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  • Best Series Show Back Then

    The Naked Brothers Band Tv Show was better than all those teens shows i'm not saying Zoey 101 is boring cause i like that too, but the other ones boring except Icarly and Zoey 101. NBB IS THE BEST BAND EVER!
  • i <3 the naked brothers band

    i love the naked brothers band and i wish the show was still going on
  • i miss this show

    why did they take this show off i miss it i use to love wathcing it and crying about it. it really had a meaning in life. well to me. then they took it off n i was lost n i had dreams about it and the people who dont like then shut up and dont watch it .
  • rosalina

    well listening to nats song about me was the best song ever and if you guys dont like the show than stop watching it
  • Awesome

    i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Naked Brothers Band ROCKS!

    If you do not like the show, then don't spend your time writing bad things about it! I know I don't spend my time writing about things that I do not like! Put what you just read into deep thought, cause I make a wonderful point!
  • What is wrong with you all they just wanted to have fun and make a show.

    As you can see i love this show! And someone on page 9 asked "Why would they named their band that name?" They said the story a billion times but I guess your to deaf to hear! And everyone making fun of this show lay off bitches!! They just wanted to make a show for ppl that knew them b4 so why be rude they made it for there fans and they made so the can become how some of us are today. And yeah if some of you didn't notice there still popular today (yeah... SO FUCK OFF MOTHERFUCKERS) and Ikari_Kamisama there band was real the documentary was real everything except for the house an Rosalina(Allie DiMeco) and sunny Wolff's (Micheal Wolff) names were fake everything that happened on that show was based on real and it could've been real which it was so I was very happy everything on youtube for videos of their movies and previews I already watched when I was a little girl I love this show it's part of memory and I love it so don't bother coming on the show if you don't like it!!!
  • This is the best Nick show. The naked brothers band members are the funniest.I love this show, and enjoy it.

    This is the best Nick show,I can watch it over and over again.Nat and Alex Wolff are the coolest guys on the show.Rosalina and Kristina are so good as emenies and friends.Thomas,David,and Qaasim do the best pranks. Copper is the best manger. Nat loves Rosalina. Rosalina kisses the French guy. Kristina the bass player, Nat has. Crush on Kristina. Alex loves Jeese. Alex hair is curly and pretty. I can watch it over and over again.The best kid's show I've seen so far.I enjoy it and watch with my siblings.I watch it on netflix.I just love the show so much.
  • Naked brothers band is awesome

    The naked brother Band is a great TV show, It protray's two young brothers in a band.

    The awesome twist of Nat and Rosalina is the main interest of the show. They are a cute couple who i believe should not break up, lol She is an awesome actor and a great music player, This show is great and should never end.

    However there are some downsides to the show, thomas, i believe he has problems and ruins the interest of the show, ps i think he should cut his hair, it looks horrible. However overall The Naked brothers band is a great show, and Nat and Rosalina should never break up, and this show should never end, and should have more parts with nat and rosalina.
  • I typed this all up and submitted it to Associated Content all by myself!

    "The Naked Brothers Band" Series Ends on April 11th
    With the Finale TV Movie "The Premiere."
    By Eli Allen

    The Naked Brothers Band was a hit rock documentary musical parody series on Nickelodeon that gave the network its highest ratings, when the series premiered in 2007. It starred two real life brothers who were musical from a very young age while their parents, their mother in particular put the entire show together.

    The series was adapted by the pilot episode The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie and was originally independent when it won the Audience Award for Family Feature Film at the 2005 Hamptons International Film Festival. Later on, Nickelodeon decided to develop it into a television series. The real life brothers who live in New York City are Nat Wolff, 14, a singer-songwriter, keyboardist, and guitarist; and Alex Wolff, 11, a drummer and singer-songwriter.

    The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie was written and directed by actress Polly Draper-who is Nat and Alex's real-life mom. Draper created, was chief writer, executive producer, and director for the television series. Apparently, Draper didn't star in the series because she was too busy putting the entire show together. Draper was best known for her role as Ellyn Warren on the 1987-91 hit ABC drama series thirtysomething. Draper's guest appearances included being on shows such as Monk and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Draper has also appeared all over Broadway, which included Brooklyn Boy and Getting Into Heaven, which she wrote in 2003 at the Flea Theater. Draper's husband and the brothers' dad Michael Wolff is a jazz pianist and composer who worked with tons of musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Warren Zevon, Wayne Shorter, Christian McBride, B.B. King, and Bobby McFerrin. In 1975, Wolff became the vocalist and musical director for jazz singer Nancy Wilson. Since Arsenio Hall was one of Wilson's opening acts, Hall chose Wolff as the musical director and bandleader of his 1989-94 talk show The Arsenio Hall Show.

