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  • Absolutely adorable!

    I don't know why all of you have nothing better to do than to trash a bunch of elementary schoolers. It's not the best show in the world, but it honestly isn't that bad.

    First up: the actual band. Are they talented? For their age, they're incredible! Their style is kind of a kid-ified Beatle rock, which I think is quite enjoyable. The lyrics are pretty cool too, without any drugs or violence and such. Like pretty much everyone else, however, I do wish they'd wait until Nat hit puberty.

    Now for the actual show. I don't think you fully get that it's supposed to be more of a documentary than a sitcom, because the people in the show are aware and even make note of the cameras. Is this why a lot of people don't like the show? I must say it's original as far as kids shows go. The storylines are cute, and typical of the lives of most brothers, aside from the whole rockstar life thing.

    I'm not one of those screaming fangirls like on the show, but nonetheless I enjoy watching it.
  • Their in a band. thats it .

    This show is what my 3 year old brother likes too watch and he cant even talk yet. See i dont get it they used to have good shows on Nick like Are you afraid of the dark , SpongeBob Squarepants , The Rugrats , the old all that. And Ive been watching this channel for a loooooong time and for them to even consider airing this S*** is just disrespectful. It literally feels like a Slap in the face so before you air more shows like this. Nick just come to my front door and Smack me in the Face because this is just Disrespectful , it's not funny , it's not cool , it's not appealing , I cant relate to it , and i just dont get it , at all if i wanted to see little childeren run around like morons I could go to a Birthday party , so get it together Nick i dont want to see this , im preety sure no one else does unless their 3 years old. The Nerve of some Channels hmf .
  • WTF?!

    Is Nick trying to turn into MTV for kids or something? I swear to god this station is going down fast. It needs to get better shows or even better yet, keep the good ol' shows. Is it that hard to keep them on the air? WHy do they have to cancel DP, FOP, and JN and then put on some crap like this show? The only thing that I have left of Nick are the new eppies of DP and Avatar and then I'[m done. I'm going back to CN and watching some GOOD shows. Thank you for not screwing us over Nick!
  • Love the show man!

    I love " the naked brothers band" I really like Nat Wolff he's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and how old is he? I wonder. On the website it said he's 11 but on the movie it said he's 9 how old is he? And Rosalina is pretty and nice too. I also like Alex Wolff even though he's sometimes inapropriate hes still cool and hes a milka-aholic (use to be a lime pop aholic) And jesse is cool too even though Alex thinks shes pretty at hes only like6-8. And I watch it every week end @ 7:30 then i watch naruto after that!
  • Seen one commercial, already gave it a chance, and I will DEFINITELY not watch this show

    I absolutley agree with everybody who hates this show. I mean, what kind of name is "Naked Brothers?" It's just another show that everybody hates, and yet, is going to become SO popular, it'll get an official DVD release after one month. Nickelodeon, do us all a favor and cancel this show, and bring back the old classic Nick shows from the 90s.
  • Why is Nick doing this to us?!

    Okay, first they have a bunch of great, classic Nick shows that are actually funny. But then by 2004-2005, that started to end. My alltime favorite Nick shows are Danny Phantom and Invader Zim. And lots of other people love them too. But Nick is too stupid to see that. Instead, they replace it with this crap? First of all, none of their jokes are funny. Their songs suck, and they don't even play that well! At the begginning, I thought that it would be an okay show. But after the first minute, I wanted to blow up. When the commercials for it, playing Crazy Car, were on, I felt like punching my TV because that song is so annoying. I mean, really, who wants to hear a song about a car? Also, they get their inspiration from the stupidest places. Hardcore wrestlers with inner feelings? Can you say "lame much"? I think the only funny part was when Alex was on the Sprite high. But even that was kinda stupid. Also, VMA's that were on it, totally fake! Everyone knows that the chance of a group of ten-year-old's getting a VMA award is nearly imposssible. Even if it was real, there are more deserving bands out there for that award. They don't deserve this recognition and a spot on Nick. Or any channel, for that matter. They truly suck.
  • ...

