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  • poser

    Ehhh, this show doesn't really float my boat. Who thought of this anyway? Who said that rock and roll is only for adults? These kids should be finishing their homework instead of taking off to the music industry. And how are they naked? Are the directors of the show obsessed with that kind of stuff? This show is very poser because 1) All of these children have some sort of ego problem. (Like saying they know they're hot). 2) Girls younger than them chase them. 3) Everything seems to come so easily. 4) Music sucks. 5) Acting is terrible.

    So, there's my two cents. By the way, the singer's voice sounds like fingernails screeching across a blackboard.
  • This show is up there with Genie in the House and The Suite Life as one of my least favourite shows of all time.

    Ick, this show is horrible. As said before this show is up there with Genie in the House and The Suite Life as one of my least favourite shows of all time. Nat sounds like a total girl and all their songs suck. How could anyone possibly like them? I watched an episode and ended up having nightmares. I saw the movie and wanted to punch Nat upon hearing that "British" accent he did. I mean, does an actual "British" accent even exist? I've heard of English, Scottish and Welsh accents, but an actual "British" accent?? To conclude this review this is the type of show you're forced to watch down below.
  • I present to you, the downfall on Nickelodeon.

    I was afraid of this. Nickelodeon just went downhill with this show. I honestly think they cannot sing at all. Plus, I have seen the first episode and it was not really all that good. The humor is not even that funny. If it is a comedy, then they could make the show a lot more funnier. I will not be watching this again anytime soon.
  • Nothing interesting about it. Well lets see if this review gets deleted

    I don't like this show and think it is a rediculous waste of time and that nickelodeon will be removed as soon as they can't show spongebob anymore. I saw a comercial of this show and it looked like the only people who might watch it are lolilota sp? lovers.

    I don't know why its still on air and why its advertised far more than Avatar the Last airbender is considering its nicks 2nd top show. I've even seen less spongebob comercials than this show. The first movie and their new one have the exact same plot prettymuch and they seem to be unable to preform as a band without one female member. Sad since in the real world instrument players can be cut in 5 sec. Only a lead singer can't be cut since they usually make up the group. This show doesn't have anything interesting about it or humor to it. The only thing thats odd is that it is still airing.

    If this gets deleted and i get reported is abusing our rights.
  • Too reptitive, Too overrated by Nick, Worst show ever. pretend to punch them when they're haunted my TV set. So in other words their horrible.

    OK I'll come up with 10 GOOD reasons that this shows sucks

    1. Their Music. Seriously, It's too repetative. and the songs are not well thought out.

    2. Bratty Behavior. especially from Alex. (stupid older women lover, Curly haired, bandana wearing freak)

    3.Repetitive episodes- In all my life of watching TV I have never seen a show So repetitive. Really, How many times has Rosalina left the band then came back?

    4. Adult Situations- These are KIDS. They're kissing, cheating on girl/boy friends, and the fact that the band manager is a kid is so pathatic. Those stuff is for Adult Actors

    5. The acting- They're either too-over the top or don't show any emotion Any thing but close to OK.Shockly, Nat is nominated for best male child actor in Kids Choice Awards... They bribed Nick, Black Mailed, Threated, one of those possibiltys

    6.Copiers- They try to do what the Beatles (I think it's the beatles) do. and the whole confession thing is just a rip-off of The Office.

    7. Cooper- Sure Alex is bad but Cooper atchully worst. "Duh, What are you doing goofing off? Are you trying to get fired" Shut Up stupid Kid. Plus out of all the acting he does the worst job.

    8. Unrealistic- "I played Crazy Car at my Wedding" "Yeah Everyone says Nat's the leader of the band but we're really the leaders" "Boys rule, Girls Drool. Boys are smart Girls are Stupiiiiiiiiiid!" Like this show. Do you know ANYONE who would play a song (even if it's a great artist like Elvis, or Beatles) who plays a song at their Wedding? Plus, Those two boys trying to be cool?

