally rule!!!!! The Naked Brothers Band is my favorite T.V. show. If you enjoy good music,documentarys, and a great T.V. show for you. I,ve got to be one of their biggest fans! All to you people who keep saying they suck, they cant sing and other stuff like that, your just mean. Their only 8-11 years old. I mean like what if someone said something to you like that? I wouldnt like that and I'm sure you wouldnt either. Seoriously. Give 'em a break. But to everyone who loves them you guys are awsome. And make sure to watch next weeks episode too. They keep getting better and better! You guys totally rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Settle down, don't assume every show is made for you.

    Although, the music is repetitive, and the plot isn't too brilliant. This light-hearted change of pace Nick is getting with this show is refreshing. The entire point of Nick is to be family friendly, it's irritating that adolescents have to trash a half-decent show that wasn't meant for their audience. The show has a variety of immature harmless jokes, and some cute romances and I respect the fact that it can get children off their butts whining in unorganized grammar-deficient reviews and inspire them to enjoy life, friends, relationships, and music.

    So, negative reviewers, feel free to grow up.
  • Yes I did watch this and I hate it. End of Discussion!!

    The Naked Brothers Band is about two 10 year old kids(i think) Nat and Alexx Wolff which somehow got a miracle for them(not the audience) to become rock stars and somehow aired in a special time 8:00 PM to be exact(cause that's when a lot of people watch their shows) BTW I don't really think it should air at a good time consisting it's a terrible show. I mean in this show we have to see kids playing bands while kids at that age should really do their homework or play games(cause that's I would rather see in a kid these days instead of playing in a band) It's really sick and boring and yes I can't wait for the day it's gonna be cancelled. I just wish it was. Nick for the last time stop it with the mr. meaty and the NBB and please get some good quality shows out there like Avatar for instance. I don't want to see anymore Naked Brothers Band!! Oh and no offence to his fans I did give it a pretty high score though but seriously this IS a complete waste of time for Nick IMO.
  • I thought Nick was going downhill before I watched this, and now I've changed my mind. To say that Nick is "going downhill" is an understatement.

    Nickelodeon has recently been over-advertising their latest shows, so when I came across this show while I was channel surfing, I thought that I might as well see what it was like. At the moment, I can't think of a worse way for Nick to waste their money. I have absolutely no clue about what ideas were running through their minds when they decided to air this.

    For one thing, the events on the show aren't all that interesting. (I didn't know being in a band could be so dull.) It would also help if the people on the show took some acting lessons. They seriously need some more expression and enthusiasm. I can only hope that the episodes I haven't seen show actors with more emotion, because right now they're making Jamie Lynn Spears from Zoey 101 look like a star. I really hope Nick comes to their senses and stops wasting airtime on these new shows that will never last.
  • Wow! Nickelodeon has proven to me how desperate they are in trying to make a show people will watch! This is just painful to watch! Please do read the review though! =)

    Wow! I think my summary will show you the point in this review. Nickelodeon has officially proven with this show how desperately pathetic they are in trying to make something that will be a hit with kids! The kids can't act there way out of a trash collection services commercial for one thing! The story line is so frivolous I'm surprised that the writers were able to come up with another episode! Like I said, absoluely pathetic on Nickelodeon's behalf! They have tried and tried and tried for years now to come up with a show that will take some of the viewers of Disney channel into watching Nickelodeon and haven't been so successful, but this show, holy mother of god, is a waste of time and energy! It has to be the worst piece of garbage in the face of Nickelodeon's TV history! "Absolutely Horrendous!" as Simon Cowell would call it!
  • What IS THIS? A bunch of little kids who do random things? They call this a show! Unbelievable. Come on. This show is pathetic.

