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  • This show is incredibly under appreciated and is continually increasing in quality. Give it another chance.

    The Naked Brothers Band is a show that gets a lot less credit than it deserves. People who actually spend time tearing this show down have apparently forgotten that it is a television program intended for a young to adolescent audience. Also some of them should keep in mind that it is a work of fiction, and Nick isn't insinuating that these kids are actually famous rock stars.

    One of the major draws to the show is the original music. Regardless of your opinion on the quality of the music there can be no doubt that these kids have talent. Each episode has at least one original song and each TV movie has several. While some may rip the show for allowing the audience to believe these kids are famous rock stars, I applaud them for it. I don't do this because kids should believe they too can live the rock star lifestyle, but because it invites kids to explore music as a form of expression that they too can accomplish.

    The movie followed a mockumentary style that had commentary coming from an omniscient Nat and Alex. This style was interesting and added something to the movie, but was apparently too dificult to adhere to, because it was adapted to fit the TV show. The commentary was dropped after the first episode.

    The first season was dissapointing, and is unfortunately the source of most of the show's criticism. The first season was the showcase for one incredibly disastrous episode called "A Man Needs a Maid", and two highly criticized songs, called "Taxi Cab" and "Banana Smoothie". What can be said be said of "A Man Needs a Maid"? It was an awful episode which introduced the worst character in all of television, Betty. I would recommend skipping this episode. Both of the aforementioned songs are criticized as being overly silly and repetitive, which in all honesty, they are. The acting and writing of the first season was also a bit dissapointing, but fortunately it did get better.

    The second season was so much better than the first musically, writing wise, and acting wise. Unfortunately everything after the first season is untouched upon by most haters. Something that that made the second season so much better was the handling of the Nat and Rosalina relationship which had up till then, been incredibly one-sided and lacking in chemistry. In the second season, it seemed like you could tell there were feelings between the characters without it being shoved in your face. The second season had highlights such as the genuinely emotional "Uncle Miles", and the TV movie "Polar Bears".

    I enjoyed "Polar Bears" very much. I liked how they had a mix of an environmental message, Nat and Rosalina, great Beatles allusions, and even some powerful and emotional moments. Emotional scenes like when they drove through the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina, when Alex sang "Why", and when Nat sang "I'll Do Anything" and they showed Rosalina break into tears, really made the movie.

    The third season has revealed a new musical high for the show. The music has been less repetitive with more powerful lyrics. The acting has also gotten much better. Unfortunately, the show, has lost a lot of the quirky original plot lines in exchange for more cliched angsty plots. These are still fun to watch, but, they seem to have forgotten the chemistry from the second season, where Nat and Rosalina weren't constantly the plot of the episodes, and we saw more of the other band members. So the biggest problem in this season is a lack of plot diversity.

    All in all, I think that this show is very good, especially for Nickelodeon, the land of Spongebob, Spongebob, and more Spongebob. I think if the people who hate this show were to forget their predisposed hatred of the show, and watch some of the newer episodes, they might not like it, but at least they would give it the credit it deserves as a respectable show. Give The Naked Brothers Band another chance. You may just like it.
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