    No! No! No!! This show! No works can describe it. This awful show! This so called "documentary" is not even a documentary. It's some weird kid show, that was shown by Nick. What happened to Nick? I mean, it used to be fine. Now its trying to make a poor atempt at comedy. tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I mean Kids Choice Awards. Take that as an example. It was a fine awards show, until... Nick brought out really bad hosts. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.I mean honestly, this really is a bad show. But, (i can't believe i'm saying this) its not the shows fault. It's Nickelodeons. It went from #1 kid friendly network. to #0, the worst network. So all i have to say to the Naked Brothers Band, "Improve on your acting skills, get a new lead, and please cancel your show cause it is horrible!"
  • Thank you SO much Nickelodeon.

    If there's one thing my little brother and I agree upon is that we both hate this show. Nickelodeon has really gone to the dogs, not to mention television in general. There used to be great, classic shows out there that we can watch over and over again and now it results to nothing but reality TV shows, bad episodes from Family Guy and the Simpsons and now this junk.

    Thanks alot Nickelodeon. Thanks alot for making us waste our precious time.
  • It's just a bunch of kids with rich parents that bought their kids their own show...and what the hec are their songs about?

    I tried watching it once just to see what it was like and afterwards I was like WTF?!?! Its a bunch of little 9 year olds with rich parents that bought the kids their own shows. I'm sorry but they can't act, they can't sing, and they definitely cant write music. Why the hec would you want to listen to a song about Hard core wrestlers or a crazy car??? Their songs stink.. Maybe they can play instruments. They probably took lessons but I'm pretty sure the lead singer is lip singing when they sing. It's just totally noticable. It's supposed to be a documentary too...or mokumentary as they call it...but it's not funny and they're totally faking it..they're just really bad actors.. These kids just pop out of nowhere and think they're awesome too. Nobody has even heard of them before. If you wanna see some good bands watch MTV or Fuse where the musicians that deserve to be noticed are. They actually worked their way up...unlike these little rich kids who just got their parents to pay for it all. This show is just not worth watching.
  • painful to watch

    This show dosen't make sense why did they make such a dum show.They make a whole show about some dum kids and their band. who wants to watch a whole show about nothing.I
    tried to watch it but it was so boring and painful to watch. It dosen't make sense.
    when ever this show is on im going to change
    the channle. hurry up and cancle it alredy.
    come on and cancle it come on come on cancle it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I'm going to stop whatching nick if they don't hurry and cancle it.
    who likes nat he dum and his brother to there
    both hard to watch
  • Nat and Alex Wolff are 2 very talented young musicians. They started their own band called the Naked Brothers Band along with their friends Rosalina (Ali Dimeaco) Thomas, David, and Qaasim. This show's a Documentary of the band's life, music and personal.

    ok. so many people hate this show. i'm guilty. i like this show. i think it's cute. i guess i've just always wanted to have a band a be a singer and i love writing songs and playing drums, piano, and my guitars. it's just fun to me and i guess i like watching these kids have the life i want. i admit to finding this show pretty funny. it really just depends on the type of person you are and the type of shows that you like to determine if you'll like The Naked Brothers Band or not.
  • A show that should be taken off air as soon as possible

    I was so tired of watching nick and having to endure those stupid tunes that went with those annoying commercials. I was shock to see how bad the show was and it got so over rated i was ready to throw something at my tv. I just hope this meaningless show with no future will be off nick and make room for something better.
  • Worst Show and Band Ever

    This show sucks and so does the band they need to be taken off TV. The show is obviously scripted and faked out on every episode. Also the kids act like punks. There ratings arent any good and neither is their show! I don't know where these kids came from bu i think they need year more of practice and then they should consider having a show on television. Where did these kids come from anyway they need to definately improve because tons of people think that the naked brothers band sucks and they need to be taken off of tv!
  • Whats the big deal about this show anyway?

    I noticed that Nickelodeon promotes this "movie" like CRAZY. But why? Oh why? I dont see whats so good about this show at all.... everyone seems to babble about nothing. It reminds me of those shows on MTV. Man I tell you, these new shows for kids are slowly becoming stupid.
  • I decided to be fair and watch the first episode of this show. I then changed the channel 5 minutes it. WHY did I watch it?!

