The Naked Brothers Band - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • 6/13/09
    The band members try to make the biggest prank and which ever band mate does wins the Stinky Shoe Award. Both, David and Qaasim shave Thomas's head, which causes them to get arrested. Rosalina, Kristina, and Jesse pretend to be different people, whilst Nat pretends to be a mime.
  • The Premiere
    Episode 7
    The Naked Brothers Band's movie "Mystery Girl" premieres, whilst Nat has a problem; who should he choose as his "Premiere" date and bassist for the band: former band member Rosalina, or Kristina?
  • Naked Idol
    Episode 6
    Rosalina breaks up with Nat and leaves the band after returning from her travels around the world; due to a visit from a French pianist. Therefore, the band must look for a new bass player to replace Rosalina, which Nat isn't ready for.
  • 2/7/09
    Thomas, David, and Qaasim fill in for Nat on a charity dating game show when he backs out due to Rosalina. Alex helps Jesse to reunite with Abdul, her long-lost love.
  • Christmas Special
    Episode 4
    Less romantic letters from Rosalina causes Nat not to feel very merry around Christmastime, which his attitude may cause him to ruin a benefit concert. Creating the worst online Christmas video is what Alex needs to try and beat the adorable Timmerman brothers.
  • The Supetastic 6
    Episode 3
    The Naked Brothers Band get animated by playing their alter egos, the Supetastic 6. The world's hair supply is being stolen from a jazz-playing criminal who is trying to cause "global balding". So, their mission is to stop the jazz-playing criminal.
  • Operation Mojo
    Episode 2
    Rosalina dumps Nat after she meets another guy on her cruise. Nat loses his 'Mojo' and Alex tries to get him back to normal but Nat believes he wil never meet a girl like Rosalina again. Alex tries to get him to move on.
  • Mystery Girl
    Episode 1
    The band is making a movie, in which the drama actually happens behind the scenes. Miranda Cosgrove co-staring in the movie causes Nat to develop some feelings for her. Meanwhile, Jaunita and Alex have to kiss on screen causing Alex to become nervous, whereas David, Qassim, and Thomas try to overthrow the director and Rosalina tries to get herself written out of the movie script because she wins a music competition playing the violin. Her prize is that she gets to travel on a cruise for 6 months.moreless
  • Mystery Girl
    Episode 1
    While shooting a movie for their band, Nat Wolff gets attracted to Miranda Cosgrove. His brother and band member Alex is jittery about his on-screen kiss with Juanita. Meanwhile, Rosalina wins a 6-month cruise in a violin competition and wants her character to be removed from the movie script. Qassim, Thomas and David do not like the director and try their best to get him out.moreless