    9.too much band members- I doubt they even play them but, A Cello in a Rock band? Two Keyboards? Think there's enough

    And 10. Down right their Name- I have trouble saying "naked" because I sometimes feel Embassed by it. So I always say NBB " You know the NBB, they suck" No one knows what I'm talking about so I have to say Naked Brothers Band. :#(.

    So That's all I can say (or type) about how this show sucks. This is one of the reasons I stopped watching nick. Other reasons are New Spongebob, Mighty B,No more showing of Avatar. (I'm not really a fan of Avatar but at this point I wouldn't mind seeing it from start to end." So Sorry this is too long I'm done with this rewiew. Bye.
  • They can't sing. They are trying to be rock stars.

    What is this crap? Some 11 year olds in a band trying to act like they are famous? Honestly I feel like the is probably one of the worst ideas Nick has ever had. Nat the singer can't even sing. He is shown too much of and intrest for that girl Rosalina in that song Rosalina. He is a ba singer. Listen to Crazy Car. I have a description fro the songs.-
    -Crazy Car-- It is so annoy since you hear Crazy Car like a billion times.
    -I'm Out- God what the hell is this? He sounds like and old man for hevens sake! Or someone who is sick and/or dying.
    Motor Mouth- What the-- are they saying that their woman talk much?
    Now let's move on to Alex. He is trying to be cool all the time. I think this is the reason that this is the "Naked" Brothers Band. He is 9 and in one episode was using gangsta references. They are the worst. 1/10 abysmal.
  • This show is completely and totally awful!

    It looks like friends of staff at Nickelodeon volenteered their completely untalented kids to do a show! This show is boring, and the kids cannot sing in the least! Did I mention their acting is awful? They attempted (and quite frankly, failed), to start a show about a kids rock and roll band. I doubt this will get very far in the least, sorry to say it Nickelodeon producers, but you've failed... Again... Why don't you people just bring back the good old shows and stop making yourselves look bad with this terrible new garbage you call entertainment! In all honesty, this is one of the worst shows I've seen.
  • Just How Terrible is Naked Brothers Band suppose to be? The Music for this show is so bad that it makes you wanna plug your ears for your life.

    My 88th review after: "My Super Sweet 16"

    Let's face it. The Naked Brothers band is easily one of the Worst nick shows ever Created. If this is called: Naked Brothers, Why aren't they naked? If they were, Why not put it on Comedy Centreal, So we can laugh our butts off Literally, and looking and laughing at them playing in a band Naked? plus they should put sensors. and another thing is... what in the world?! Little Bratty Rich Kids... Singing and Playing in a Rock 'n' roll Band?! No Way! This show is not only one of the most dumbest shows it's also one of the BIGGEST Attempted mistakes to Nick and Schneider's Bakery, Inc. In's History of Ranting Usernames. There' no way a Bunch of 8 year olds can make 50 million dollars a year, during Song bands. If I worked for Nintendo, which I will soon, I would earn like 2 Billion Dollars a Year. aka if you don't know, $ 2,000,000,000!!!! I'll be Ugly Disgusting Rich!!!! $$$$$ Ha! Mostly the Rich part if you ask me! I'll maybe have enough to Fire the Actors for the band and the show and enough to bring back the Great Classic shows on all channels that everyone missed so much. Alex wolf and Nat Wolf are just Spoiled and Talentless Brats. This show is Definitially, going to get an F-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 1.5/10.0 Because of the Kids spoiled voices, It failed the show miserably with terrible rock band music.

    Graphics: F 3.0/10.0 Bad Cookie-cutter edits on the show and the Colors and Hideously Bright, Blurry, Ugly and Nasty. It's like a Homebrew 1983 Show updated in a Terrible way.

    Sound: F-- 1.0/10.0 Oh you're kidding me right? The sound is so bad and Stupidly Childish created, that it will be the lamest Excuse for a Rock band you'll ever hear in your life, EVER!

    Dialouge: F- 2.3/10.0 The scripts and Plots don't make any sense at all. If before the show known as the movie which sucked butt, why could not they just cancel making the show once the movie premaired? This show is happening to work for the worst nick show of all time, "Mr. Meaty" Because they put some of their songs such as Crazy Car, on their Stinky show.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 Complete Boredom and Stupid. This show Sucks.