    I'm not the kind to not watch a show and just say it ain't good. I decided to give it a chance. I sat down, turned the TV on, and watched it. And I hated it. I could tell by the commercials it was gonna suck. And whats with the good shows saying "Band is not enough to describe them..." or "I love them more then my own brothers". It disgusts me what they say. But I guess when you're paid $10000, you can be able to say a lot of things. The "band" has like 3 songs, the most common "If That's Not Love, then What Is?". That song is beginning to piss me off. It makes no sense. In fact, most of their songs make no sense. "I'm Out" doesn't make sense. And why is their a song about the girl in their band? And the lead singer's voice is scratchy and mediocre, and changes every song. All in all, if you're really bored, and I mean bored to the point of killing yourself, it's not worth watching the show. It sucks, the songs don't make any sense, the voice is scratchy, and they will never be rock stars. End of story. (And all of you mentally-challenged people who love the show, who will probably flame me and others for saying the show is bad, remember 1 thing- I gave the show a chance!)
  • Must be taken off the air. Now.

    The first time I watched the show, my mouth dropped open and from my mouth came three words: "What. The. Heck." There was cotinuos shouting coming from the speakers of my poor TV. In other words, half of the time you couln't understand what was coming from the annoying little "tikes" who call themselves a band. The story was abysmal and unoriginal at best. What?! Did I say unoriginal? I mean, there has never been a TV episode about 8 year old TRYING to start a band and rise to fame! And within their second or third episode they reach the VMA's for best Rock Video? Likely? Heck, no! Interesting? Heck, no! Alright, alright! I have to say SOMETHING nice about this TV show, but, sadly... I can't! The acting is bad, in that it's not very realistic. But...It has to be funny? Well, if you find people getting hit in the head with stage lites, then this it the show for you. For everyone else, stay away, and watch some real TV. While I do understand that this is directed towards to KID audience, I don't reccomend them even watching this. Already, there aren't many good TV shows for kids, and Nick is just making it even harder for them to find pleasure on cable. Please Nick... No more Naked Brother's Band?
  • you guys have got to calm down its a kid show for peats sake!

    Ok for the people that are abolutly flaming on this show you need to calm down because 1st of all its a Kid show ok its not an adult show that you should take very seriously.2nd its just a show if you dont like it dont watch it dont flame about it.3rd and last of all stop complaining about their music their not like freaking Justin Timberlake thats a pro their just KIDS!!! my goodness.

    Now I for one think that the show is awsome its like another series show like Drake and Josh and Ned's Declassified.
  • Nickelodeon steals from classic cinema... yet again.

    Just like "Drake and Josh" rips off Abbott and Costello, the Naked Brothers Band pulls off a grand heist. Not only do they rip off The Beatles (soundwise), but they lift directly from Our Gang (The Little Rascals).

    Buckwheat, Darla, Spanky, Waldo, Alfalfa... even Petey the dog have a contemporary in The Naked Brothers Band show. I do realize that film, television and literature is not created in a vacuum. For example, if "BJ and the Bear" was never aired, we would have never had "Sheriff Lobo". Without "Alice", "Flo" would have never graced the air. And, God forbid, we would have never seen the glory that was "Enos" if "The Dukes of Hazzard" hadn't made it past the pilot. Ideas spawn ideas. Classic ideas that haven't been seen nor heard of by the latest generation get crummy shows like "The Naked Brothers Band".

    This program is the epitome of the ungood. The icing on the cake is that bizarre tattooed woman. No matter her role on the show, a woman like her that hangs around kids just oozes creepy. Sorry Nickelodeon. Unless this show coughs up some sort of entertainment in the near future, you have a dog on your hands.

    And if I hear "Crazy Car" ever again, it will be too soon.
  • I don't know why people don't like this show because it's totally cool!

    The Naked Brothers Band is a great show. The movie is quite the 'mockmentarty' is you know what I mean, but he show is really funny. I've seen both the movie and the first two show episodes and I think they are really good. Everyone says it's just a stupid show but I disagree. I think the Naked Brothers Band are a really...cute band, if you say. Their singing is pretty good and Nat's songs are really good. As Rosalina said, he has some pretty deep lyrics. I think the Naked Brothers Band is a great show and you all should watch it!
  • Nickelodeon's 250th crappy show.

