The Naked Brothers Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)





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  • What is wrong with you all they just wanted to have fun and make a show.

    As you can see i love this show! And someone on page 9 asked "Why would they named their band that name?" They said the story a billion times but I guess your to deaf to hear! And everyone making fun of this show lay off bitches!! They just wanted to make a show for ppl that knew them b4 so why be rude they made it for there fans and they made so the can become how some of us are today. And yeah if some of you didn't notice there still popular today (yeah... SO FUCK OFF MOTHERFUCKERS) and Ikari_Kamisama there band was real the documentary was real everything except for the house an Rosalina(Allie DiMeco) and sunny Wolff's (Micheal Wolff) names were fake everything that happened on that show was based on real and it could've been real which it was so I was very happy everything on youtube for videos of their movies and previews I already watched when I was a little girl I love this show it's part of memory and I love it so don't bother coming on the show if you don't like it!!!
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