The Naked Brothers Band - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Sidekicks
    Episode 1
    Nat and Alex have a middle school costume party; Nat and Alex and the rest of the band are going to dress up as super heroes. When Nat and Alex are back at their apartment Jesse and her sisters (Tessy and Bessy) tell Nat that Rosalina has her high school prom on the same night as their middle school party. Which school party is Rosalina going to?moreless
  • Great Trip
    Episode 2
    Nat takes five days off with David to go to the water park and leaves Alex in charge with Jesse and Lucky. Thomas is angry that David didn't choose him.
  • Three is Enough
    Episode 3
    Nat gets roped into a double date with Cooper and Miss Scoggins and ends up asking Rosalina to join them, which further complicates their already complex relationship. Meanwhile, Jesse's dating adventures continue to spiral all over the place with a growing cast of characters including the Timmerman brothers, a new foreign neighbor, and of course her one true love Alex.moreless
  • The Talk Show
    Episode 4
    Nat and Alex have been asked to fill in as celebrity talk show hosts and interview Madden on the program. Their excitement is tempered by Nat's reaction to some harsh reviews from a music critic. As it turns out the critic is notorious for cruel album reviews and is actually a frustrated singer/songwriter herself! Nat, Alex and Joel team up to help her find her musical groove while jamming together on the band's latest song, "Proof of My Love." All is going well until Alex discovers that Joel has developed feelings for his one and only love -- Jesse!moreless
  • The Bar Mitzvah
    Episode 5
    Alex meets his doppelganger at the skate park, Mitchie, a superstar skateboarder. The two decide to switch places to see what life is like on the other side. Problem is…the day they pick to do so is a big skate competition and a Naked Brothers Band performance at Cooper's Bar Mitzvah. The pressure is on and neither Alex nor Mitchie are sure they can live up to it. Tony Hawk is even in on the action at the skateboarding competition.moreless
  • Uncle Miles
    Episode 6
    Nat and Alex's Uncle Miles pays them a visit. The boys discover that they prefer their uncle's jazz playing, over their father's accordion playing. They later find out that their uncle isn't so cool anymore when he runs off with their father's girlfriend Betty.
  • Concert Special #2
    Episode 7
    A concert special with the band.
  • 4/12/08
    The band is making final preparations to leave on tour and everyone is dealing with last minute stresses- David is upset about having to leave E.T behind, Rosalina fears that her dad won't make time to see her off, and Thomas is embarassed that his mom has sewn his name into all his underwear. Nat and Alex are busy trying to cheer their dad up (he's heartbroken over his breakup with Betty) but nothing seems to work- until George Lopez shows up and finally convinces Dad to enjoy life again.

  • Cleveland
    Episode 9
    The band begins their tour of the Midwest. Nat is in need of extra protection while on tour by having bodyguards. Thomas is tired of Nat receiving all the attention. David and Qaasim try to sell Nat's stuff over the internet for some extra money.
  • The County Fair
    Episode 10
    The band members take some time off before they have to perform at the fair. The boys have to wear southern belle disguises and Rosalina disguises as a southern general, so no one will notice them. Rosalina encourages a confused boy who has fallen for Nat's female persona to continue with the courtship. Some of the band members, including Nat and Alex's dad, participate in some of the fair events.moreless
  • 5/24/08
    The band has a special concert performance at a county fair.
  • Polar Bears
    Polar Bears
    Episode 12
    Nat, Alex, Dad, and the band head down to New Orleans to visit dad's childhood friend who works at "Bed and Breakfast". After watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, Alex becomes a fanatic about: the environment, the polar bears losing their homes, global warming, and Hurricane Katrina. Also, Rosalina and Nat's relationship is strained, and Qaasim lost his skill's with the girls.moreless
  • The Polar Bears
    Episode 12
    The band heads to New Orleans for the next stop on their tour, and they stay with a friend of Nat and Alex’s parents who owns a bed and breakfast. Nat and Alex are excited to see their old friends Big Ella and Little Grace, the daughters of the owner Onita. Alex watches An Inconvenient Truth, and becomes obsessed with saving the polar bears. Nat is hanging out with Little Grace a lot, and it makes Rosalina jealous, and she tries to get Qaasim to flirt with Grace to distract her from Nat.moreless
  • Secrets of The NBB Summer Tour
    Nat & Alex Wolff are in disguise and backstage with series' editor Craig Cobb ("Sex and The City"), viewing clips from different episodes of season 2, as they were preparing for a summer tour.