    How Nick is gonna put a show about kids with fake tatoos and we've never heard of them? AT LEAST give us a description before you show them imeditadly in January. Nick Sucks Now. How In The Hell Nick keeps doing this crap and like Spongecock and Hoey 101, they wanna put stupid crap on TV and leave the older shows in the dust.Then on YouTube,Viacock stuff has been taken off and were forced to watch new crap on TV. Viacom, I wanna fight you so hard I want to cry,oooh it's gonna be a long year,Man Oh Boy.Man! it's one long year.
  • Not many people can say they like this show, but I can.

    It's a nice little show with interesting storylines. It kind of gives you the chance to experience the life of a celeberty. I think it's great to give kids of a younger age who might not want to watch Hannah Montana a show like this. Their music is pretty good. It's not top of the charts, but it's worth listening to. This must be a good band if I like their music. Normally, I like music from Nickleback, All American Rejects, Green Day, Bowling for Soup, and stuff like that. This is a whole new genre for me. It's probably one of the better creations of Nick (unlike Spongebob and Mr. Meaty).
  • They're a hugely famous children's band despite the fact that nobody's ever heard of them.

    Okay, where to begin? The band is a joke. It's cool if kids wanna start a little rock band and hang out, but please don't make a movie and TV series about them. Please? The music is, quite frankly, bad. There is no way they could get truly famous with their music. No possible way. I really, really can't tolerate all the hype surrounding this band. They can't write song lyrics, they can't act, and get this: the director is Nat and Alex's mom. Oh yeah, and the gangster look may look "cute" on Alex now, but he's liable to get hurt once he's older. It's sure gonna be fun to see once these kids hit puberty. Once that happens, these kids will have to get real jobs. Instead of wasting half an hour watching these wannabes, I think I'll go listen to some actually good music.
  • the show is about a band that has its ups and downs

    this is a cute show... i luv it... the movie was a little weird but the series is great!! the naked brothers band is a vute little series... its like hannah montana... the i only promblem i have with it is that it is a documentry... i would like it more if it wasnt a documentry... others wise its funny.... its now one of my favorite shows on nick!!
  • Take my word for it: Spend the half-hour that you'd spend watching this show and do something that's at least a little bit more interesting. You know, like watching grass grow.

    I didn't think that Nickelodeon could go much further downhill, to be entirely honest. What with "Just Jordan", "El Tigre!" and, of course, the decline of their flagship program Spongebob, there wasn't much room left at all. But then this show came on the air, and the channel actually went BELOW rock bottom.

    I watched the rerun of the series premiere this morning. The first thing that I noticed was the uni-dimensionality in the characters. This was partly because of the acting (please get these children off of TV), but also due to the cliche-filled script. So far, the show has simply borrowed what is expected in stereotypical children's programming.

    One of the most obvious examples of this is the actual premise of the show: musical children. The producers latched on to the current fads of programming that has the younger audience going bananas: musical children and double lives. Unfortunately, they did not do it well. Unlike the wildly popular Disney channel show, "Hannah Montana", the songs aren't even performed well. The band sings pitchily and sounds extraordinarily fake. Obviously Nickelodeon is also trying to show its audience that the Naked Brothers Band is "Just like you!" so more people can attempt to relate. Unfortunately, most kids don't go to the MTV awards, and just about none of them win. Nice try.

    If this show was even at all creative, I might spend some time watching it. Unfortunately, it's not, so I guess not... If you like the concept, try the aforementioned "Hannah Montana" or even "Zoey 101". If I were you, I'd ditch it before you realize you wasted hours of your life watching this garbage.
  • This show is great.I love the songs a lot.My favorite's are Crazy Car and Motor Mouth

    Real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff (ages 11 and 8 (9 and 6 in the movie) respectively) set out to prove that rock and roll isn't just for adults in this part documentary, part mockumentary with a comedic twist. The path to super stardom is a long, difficult one. The camera follows Nat and Alex through their concerts, their rehearsals, and their private lives, as they deal with the growing pains related to love, friendship, and fame.