    Besides being best known for her role on thirtysomething, Draper is also known for producing and starring in her screenwriting debut The Tic Code, in 1998. The film also starred actor-entertainer Gregory Hines and was inspired by Wolff's love for jazz and his struggles with Tourette syndrome. Wolff also contributed the film's score.

    On The Naked Brothers Band, Michael Wolff was the co-executive producer, music supervisor and music producer. In addition, he played his sons clueless dorky accordion playing dad. The reason why the band is called The Naked Brothers Band is because when Nat and Alex were toddlers they climbed out of the bathtub shouting, "We're the naked brothers band!" Nat eventually became obsessed with the Beatles and started to constantly write songs and taught himself how to play piano. He then formed a band in pre-school with his best friends. Meanwhile, Alex got so good at playing drums from watching videos in his house of Ringo Starr from the Beatles.

    After 9/11 terrorist attacks, Nat, who was 6-years-old at the time, wrote and performed a song called "Firefighters"with his band that was for his charity concert, which was located in the back of his apartment. It ended up making over $45,000 and donated it all to the children of the firefighters that died during 9/11. After that the band performed all over different weddings, birthday parties, and ceremonies.

    Eventually, Nat started putting signs on his bedroom door that said: "I Want To Be A Child Star, Mom!" But, Draper refused to¾explaining that it would be too brutal. So Draper decided made a compromise with Nat. In 2003, she let him write and direct a sitcom that was called Don't Eat Off My Plate. In 2004, Ms. Draper's sons' musical talents eventually inspired her to come up with the idea to make a mock documentary home video, which eventually became The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie. Ms. Draper got her celebrity friends to guest star in the film so she can fantasize the idea that the band is world-famous like the Beatles. Those celebrities included Cyndi Lauper, Ricki Lake, Uma Thurman, Arsenio Hall, Nancy Wilson, Julianne Moore, Ann Curry, Tony Shalhoub, and the entire cast of thirtysomething.

    Regarding the film winning an award at the Hamptons International Film Festival, Nickelodeon executive Albie Hecht watched the film in the audience. Hecht developed the series by bringing the film to Nickelodeon asking them to do a television series based on it. At first the vice president of Nickelodeon, Tom Ascheim thought kids wouldn't get the whole point of show. Later on, Nickelodeon executives brought the film home for their own children to watch and their kids loved it. Eventually, Nickelodeon persuaded Draper into putting together a television series. Afterwards, Hecht served as the series' executive producer and his production company Worldwide Biggies distributed the series.
    The band-members on the series who have known Nat since pre-school were 14-year-old David Levi who played keyboards; 14-year-old Thomas Batuello who played cello; and 14-year-old Cooper Pillot starred as the band's manager. The other band-members were 16-year-old Allie DiMeco starred as Rosalina¾Nat's girl friend, played bass; and 12-year-old Qaasim Middleton played guitar.

    Actually, I was an extra on the TV movie Naked Idol, but was edited out. The third season consisted of three holiday specials and four TV movies with guest appearances by Dave Attell, Natasha Bedinfield, Miranda Cosgrove, David Desrosiers, Tobin Esperance, Whoopi Goldberg, Victoria Justice, Simon Kirke, and Leon Thomas III. Now with three completed seasons, soundtrack albums on the #23 Top 200 Billboard Charts-the series, unfortunately, comes to end. Fortunately, that doesn't stop brothers Nat and Alex. Their music will still continue, as they will be releasing their first worldwide, non-soundtrack album. They're also expected to go on tour this summer. The finale television movie of the series The Premiere airs on April 11th.

    The Premiere

    Polly Draper, creator, executive producer, writer; Albie Hecht, executive producer; Michael Wolff, co-executive producer, music supervisor, music producer; Bob Mittenthal, co-executive producer; Ken H. Keller, producer, director of photography, camera operator, post production supervisor; Caron Rudner-Keller, producer, line producer; Tim Draper, consulting producer; Michael Rubiner & Bob Mittenthal, writer; Jonathan Judge, director.

    Starring: Nat Wolff, Alex Wolff; With: Thomas Batuello, Allie DiMeco, David Levi, Qaasim Middleton; And: Cooper Pillot, Jesse Draper, Michael Wolff.
  • A show about teens who are in a band called "The Naked Brothers Band" directed and created by Polly Draper. Also relationships and comedy are included in this show. Nat and Alex Wolff are the stars.

