The Naked Brothers Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)





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  • This show is WAY too boring.

    This show is a big waste of time indeed, I mean all there is to it is just a dull show about a band but looks as if no effort was put into it at all to make a good show. Very very poor, just one of the most boring television shows ever. I got no interest in it at all and it is hard for me to catch on to it. Well I'm not sure if I like their songs or not, but they should just stick with their music career instead because I think the show is horrible. Well at least they seem like good kids. Dunno why Nick is still making new episodes for this show though. Since a vast amount of people think this show is horrible like me, this show should have been canceled by now. I do not know how this "lost your mojo" or whatever it is is going to turn out. Probably not going to watch it, the whole concept of this show lacks a lot of good things. But really, this show is so bad that I'd rather watch paint dry, or find something more relaxing and healthy to do like sitting outside and just watch the sun set, or watch the amazing night sky. That is all I got left to say in this review.