    Overall: F- 2.0/10.0 What were they thinking? This show makes some of the worst games of all time look Impressive such as: "Big rigs over the Road Racing", "Tiny toon Adventures Plucky's big Adventure", Powerpuff girls Chemical X-traction", "Aquaman battle for Alantis" "Nicktoons Party Blast", and More. Cancel this show quickly before I blow!
  • A group of untalented and annoying childeren try to be funny in a sorry excuse for a television show.

    The naked brothers band has to be the worst idea for a show ever. They copy every thing they do off the Beatles, they have no talent whats so ever and i dont know if they think there funny but there not. I just cant believe Nickelodian would put this on there network Its pathetic that they would even think that people would like this. They have the worst songs ever. Crazy car? IM OUT? If Thats Not Love? Motormouth? They are what 11 years old? I doubt they even know what half the stuff there talking about. Not to mention I doubt they are really playing instraments.
  • When the band's mother is controlling the show, there's something wrong

    It's safe to say that bands or singers who have a TV show always fail, case in point The Naked Brothers Band. It centers around 2 brothers Nat and Alex Wolf as they form their own rock band, and write their own songs, and try to become famous. The show doesn't have the worst premise ever, but it's still stupid and rather unoriginal. The first big problem of this show is the creator, for it's the Wolf's own mother, Polly Draper. Not only is she the creator, but the chief writer, executive producer, and director. When the mom is the one calling the shots on their sons TV show, you know it's going to be bad. The characters on this show are just horrible. Nat is a generic ladies man and has a tendency to date girls much older than him (creepy if you ask me) and always is looking for a girl. Alex has a crush on his babysitter for some reason, and has an unhealthy obsession with milk. Now I know milk is good for you, but Alex treats it like as if it's a drug or something. Also Alex's crush on his babysitter was probably an attempt by Polly to be funny, but it again comes off very creepy. Also these kids are teenagers. What are they doing still having a babysitter? Alex also believes he is a skateboarding god, but not once in this show did I see him do a trick, not even an an ollie (jump). He gives skateboarders a bad name. Cooper is a complete moron who thinks he's so cool with constantly wearing a business suit and taking out a cell phone. He is trying to be the NBB agent, but it comes off very stupid like. He even bosses the band around constantly, but he is most likely younger than the band or anyone on this show. The Wolf's dad is a complete brain dead moron who never seems to care about what the brothers do at all. Rosalina is the love interest for Nat, but she is such an idiotic girl who always broke up with Nat, then he sings a song, and she's with him again. Jessie is jsut as bad as the dad, if not worse. She is the babysitter, and she is constantly being looked out by the bad more than she looks out for them. As for the acting in this show, it is horrendously bad. Everyone either acts snobbish, very wooden, overact, underact, or look like they are going to fall asleep when reading their lines. The name if the band is the worst name ever created. Seriously, who thought that The Naked Brothers Band was a good name? Did anyone realize this was a bad and inappropriate name? The plots are also horrendous, but most of the times, I can't figure out the actual plot. The plots in each episode go all over the place and it's hard to tell what's really going on. There are not enough words to describe the awful and garbage inducing pieces of music the brothers call, songs. They have got to be just as bad as Hannah Montana when it comes to singing. They sound like little girls and their songs are just horrendous and unoriginal. Nick was also trying desperately to make us see that the NBB are an excellent band by promoting them constantly, and their music that was available on CD, but failed. About the only good thing in this show was it got canceled in 2 years. Words of advice for the Wolf brothers. 1: Try singing and writing better songs. 2: Do not let your mom have control over your show and get someone who actually knows what to do. For many reasons this show fails. The premise is stupid, the characters are bland and are flat, the humor is terrible, the songs and singing are wretched, and the plots are all over the place. So unless you want to lose your ability to hear, than stay away from this show and Hannah Montana, and Jonas LA forever and never look back upon them.
  • An absolute abomination to the name of television and an especially horrendous example of "music."

