The Naked Brothers Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)





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  • I hope this show is cancelled now. It sucked so much!

    When this came out, my younger cousins were obsessed with the kids in it. They acted retarded. I didn't even get why they acted the way they acted. The boys were all obsessed with girls and Nat tried his best to stay with Rosalita or whatever her name is. His little brother, Alex has a 22 or something year old girl friend and has all these weird things he imagines like he has an issue or something. I mean, little kids have vivid imaginations, but this kid is just retarded. All the guys do is talk about girls and the girls just cat fight and quarrel all the time. And it's always the same pattern:
    Nat and Rosealita are a couple. Nat become a jerk. Rosalita breaks up with him. Nat gets mad. It's the end. Nat and Rosealita become BF and GF again.
    Same as the High School Musical pattern with Troy being a jerk, breaking up with Gabriella and singing about it. Then, at the end, they have a huge music number about their love and become a couple again. Woopdedoo.