    They have some great songs.Nat has written a bunch of songs and he played the pianno since he was only 5 years old.His brother Alex had a Lemon-Lime soda drinking problem but now he is a milk-aholic.I know it may seem stupid to the reader but it really is a great show.Nat is in love with another character Rosalina.He even wrote a song about her.That song is great and it is always in my head.He has his friends Rosalina,Thomas,David, his manager Cooper,his dad Micheal Wolff,and his brother Alex's crush Jesse.Jesse is I think 20 years old and Jesse calls Alex her little boyfriend.Alex says that he will mary her as soon as he gets taller.Anyway the band is great with great songs that's why I give this show a 10 out of 10.This is one of my favorite shows and I hope they keep on showing it on Nick.
  • They can't sing. They are trying to be rock stars.

    What is this crap? Some 11 year olds in a band trying to act like they are famous? Honestly I feel like the is probably one of the worst ideas Nick has ever had. Nat the singer can't even sing. He is shown too much of and intrest for that girl Rosalina in that song Rosalina. He is a ba singer. Listen to Crazy Car. I have a description fro the songs.-
    -Crazy Car-- It is so annoy since you hear Crazy Car like a billion times.
    -I'm Out- God what the hell is this? He sounds like and old man for hevens sake! Or someone who is sick and/or dying.
    Motor Mouth- What the-- are they saying that their woman talk much?
    Now let's move on to Alex. He is trying to be cool all the time. I think this is the reason that this is the "Naked" Brothers Band. He is 9 and in one episode was using gangsta references. They are the worst. 1/10 abysmal.
  • I think it's really cool, funny, and .... AMAZING! And I don't care what others say.

    Hey, this show is really good. Some people may think it's really stupid, but I don't. This show has amazing people on it. Like Nat, who played the piano since he was 5 and made a million of songs that adults would think are cute! Allie, who's a writer, gymnast, actress, a good bass player and many more! Alex, who is really good at drums. Hey, Nat and Alex made up of a band when they were in preschool! Speak for yourself, but I could've never got that far. The show is really funny too. It's a work of an angel. I laughed for a long time. Plus, this show is just our basic life. Struggling to get that girl or boy, balancing your friends, everyday troubles. Just add a famous band to it. Whoever doesn't like this movie/show, must be jealous or has no humor. Just try to handle a band and a cute girl. I think this movie/show will go very far. Just wait and see. It will be one of the best on Nick. Everyone who likes The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody should fal in love with this too. I LOVE Nat and Rosalina! The millions of people who hates this show should just stick to that. At least watch the show one more time and see what happens. I don't care what others say, I love it and it makes perfect sense to think this show is a winner.

    It's The Best, No Competition!
  • an honest review...

    listen in the movie it was cute but c'mon people! they can't sing, Nat no disrespect dude but music writing is not your strong point and your singing is a little shrill... stick to playing the piano dude honestly. its cute for a movie not really for tv... Alex is nice on the drums and the music in the rest of the band is solid, but wait a few years guys don't jump into it because for some reason people (especially other kids) aren't to excited to see kids of there own age with "some" talent make it big when they can't. it's a jealousy thing. this is my honest review. like it or hate it. as Nat would say "I'M OUT"...
  • Wow!! Naked Brothers Band rocks! (literally) lol lol lol............ In a boy`s view, it is awesome, not sure about the girls cuz to me it is fresh, funny, real and alive!

    Naked Brothers Band is so fresh! So alive!! So real!!! Incredibly funny too! Why would Anyone watch anything else. The Naked Brothers Band should even host Kids Choice Awards 2007 if justin timberlake wasn`t doing it first! I love and and Nat Wolff, Rosalina (Allie), and Alex Wolff is probubly one of the coolest kids in acting like Dakota Fanning. And it beats Dylan and Cole Sprouse cuz they stink! Go Naked Brothers Band!! It is already my top ten stuff of all time here is the list (In no particular order)

    1.Dragonball Z
    2.YuYu Hakosho
    5Yugioh GX
    6. Kingdom Hearts
    7. Harry Potter
    8. Naruto
    9. The Naked Brothers Bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby!!
  • What a waste of time.

    C'mon, everyone knows the VMA's video was edited. I had to at least give the show a chance since I could care less for the movie. Take a look at this carefully, if you watched last years VMA's you would know they're not nominated, becasue MTV did the right thing, and it wasn't this years because the VMA's are live. Show is stupid a waste of time.
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