The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 21, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • HEllo whats better than a natalina movie with pranks, and love!!!

    This episode is my fav it really shows the natalina relationship of course it i loved the part of the timberton brothers dressed like Jessi. Nat really show hes love for rosalina in this episode in te prom and dancing with her. She doesn't really care for other guys u can tell she would rather have nat anyday which will show more in the future episode. Haha i loved the part with quasim and the four girls hes dating and david and thomas doing that stupid prank. That guy with the highlights hello what guy would have highlight would expect to go out with rosalina and not get her stolen by nat. I see that rosalina relly trully loves nat i mean did u see the hand holding? at the end they were totally in l-o-v-e!!!!!! The son i dont wanna go to school is my athem i listen to it everyday for about 3 hours nonstop!!! I cant wait untill the rest of the the reason i can tell its a natalina!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This was easily the best episode of the show so far and is a great sign for what season 2 will hopefully be like.

    Fans of the show are going to love this tv movie and I think it will be able to bring alot of new fans as well. First thing that went right with this was the plot. Nbb has often had trouble creating interesting storylines but that is not the case here. Alot is going on in this episode and it is all done very well. For the first time Thomas and David have big parts in the story and have shown themselves to be interesting characters. Everyone seems to have a better feel for the character that they play and Rosalina inpaticular seems like a much stronger character then she has been in the past. The two songs in this episode are also really good and I think the sound of the band is maturing alot. Based on this nbb is on the right track and I hope the rest of the season continues like this. If it does season 2 will be much much better then season 1 was.
  • The Naked Beothers Band should have a gig @ The Hall of Justice!

    I was very surprised that the band decided to sport superhero costumes for their gig! Cool idea! The last time a superhero band ever happen, go back to 1981 on a Saturday AM NBC series called The Kid Super Power Hour. Maybe The Naked Brothers Band should perform for the Super Friends @ The Hall of Justice (LOL)!

    Another thing I liked about this episode was Alex's courage to wear a blue tuxedo to the prom he attended. Sure, colored tuxes were hot back in the 70's & early 80's (sported a green one myself), I think they're pretty awesome.
  • This episodes is one of the better ones, it shows the bands improvements and I also like the plot of this episode with the Natalina theme.

    This was probably my favorite of the second season. It was of course because of the Natalina parts. That is really the major reason I watch the show since it always makes the best plot. I also like this one because the other band members are actually part of it. I don't like it when they are only in the background. This one was just altogether better than a lot of the other ones in the second season. I liked the plot better of the first season but this episode/movie showed that their acting has improved. They weren't as spacey as they sometimes were in previous episodes. Great episode.
  • It was so cute at the end with nat asking rosalina to dance.....awwwwww!!

    Loved this ep. very natalina. Where nat trying to get roslina to the prom. And her being asked and blaming nt for her going. and nat givng confused, as it was supposed to be the best day of a girls life. I found it funny when rosalina was getting nat to go to the prom with patrice, he was like What?! It was so cute and the end when nat gives rosalina the flower and puts it on her dress. When he asked her to dance and she said yes i nearly died!!. It was so cute with them dancing together with rosalinas arms round his neck. they were just lookin at each other...awww!!
  • This is the first step to proving me wrong, if the rest of the season keeps the same consistency i will happily admit i was wrong

    All categories marked out of 10.

    Overall 6.1/10
    This episode again had me disputing the tittle TV movie, instead I would call it a double episode. However this episode has showed vast improvements in all areas and has set the bar for the season. I will be content to see consistency, but would be happier to see improvement through the season. Storyline 6.8/10
    The first 3 or so minutes let down the show enough, in not only this category but a couple of others as well. I found it far to patronizing and unrealistic not just for myself but the shows audience in general. However the rest of episode was impressive and entertaining especially compared to last season. Some parts were a little too predictable but this was restricted enough not to draw any attention away from the plot. There were also a couple of small parts I found just a bit too unpredictable, the main one being when Alex tackles one of the Timmerman Brothers. Acting 7.1/10
    This is another area I can say I was not impressed with the first 3 or so minutes, although this is more or less influenced by what happened and how it was altered not how it was actually performed. However the rest of the episode I was quite pleased. Pleased with more air time for Cooper, David, Thomas and Quasim, allowing me to actually see what they are capable of, and I was happy with what I saw. Patrice as much as her character is annoying was performed extremely well. Nat's role seemed mellowed out a bit, for lack of a better phrase which helped draw more attention to his acting, again I was pleased, he was more believable than in the previous season. But Alex has come out and has shown what had impressed me in season 1 and the movie, he had developed a bit more, and this allows a bit of foreshadowing to occur, This was most evident in the moments leading up to Alex tackling one of the Timmerman Brothers, just by watching Alex I knew exactly what was going to happen, yes it was a bit predictable, but his display of annoyance or whatever feeling you like to call it, told me he was going to do more than knock someone wig off. Producing/Directing/Editing 5.5/10
    This was in my opinion the worst area of the lot, although vastly improved from last season, it contained a few things I expressed dislike for over the previous season. The first 3 minutes was really the worst part, it was far to patronising and did to things I expressed dislike for, with the adding in of sound effects and altering the flow/dynamics of the show, and how it is shown. There were a couple of shot changes that happen just a tad to quickly making things seem awkward, but in general I had no more major complaints. I would like to see more head and shoulder interviews, 6 or so more would have been sufficient.

    Character Development 5/10
    The Timmerman Brothers are one thing but Jessie's sisters are just a step to far, I won't say I disliked them, but I feel they were entirely unnecessary, both in the short and long term, The most they did was provide some minor comic relief. The development in general was good and has drawn a lot from the acting and the storyline itself, instead of previous cases where it has just shot off on a tangent. Again it was predictable, but this did not take anything away from the development itself, which was done in good taste and to a good standard.

    Music 6/10

    I Don't Want to go to School - The improvement was between each seasons music was noted almost immediately, and although not the best song they have produced, it is a load better than almost all of those on the first album. This song would be the most rock (if that makes much sense) that the band has released. It's a good song, and it is true to almost everyone, I mean who actually wants to go to school?

    Mystery Girl - Along side the other love songs on this album, this is bearable to listen to. It's upbeat and it's catchy, two things that are contagious and is really what makes the song work.

    Misc notes: The use of the music, or the scores at least from the previous season done well and used appropriately. However the same can not be said for the other background music, as it was not performed by the Naked Brothers Band, it seemed to be on a tangent with the mockumentry concept, it would be like a Green Day doco playing Led Zeppelin's music. Dialogue 6.5/10
    The dialogue was good and well suited to the characters, this was evident in the way it was performed, which was to a relatively high standard. As for my quote of the episode, I found this one the most memorable:

    "I See many beautiful Jessie's… and many not so beautiful Jessie's" Wing (Daniel Raymont)

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