    I love this show. It gets very romantic at times, and can also be funny once you get into it more. Honestly, I really don't think this TV show is that bad. If you don't like it, then you shouldn't watch it. Last year, before it aired I though it was going to be suckish. But it was actually a pretty good show, if you ask me. Nat wolff is cute too. They have pretty good music in my opinion. I've pretty much been hooked onto this show since last year when it aired in January. Overall, I'd probably give this show a 9.7-10.0. Worst maybe being a 9 due to some corniness/Immaturity. (I can't spell.) There was a point when I didn't like this show because nobody else liked it, then I got back hooked onto it when polar bears aired. I missed about two or three epis, not too bad. A message to all nbb lovers, don't let haters make you hate it. It pretty much stunk on ice cause on June 6th I had my school dance and I missed it. I saw it on the Saturday though. It was great lol.

    NBB Rox!
  • The Naked Brothers Band is about a band who go straight to the top. They have to deal with real life things as well like friendship, love, gigs and relationships. It stars Nat and Alex Wolff, Rosalina, David, Qaasim and Thomas who make up the band.

    The Naked Brothers Band is the most awesome show I have ever seen ever. It stars Nat Wolff and his brother Alex. Nat is a hot 13 year old who has a crush on band member Rosalina DiMeco. Alex is a little cutie at 10 and a half years old and he plays the drums for the band. (Nat plays the keyboard and guitar in the band - he is also the main singer of the band). Alex refers to the band's babysitter, Jesse Draper, as his girlfriend and Jesse refers to him as her little boyfriend. Rosalina DiMeco is Nat's crush and the band's bassist. She's really pretty. Qaasim, David and Thomas are the guitarist, keyboardist and cellist of the band. They are always playing pranks on people. Qaasim is apprently "smooth with the ladies". David is really smart and Thomas is a prankster at heart. Cooper Pillot is the band manager. He has been managing the band since the time of the Silver Boulders which is what originally the band was called. Some former band members are Cole Hawkins and Josh (Rosalina's step-brother). Cole and Josh both played the guitar until Qaasim took over and Rosalina became bassist. Jesse Draper is the band's babysitter and she is in her early twenties and is apparently "Alex's only girl for him". Some of the other characters are Sonny Wolff (Nat and Alex's dad), Betty (Sonny's girlfriend)and ET and Lucky (Nat and David's dogs). Some famous people have been on the Naked Brothers Band like Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly and Drake and Josh, Cyndi Lauper, Snoop Dogg, George Lopez, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte, Tony Hawk, Phil Collins, Natasha Bedingfield and Whoopi Goldberg just to name a few.
  • I love this show alot its one of the best i have seen and i ma truly dedicated to it

    I think this show doesnt get enough credit. they are too good to be hated by people. They have one bad song (crazycar) to start off the show and they are mocked and hated and people just are too mean for a first impression. i dont get it though. they are not even that bad. like see at first when the show premeired i didnt want to see the show at all but then my friend told me about it and i watched it. now im a huge fan. i think it was a good first impression but some people think okay their like 6 wow they cant act. okay well those people think.... lets see they how old are they now hmmmm 14 and 11 so that knocks out the childish age and then nat hit puberty(i no all you out there shocker right but no its true watch all their most recent videos he hit it) and alex is and awesome drum player and a very good actor. they both are very good actors. just watch one episode form season two or three and your mind might change and just give them a second chance or stop posting hate messages on a nbb loving site i mean seriously why are you even on their page in the first place!!!!!!>:0
  • pointless i ment to say 0.1

    im trying to do 0.1 but it allways says 10 for me (just to tell you it is s**t

    if you like a show about people sorry KIDS!!! jump around and cant sing or act in a tv show then you have something really wrong with your head but still have fun and if your offended now don't read on!!!

    that space was so people didn't read on. anyway in just 1 episode i found around 50 weird things about it here are a few: they love really ugly dogs (fat ugly bulldogs): no brain they flashed the lights and there head started to hurt?:in a non kiddy slow sensitive song they had a accordion or whatever in the background: 2 base instruments base guitar and a double base?????: a 16 year old who thinks hot + hot = cold?: manager is like 4ft. so if you like that then wtf? so my verdict is neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr even think about cheking this show out and go shoot your self in the head cause that is what this show will make you feel you want to do or sell your tv or tv's

    thanks for reading be safe don't do naked brothers band or Jones brothers
  • pointless

    if you like a show about people sorry KIDS!!! jump around and cant sing or act in a tv show then you have something really wrong with your head but still have fun and if your offended now don't read on!!!