    Unless you're a three-year-old, there's no way to possibly enjoy this show. First of all, it's just a bunch of little boys doing immature things! And the songs? Gawd tell me they are only part of the show. If the "Naked Brothers Band" is actually a band in real life, you have to be kidding me. With songs like "Crazy Car" and "Chatterbox" the only appearances they'll ever get (if any) would be on Nick Jr. or the Disney channel! This show is a joke... it really is. It's almost worse than "Mr.Meaty".
  • My show

    I just watch it because it is someone black with dreads. Not to be racist or any of that. But the show is ok I just don't like the lead singer he is so ugly. I want someone else in the group to write a song for a change not NAT. He to ugly. And he like that ugly girl. He don't got no taste.
  • A band a of young kids who are really famous for some reason, I dont know

    This show has to be one of the biggest pieces of crap to ever come out of nick, I mean who the hell is gonna watch this show I've only seen a little bit of it and I absolutely hated it! The kids are just annoying and the songs...uuugh. I'm not even clear on what this show is sopposed to be about, Why are they so famous and what is the deal with the whole band thing anyway? Also the whole male main character being in love with the female main character thing has been used so much It's pretty much dead. I dont know what will happen with this show but I'm not sticking around to find out!
  • A rock star show that is really good.

    it is a show that went from a movie to a tv show that is really good. This show is about how rock bands deal with natural life with cameras every where. They make up songs well nat does and it is really good. people just give it a try, its really good. I really want to see the episode puberty i want to see how they do the episode. my favorite episode would be the first episode could vma's. My second favorite episode is The second episdode. People give it a chance. Trust me, i thought this would be a really stupid show and i was wrong, i actually like it!
  • I don't get it....

    I really don't understand why this got put on the air. I mean, it's a bunch of immature little kids fighting over nothing, and occasionally beating each other up. Their songs don't make much sense; it's a bunch of ten year olds singing about love.... They're ten! How would they know about love?
    Now, I understand that they TRY to make some of the adults seem a bit stupid, but they sort of crossed the line with the whole Middle-aged-women-begging-them-for-an-autograph thing. Now, I can understand how this would appeal to a younger audience, but this was placed in Teen Nick.
  • I guess this is what I get for letting my sister watch tv...

    I hate the new Nickelodian (i cant even spell it because i hate it so much). The Naked Brothers Band just proves that Nick has taken a turn for the worst.
    Naked Brothers Band is absolutly terrible. it has a bad plot and the cast is annoying. the wolff brothers get everything they want no matter how unreasonable. they are too young to think so highly about them selves. the entire show is just annoying. My sister is somehow obsessed with this show; i will never understand why. Overall this show is crap, just flat out crap. Do not waste your time watching this show.
  • Episode:Fishing For Love

    To Be honsest i wasn't a big fan of this episode i did like the fact they focused on other characters other than nat alex or rosalina but still not a great episode the network needs to make less commercial time cause the episode seriously felt like it was 10 minutes and like the commercials were 20 hopefully some of the episodes coming up next will feel longer and a little better than this episode but next weeks already looks better than this one so yeah i'll review the next one next week and we'll see how it turned out
  • I can't believe this show already has a banner. That's a shocker considering it's a terrible show.

    Ok, where to start? This show is completely unoriginal. The boys are in a band... so what? Like this concept hasn't been done before. Now we have to watch a fake life about some boys that are in a popular band for kids that are dealing with everyday life. *Yawn* Maybe if it were more realistic, it wouldn't be so boring. I'd rather see their real life stories than these made up experiences.

    Another thing I don't like about this show is the music. Their music isn't even that great. Some of it is even pretty annoying and sounds like a bunch of noise.

    The storyline is also pretty much cliche. Other than the addition of the boys being in a band, it's just like every other tween show out there. I have only watched 1 episode and will never watch another one. This show just isn't for me. I wouldn't have even liked this show if it came out 10 years ago when I was 8.
  • This show just ruined Nickelodeon!!

    I hate the Naked Brothers Band so much! They stink! Crazy Car is soooooooooooo annoying! The movie was so bad and so is the show. The show is even worse. It is ruining Nick sooo much! I can't stand their music! If the people in the show are trying to make us laugh, well your not doing it. Well, for me. Nat, Alex, and all the others stink! Rosalina is the best person, but she still isn't that good. I reeaallyy hope this show gets canceled soon! If they have a CD coming out, nobody would buy it. Well, some people would. I know I wouldn't. Overall, I can't stand the Naked Brothers Band.
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