    This is one of the most obnoxious shows to emerge from Nickelodeon's contemporary line-up of garbage. This channel really began to suffocate itself when it took on a nonstop "teenNick" status, and this abomination of a television show is one of the worst new examples of digital-indulgence from the disgraceful classic network. If I could go back in time to the days when Nickelodeon chose to show clever children's cartoons like Rocko's Modern Life or Doug, I would. Sadly though, Nickelodeon's last redeemable show on the daily lineup is Spongebob. Who in their right mind would watch a bunch of obnoxious pre-pubescent wanna-be rockstars sing some of the most uninspired songs of this generation? Well, lets hope your children aren't, lest they be turned in to culture-less drones of today's unimaginative televised tripe.
  • Oh how the once mighty Nickelodeon has fallen

    I remember when back in the day we had GOOD Nick shows like Rugrats(pre Kimi episodes)The Angry Beavers,Invader ZIM,and such.Now we've got bull like Zoey 101,Mr Meaty,Unfabulous,The X's and this.I hate it with a pssion and I'll explain why

    1.Unnecesary praise

    These people aren't popular in real life,those people in the commercials were just paid to say that.

    2.They don't deserve a show or movie

    Ok,real childsatrs would audition for a roole fair and square,they don't go to their mommies to ask them to make them movies and then shows out of the movie.

    3.Theses kids can't sing or act

    Really I can tell the songs aren't really recorded by them,they are just moving their hands on the instruments(would the tempo and movements mean anything?)

    4.The arrogance of the band members.Ok,so these kids just go around thinking they such hot stuff when they aren't.The only people who love them are kids and fangirls who fell for the commercials with people saying"Naked Brothers Band is so awesome!" or "I want to marry them!"

    5.It tries to be funny with adult humor

    Really now wouldn't parents be complaining to Nick about the jokes they play such as "boobies" or the title(really,Naked?That's a cenor waiting to happen)

    6.It puts good Nick shows like Avatar on hiatus or cancels them altogether so this can take up what could've been (insert show name here)'s airtime

    7.The fact that people use the excuse "they're only kids" so that we don't have a right to hate them.Well did it ever occur to those people that we all have our own opinions?

    8.The unoriginality,ok their songs sound like a cross between Beatles Songs and a nursery rhyme played on an electric guitar

    9.It's a perfect explanation that Nick,once the best kids network on tv,doe snot wish to be funny and original,just "hip" and "cool" so they can replace almost all cartooons with non animated,trying to be realistic teen crap

    10.overall it saddens me to see my beloved childhood memories wind up replaced withthis of all things,it had to be this.
  • They're a hugely famous children's band despite the fact that nobody's ever heard of them.

    Okay, where to begin? The band is a joke. It's cool if kids wanna start a little rock band and hang out, but please don't make a movie and TV series about them. Please? The music is, quite frankly, bad. There is no way they could get truly famous with their music. No possible way. I really, really can't tolerate all the hype surrounding this band. They can't write song lyrics, they can't act, and get this: the director is Nat and Alex's mom. Oh yeah, and the gangster look may look "cute" on Alex now, but he's liable to get hurt once he's older. It's sure gonna be fun to see once these kids hit puberty. Once that happens, these kids will have to get real jobs. Instead of wasting half an hour watching these wannabes, I think I'll go listen to some actually good music.
  • Give me a B, give me an A, give me a D, what's that spell? BAD!

    I don't need to watch a whole episode to tell how some shows will turn out. A commercial can help me decide on whether a show looks promising or is just a waste of time. Especially this show. C'mon! I find it hard to believe that htese kids actually made the music. They don't even look like they're over 13 years old. No music company would actually take these kids seriously. It looks like a waste of time to me. I don't think this show will last past another season, if it can make it past 1. I just don't see what's so good about this show. If someone thinks this show is good, PM me and tell me why. Litterally!
  • I hope this show is cancelled now. It sucked so much!

