The Naked Brothers Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)





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  • Yep I'm another person that doesn't like this show.

    This show is about Nat and Alex Wolf who form a band called the Naked Brother's Band. This show is in the style of documentary, but we all know this band isn't real. There are a couple of things that are bad about this show. One, the songs are horrible. Two, they are only kids and have a successful band, not likely. Three, the show is a complete bore and puts me to sleep. Four, did I mention the songs are horrible. Five, their band name is the Naked Brother's Band and that is just wrong for a stupid kids show. I have advice for any one who watches stop watching this because they are brainwashing you and you need to break free. Overall I really don't like this show and it is one of the worst television shows on modern t.v. A lot of people would agree that this so called documentary is completely horrible.