    that space was so people didn't read on. anyway in just 1 episode i found around 50 weird things about it here are a few: they love really ugly dogs (fat ugly bulldogs): no brain they flashed the lights and there head started to hurt?:in a non kiddy slow sensitive song they had a accordion or whatever in the background: 2 base instruments base guitar and a double base?????: a 16 year old who thinks hot + hot = cold?: manager is like 4ft. so if you like that then wtf? so my verdict is neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr even think about cheking this show out and go shoot your self in the head cause that is what this show will make you feel you want to do or sell your tv or tv's

    thanks for reading be safe don't do naked brothers band or Jones brothers
  • One of my favorite shows. Weird but great!

    So the acting may not be the best. But not all of them are trained actors. So it's okay. But I pretty much watch it for the Natalina romance. And it's getting even better. I like other parts of the show too though. Season 2 was lots better than Season 1. Although there were parts of Season 1 that I enjoyed. Such as all the the 'I like her. Does she like me? How about we impress her, and do a bad job of it.' I like that. This show is intended to be for younger audiences. But I still really like it. I think this show is pretty promising. They do need to work on it some if they want a bigger audience. As long as they stick for more Seasons it's going to get much better. Overall I just really like this show!
  • This show is great even though some people don't think so. It's funny, has great music, and an amazing romance.

    I tink this is on of the best shows, It has a great band, all the energy that basiclly describes the life of any 12,13 or even 15 year old, only with that fact that they are famous rockstars. I personally love the realtionship between Nat and Rosalina, The awkaward silence, the innocent flirting, the denial. But That all changed and now I can't wait untill season three. The guys are immmature but it makes you luagh, Nat acts like he's older but sometimes his true age shows. Rosalina is on of the guys, just way more mature, and shy when it comes to the topic of liking Nat. THomas and David are the pranksters they always have something to do. I love the music and the show, no show is better.
  • I love this show.

    This show is really great and I like it. I like listening to music and Alex and Nat are talented musicians. Nat plays alot of instruments and Alex too. They write great songs for the band. Nat and Rosalina get along pretty well and I like the romance and it gets really interesting and surprising. The show is funny and Thomas and David play alot of pranks and it gets intentiolly funny. This show is one of my favorites and they are young and they already have a band and that is really great and I hope they will be great musicians when they grow up.
  • I like this show:D:D Its good and i like the songs aswell. It's good i like the romance between nat and rosalina, how its obvious rosalina likes him but they dont go out. and she knows nat likes her, hes done everything he can to show it.

    The shows good:D:D Its has a bit of everything realy. If you dont like it dont watch it. But i liked it. the songs are good to, and the singing. My favorite song is 'i've got a question' i love it....ive got a question for you ive got a question for you do you love me? yeah do you love me? yeah!!!!
    now nat and rosalina are finaly together!! im so excited for season 3. One of the reasons i watch it is because i wanted to see what happened between nat and rosalina. so over all worth the watch. if you like that type of thing like i do:D
  • I feel embarrassed to say that I love watching the naked brothers band b ut I just love the show

    I think this show is funny, and I love the chemistry between rosalina and nat. that why I pretty much got hooked on this show, and mainly because my sister is a huge fan of the naked brothers band.(she's 10) my fave is Alax...he's so cute!! I love the rest of the band, and with out them there th Naked Brother's wouldn't be as awsoem as they are now. each person make s the band sound great. persanly I love the show and how they play, and there all fabulous!! hugs and kisses go out to the band !!

    cooljay1213!! :)
  • The best series ever!

    Ok, I don't know why most of you think it's a not very good series, in my personal opinion it's the best series ever and what if it's fictional or not. What matters is that is a very good series. Give it an oportunity and you'll begin liking it like by little, hear its songs, especially the one's by nat, he's really talented and deep and his songs are beautiful. I the beginning i didn't like the series and that was because i didn't take a closer look to it and see if it was good i just didn't mind but see me now, loving this series and writing all this good things...
  • Nat and Alex have their own documentary that follows them through growing up. Nat goes through puberty and girl troubles while Alex also has girl troubles.

    I really like this show a lot. Nat and Alex are very good musicians and actors. The other members of the band, Rosalina, Qaasim, David, and Thomas are very good as well. The songs that Nat writes in and out of the show are phenom. The only down side is that their show has a new episode only once every week, if that. It shows on Nickelodeon on Saturday nights at eight thirty. There have been two seasons so far and one movie so far and two hour long episodes. There is another one coming out this summer called Polar Bears.
  • I am not a fan of The Naked Brothers Band.