    When this came out, my younger cousins were obsessed with the kids in it. They acted retarded. I didn't even get why they acted the way they acted. The boys were all obsessed with girls and Nat tried his best to stay with Rosalita or whatever her name is. His little brother, Alex has a 22 or something year old girl friend and has all these weird things he imagines like he has an issue or something. I mean, little kids have vivid imaginations, but this kid is just retarded. All the guys do is talk about girls and the girls just cat fight and quarrel all the time. And it's always the same pattern:
    Nat and Rosealita are a couple. Nat become a jerk. Rosalita breaks up with him. Nat gets mad. It's the end. Nat and Rosealita become BF and GF again.
    Same as the High School Musical pattern with Troy being a jerk, breaking up with Gabriella and singing about it. Then, at the end, they have a huge music number about their love and become a couple again. Woopdedoo.
  • This show's good right? Right? WRONG.

    Oh Nick, what is this mess you made? Naked Brothers Band's tv show is nothing but hideous pointless garbage. So Nick somehow found these two singers named Natt and Alex Wolf, took them in, and had a show since January 2007. At first listening to their first few songs made me think these guys look kinda cool, but after seeing this radio-active barf you call a tv show, I was dead wrong. This show has no storyline or any of those key apsects that can make a show more watchable. Lame plots, poor acting, and boring stuff going on in the show, blend it all together and you got a garbage tv show headed to nowhere land and failure island. Nick needs to ditch this show if they know whats good for them, because as far as I know Nickelodeon is still airing craptastic specials periodically. There's really not much I can come up with at giving this show more of a recap. Except I know Nat in the show keeps on failing by chasing after girls or whatever. How do so many people like this show? It is making me lose faith in humanity!
  • I think the website tags say it all, "Crap, horrible, and stupid."

    This show is so bad it acutally hurts. I have never watched something with a less original plot or with worse acting, or worse writing or worse anything. Who told these kids they could sing? Or act? Or write music?

    And how on Earth did the show stay on the air for over a year? How did this this thing last more than one season? Nobody watches The Naked Brother's Band. It's so bad it scares the kids I baby sit- and they're in fourth grade!

    Yet Nick continues to air it and make a HUGE deal when new episodes are writen or when one of the kids comes out with a so called "song", and shows that people actually WATCH, like Avatar, Ned's declassified or iCarly are ignored. What's wrong with this picture?

    I think the website tags say it all, "Crap, horrible, and stupid."
  • Oh god Nickelodeon I beg you PLEASE cancel this horrible show.

    Ok first of all, let me start by saying I HATE the Naked Brothers Band. It was fine when it was a tv movie but no! They just had to make a tv series. Guess what? The tv series is horrible! I mean you got what? An eight year old and an eleven year old trying to be rockers? Yeah, Van Halen wasn't nine when he made his first platinum album. I mean seriously, this show is not funny, their songs make no sense and it's just as bad as the show! In one of the episodes (I think I never actually watched the whole thing) they win an award or something. An award for what? Oh right, this show is fake. Bottom line, this show stinks, the so called 'music' stinks, and all of the marketing from nick stinks. No I won't buy a NBB CD are you kidding me! One great season, many more great songs. That's bull, everyone PLEASE don't watch this show it already has a second season..
  • Just because you make a single-camera comedy, that doesn't make it mature.

    Combine Mickey Mouse's voice and sound of fingers screeching on the blackboard. Then record it onto a machine and turn up the pitch high enough unitl you recongize the sound (and also the pain). What's that sound, kids? You guess it, it's Nick Wolff's voice.

    Seirously. What was Nick thinking when they decided to give these brats their own show.....

    Come on, Nick....You can do soooo much betta. I heard My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Jay-Z, and even Miley Cyrus do way better (and I want Miley dead!!!).

    They sing the most stupid songs ever to be heard by man. Nick, Why!!!!!

    The reasonable reason that this show is on Nick is if they were holding one of the producer's family hostage. I rather be held hostage than listen to this .....ugh

    Honestly, there's not enough words to even describe how horrible thier music is. You can call their music heinous but that'll be a complient. "Someone took my chocolate chip cookie" or "Crazy car" or "Fishing for Love"

    No one gives a damn about a choco chip cookie. The only way a crazy car could actually exist in real life if there's a drunk driver inside the car. Fishin for love? They haven't even reached double digits yet!?!

