The Naked Brothers Band

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)





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  • Apply palm to face

    I've barely got anything to mention because I've barely stuck with this show. at the age of 12 u may experience love but even though i'm only 13 I've got to say u don't know what love is.... SO STOP ACTING LIKE U DO NAKED BROTHERS BAND. if my mind caught any footage of this show it would probably be the music video 'face in the hall' ik it's not much but I can clearly tell this is uninspiring, laughably bad, and lacking knowledge. it's hard to take this crap seriously when u've got a bunch of kids in a band with an unappealing title acting like know-it-alls with love. the humor is lacking but if u dig for that tv gold u may get a chuckle. this show lead to the trend of bad live-action nick shows about famous, bratty and/or stupid teens who'll go all out to either complain or fix minor, minor flaws in their perfect lives. uhh.... bye