    First of all, who the heck would name a children's TV show Naked Brother's Band? And... They tried to write a book called "Cry Wolf" Geez! I bet that sold 0 copies. I do not like the message they send to people! They are like, 7 years old! They should not be wearing purple velvet jackets! They are terrible actors,I mean, come on people! In the show, or maybe in real life, Nat acts like he is a "Ladies man" Well, HE'S NOT! I just flat out hate that show! I have no idea why their show is on the air. If I could rate this -999999, I would! It stinks! If you are reading this Nat and Alex, sorry, but it's the truth!
    It's sometimes funny how they think they are so good.
    and! I understand that they write the songs, and by the way, they stink too!
  • the naked brother band is so cool says jordan.

    The Naked Brothers Band is the best TV show i've evur seen yo i really like all the songs. The best songs are Long distance, I indeed can see and Catch up with the end. My favourite band member is Rosalina. But i love them all the same. I really like the way Nat and Alex's dad Michael always plays the accordion. My favourite episode is the one were they record catch up with the end and have a private concert and perform the song. I like the special guest George Lopez he is really funny. go naked brothers band!!! i love it
  • THis show has everything..

    This show has everything from music to drama and romactic.The nat and rosalina romactic realships is the a piont of the show. I love all the crazy things the other guys do on the show. The music is awesome and the lyrics i have never heard anything better its amazing. They really make ne think about life. Since i play many instruments i enjoy having this show. The story lines are really funny i love them all!! I love all the characters espically nat i think he is deep nice and cute I Love THe SHow the best ever!!! IT Rules!
  • the naked brothers is the best show you will ever see in your life so watch teenick and you might see the naked brothers

    t h e n a k e d b r o t ers band on teenick watch it free on any day naruto spongebob tom and jerry yhe best website cr ay ay ay ay ay zy car to lead me no where leadme nowhere actcly it is made for that made for that thats crazy car from the naked brothers band nat and alex made if you don't watch the naked brothers band watch it i think it is on right now ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • The Naked Brothers Band is a very good show!!Its hilarious but not too childish mature but not too grown-up!!Its perfect for kids and tweens.I have even seen some teens enjoy the show alot!!

    I really really love this show!!Its the greatest show out there now!!Anyone who doesn't like it needs to give it a chance!!I didn't like it at first but now I LOVE IT!!Nat and Alex are both very talented actors/singers/songwriters!!I love watching the show every weekend!!I cannot wait for the second season!!I think it will be equally as great as the first season it might even be better!I love this show soooo much!I wait for it all week!!I count down until on Sturday at 8:30 and Sunday at 6:30!!I really really REALLY like this show!!Most of my friends don't like it but one of my friends is equally as obsessed to them as I am!!So it shows the show is popular!!And I know alot of other people that like them even though they aren't my friends; and not saying that I don't have alot of friends its just watev!!(LOL jkjk)
  • for all those people who think its a little kid show and its horrible--you.are.wrong.

    all these people think this is a baby show or that its stupid or something. But thats not true, in fact its a perfectly watchable show. My little brother watches it and one day i was walking by the tv and he told me to watch it, so i did and now i'm hooked. seriously, give this show a chance. its really really really really good! alex is so cute, and everyone else in the band is great too.I could watch this show all day long and i'm almost 14--haha. Seriously though, this show is really good, the plots on every episode are good, and they keep you watching.
  • The Naked Brothers Band is about two brothers and their band. During the show the band goes through all the good times and bad times of child celebrities and all the normal child problems like crushes, school and friendships.

    This show is great. It's one of my personal favorites and I don't see why everyone thinks it's so horrible. I love the comedy and awkward moments that they put in the show. The crushes and friendships going on really makes the show real and something wholesome kids can relate to including all the work they do with school. It sends a good messege that children can do what they put their minds to and to set your goals high. All and all this is a really great show and I think one of Nicks best. NAKED BROTHERS BAND ROCKS
  • I love the Naked Brother's Band! It's AWESOME/@!

    The Naked Brother's Band is a show about Two brother's and their issues with their Band. I think Nat is Talented at writing songs. Alex is the best drummer EVER ! ! ! ! Overall I love this show and you should too! But if you don't I understand that you have better things to do. The Naked Brother's Band means a plethora to me though because I love the show!I watch it all of the time! Keep on rockin with the show Ya'll ! ! Nat Wolf and Alex Wolf ROCK! And don't you forget it! *Peace. Love. Happiness.

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