    The plot is horrible. There's no joke. Their lame attempts for jokes aren't funny, just sad. Just because you make a single-camera comedy, that doesn't make it mature. They can't act. They don't even try. I know it's a single-camera comedy but even the actors on The Office try!!! The characters on this show lack personality, there's nothing that makes them different from one another.

    They only got this show because of their mom, just Miley Cyrus (Billy Ray Cyrus) and Romeo (Master P.)

    Oh, I can go on and on, but even this review is too short to list why they completely done heinously horrific.
  • Probably the worst show on Nick

    Honestly, I think the show stinks. I mean, the things they say/do are not funny- and that's just sad...The music they "write" is also pretty bad. The movie at first was...okay, I suppose, but when they made the tv series, they pretty much killed it. There are also a lot of things that don't make sense at all. Such as, their dad. I don't know if they're just trying to make him look bad, or like an idiot, but they had to make him a retard for the show. All those episodes are pretty much messed up. I can't belive Nick thought of something like that. It kinda ruins the channel whenever it's showing the Naked Brothers Band.
  • A show that makes small kids cry

    I could have sworn i already did this review, but it must have been deleted. The truth will be known though, this is perhaps the WORST show to ever come out of nick in a long time. There are so many things wrong with this show that i'm not sure where to begin but lets start with the acting. The best way to describe it is imagine pieces of cardboard reading off of cue cards for 25 min. and that is the extent of the "acting", and surprisingly enough, the characters are as flat as cardboard, no substance at all. I tried to get past that since hey there just kids but then they began to "sing". I actually cried it was so bad, im sorry but if you can't even do the one thing that your show is suppose to be about, then it's time to go. I strongly suggest avoiding this show at all costs!!
  • Okay, I know my last review got reported for some reason. --++++ even though I never insulted any of the users But, I still have my opinion. And all I have to say is, WORST SHOW EVER.

    The naked brothers band is a show about this kids in a bad who go on tour and blah blah blah. It's pretty awful sorry, I couldn't stand watching three seconds of it. I think the songs are really hard to listen to, they say the same things over and over again and are not that hard to write. I mean two and three year olds can come up with these songs around the house. I don't understand what any of the songs are about so yeah. And I don't like the acting on the show either, it seems like a bad documentary. Well this is the last of my review and I'm hoping I don't get reported for "flaming" again, even though I never insulted any of the users. Either way it was worth it.
  • The most pointless and worthless show in the planet. Its so bad it doesn't even deserve to have the DVD stomped on in the dust. It's not worth the energy. To those of you who are fans of this show, I really have nothing against you. This is my opinion.

    I can not a find a word bad enough to describe this show. I wish this website would allow me to rate it lower than 1. I would give it the lowest possible rating. I give this show -infinity. Lets start with the actors. I know this is a kid show, but these actors are trying to be all serious and cool, but they just look like dorks. I think I'll start with Nat. The "ladies man". All I can say is, how stupid can he be to think that he is a "ladies man" of any sort. I do not understand a single person who could possibly think he is hott or a great musician (sorry to the fans, but I'm just expressing my opinion, I have nothing against you, I just don't agree with your taste). He likes a girl that is several years older than him. He ends up going out with her and having all of these "relationship issues". Give me a break Nick. This kid is like 13, and all of a sudden, dating is so important to him. What happened to the days when boys still thought girls had cooties. This kid can't be much older than those boys back in the good old days. With this "relationship" Nickelodeon is implying that kids his age should be dating and going out with people. That is just plain wrong, and so is Nat.

    Next comes Alex. He is just a joke. His crush on his baby sitter is just plain made for comedy shows (even though its not funny). His obsession with milk is just plain idiotic. This is Nicks way of describing a real rock stars alcohol addiction. I do not find this funny in any way. It is just plain stupid, and takes a shot at people who have a real alcohol addiction. What is with the headbands?? I don't know if he is trying to be "gangster" or "cool", but all I know is that it makes him seem like a wanna be. The idea of him skateboarding is very offensive to REAL skateboarders. This is implied in most of the episodes, but I have never seen him do an actual trick. Not even an ollie (for you non skaters, that just a jump. How old is he exactly, because I think hes trying to act like an adult mixed with a 5 year old. Emphasis on TRYING. He just comes out acting like a snotty little brat, who gets whatever he wants.

    I think I'll go onto Cooper next. What is with the suit? He's a kid trying to act like an adult. Not even adults wear suits ALL the time. He bosses the band around, but I'm betting most of them are older than him. The fact that he whips his cell phone around like a real agent, is just amusing in a stupid way. He thinks hes an adult, but hes not. Mr. Wolff is just a goofy, cartoony, idiot, that doesn't seem to give a crap what his kids do. The Hunny Bunnys or whatever his little duet was called, was simply terrible, and just plain disturbing. He has a very bad sense of taste in basically everything. Weather it be clothes, music, or people. He acts more like a father that you would see in a cartoon than a real father.

    Jessie is plainly annoying and stupid. She is the brother's babysitter, yet they take more care of her than she does of them. If this wasn't a show on Nickelodeon, she would probably be the character getting drunk, going to parties, and eventually getting pregnant by some stranger at the bar. She doesn't seem to care what the brothers do, and is almost as worthless as their father.

    I'm done character attacking, so lets go to the horrendous music. These boys have such high voices that when I first heard their music on the radio, I thought that they were all girls. Call me when they hit puberty, because maybe then, their voices will sound the least bit good. The songs are completely pointless, and it is a disgrace to call them songs. They have over repetitive lyrics, and quite frankly, have no real topic. What self respecting "band" (and I use the term lightly) writes songs about taxis and chores. One minute their writing some stupid fast paced song about something totally pointless, and then the next minute they try to pull off the serious type song. What is with all of the "band" members and their instruments? Two keyboards, two bass players, and a CELLO in a rock band? This isn't a rock band. This is what I call an orchestra. I would much rather have my ears bleed than listen to this garbage. Scratch that, it's an insult to garbage. If America wants to try a new interrogation method for having suspects admit to their crimes, they should have them listen to the Naked Brothers band until they confess. Having heard this "music" myself, the suspect will crack within a minute of the first song. There is no word to describe the terribleness of this "music". It deserves its own word.

    Time to talk about the name. Naked Brothers Band. If a pedophile were to serf the TV guide and was to see this TV show name, what do you think would happen. Maybe I've been watching to much Law and Order, but this name most likely gets viewed by a lot of these people, having them expect something totally different than the load of crap that they really do put on. I honestly think they should have stuck with The Silver Boulders. Not only is the name innapropriate for Nickelodeon, it's innapropriate for young children. Maybe changing the name would at least make me reconsider not taking up enough energy to stomp a TV in the dust.

    I general, all I can say is that this is the worst show I have ever seen in my life. They try to make it look like a documentary, but only succeed in making it look even more fake. The actors are stiff, the jokes are lames, and the so called "songs" make me want to barf. I would not recommend this show to my worst enemy. Next Halloween, when I run out of candy, I'll use one of their songs to scare the kids away. This is the worst show known to man.
  • Very very awful. Nick REALLY needs to give up on this show.

    Okay, in this decade of lame and crappy tv shows, this is another one of them, there's so many of them that it makes my eyes bleed. Naked Brothers Band sucks it should have never existed. These guys don't deserve fame and fortune. They try way too hard to impress people and fail at it, and they are so pathetic with girls! I take their girl obsession and other junk as an insult! At least to me! Another crappy horrible thing that's happening in this era are all these crap tv show bands and singers! Naked Brothers, Jonas Brothers, and Hannah Montana! This is definitely one of my pet peeves. Nothing but garbage on television, and bad singers. Now for a recap of this poor show: I don't even know where to begin! The plot is WAY too messed up! I don't even see any proper storylines! This show needs to be brought back down to the bowels of hell from whence it came immediately! The whole show is wretched, boring, and just unappealing in every way. Bloody hell, this is exactly the reason why Nick is going downhill these days. Nick needs to reverse this trend NOW. Nat and Alex Wolf are the stars of this show and they do music videos and other things in this show, but the scripts are written very poorly. This show SUCKS! I hate it. I can't wait until its canceled and gone for good from this channel.
  • Nickelsodeon...Why? Why?!

    The Naked Brothers Band is a worthless piece of trash. Nat and Alex Wolf, I have never heard of them! Why is it that they always said in the show that they're the biggest stars ever! Well, if they walked on the street, no one will be trying to get them! The plots are just plain stupid! Looking at Nat and Alex as girl magnets makes me want to vomit. It makes no sense why they call their songs hits! Nickelodeon, cancel this show! Just take this show and destroy it! I don't want to see their faces again! Ew!
  • Whoever thought of this is just...*sigh*. Nickelodeon made a big mistake.

    The Naked Brothers Band is about these group of kids who are in this horrible band they formed. One thing I hate about this show is that it's a mockumentary. These kids are like 12, 13 and they have to be in a band and have to have girlfriends. What? This makes no sense, this is all the show focuses on: Girls. Yeah, girls are great, but they're not the entire world ya know. The entire band is horrible. The singing makes my ears hurt and I have to leave the room. And what's with the name? I mean, I know kids choose dumb names for something but picture "Naked Brothers Band"...? One word: stupid. Now I know what people are gonna say, "You're just jealous". No, I would never be jealous of a dumb band that will go nowhere. I don't see how anyone can be jealous of this horrible show/"band".
  • I feel bad ranting about kids... No no I dont This show sucks. BIG TIME!!!

    I can understand them being a band. "Oh how cute little kids playing music" but they dont need their own God D*** tv show. They are wasting their time by filming this crap and our time by advertising it. I watched a few episodes a few days ago and it took a few minutes to register. I thought "Why... why did i waste a half an hour of my life watching five kids frollic around and have their own little adventures." I saw the one with the babysitter. Im not quite sure what to think about the dad. He was just plain creepy looking. He looked like a fricken weirdo.
  • I'm sorry but, The Naked Brothers band is a show that should be taken of Nick A.S.A.P.

    After watching some episodes of The Naked Brothers Band, I'll have to say that this show really is a bad one. First off, what the hell were they thinking when they put on that Puberty episode?! They're 8 and 11 for Heaven's sake! And trying to make Nat's voice sound deeper was pretty pathetic to me. Another thing, how can those guys sing about love? They're too young to know what true love is. All this show proves is that this "band" has no musical talent and are way in over their heads. Alex doesn't have a "girlfriend", and he never did. Rosalina is out of Nat's leauge, and pretty much all of their songs are a headache. They try to act like they're 17 when they're only little kids! This show is so bad it shouldn't even be put on Nick Jr! Sorry to say this peeps, but this show has got to go....permanently.
  • the naked brothers band is about a band that has to work together but also has to go through everyday trials

    ok i dont know why i dont change the channel immediately when i see its on..but that means i have 2 get i gave it like 5 chances and im like seriously what is this crap? i dont know why i watch it b/c this is like the worst show on nick today and probably thru nick's history..and oh my gosh i am so tortured right now as i watch the concert but i wanna see the show following it so why bother..i just never want anyone other than ppl i really dont know from this site knowing i watch this show b/c its embarrassing
  • This show is WAY too boring.

    This show is a big waste of time indeed, I mean all there is to it is just a dull show about a band but looks as if no effort was put into it at all to make a good show. Very very poor, just one of the most boring television shows ever. I got no interest in it at all and it is hard for me to catch on to it. Well I'm not sure if I like their songs or not, but they should just stick with their music career instead because I think the show is horrible. Well at least they seem like good kids. Dunno why Nick is still making new episodes for this show though. Since a vast amount of people think this show is horrible like me, this show should have been canceled by now. I do not know how this "lost your mojo" or whatever it is is going to turn out. Probably not going to watch it, the whole concept of this show lacks a lot of good things. But really, this show is so bad that I'd rather watch paint dry, or find something more relaxing and healthy to do like sitting outside and just watch the sun set, or watch the amazing night sky. That is all I got left to say in this review.
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