The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 5

The Bar Mitzvah

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 23, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • It was better than i expected it to be.

    Going into this episode I was expecting it to be bad. Unoriginal and clichéd what a yawn. But in reality it was a lot more interesting than I anticipated and the funniest episode to date. It went well together and although predictable it was bearable to watch. I have to take my hat of to Nat and cooper as well although I really could not fault anyone's acting. Nat made this episode funny his performance giving me the sudden urge to head to the dentist for the wonders of laughing gas. It's also interesting just how alike Alex and Mitchie Brusco are, or at least are shown in this episode, I think I would have struggled to notice had I been in that situation. Mitchie Brusco and Tony Hawk really added to the episode and I would quite enjoy seeing them in another one.

    In regards to production details all I can see is my usual comment on the use of unnecessary sound effects, other than that I was happy. Character Development is something that in a lot of episodes takes a back seat, but the progression in this episode worked well, it was interesting and amusing. Although many of the developments only had use within the episodes there is enough their to continue on with some long term development. "Make it through the rain" is a song the worked within the episode although did not have an direct relevance. I enjoyed the song and the music is something that I have been constantly impressed with over the season. The dialougue was great. It suited the episode, the characters and just as importantly it was funny.

    There were numerous quotes that I found great, I managed to narrow it down to two.

    "Stairs! I love stairs!" - Nat Wolff

    "I made it out alive… and I got booed by Tony Hawk" - Alex Wolff
  • I personally thought this episode has been done already by pretty much every television series. This episode did have some good parts. Cooper's saxophone playing was really really bad, but funny. Another good part was when Nat revealed Cooper's secrets.

    This show was definitely my least favorite episode so far all season. It may even come close to "A Man Needs A Maid" in my books. Anyway, I feel that this episode was unoriginal and has been done before by almost every other television series. I thought that Mitchie Brusco is a very bad actor, and he should stick to skateboarding. Nat was just stupid. As much as I like him, I just didn't like him in this episode. I do have to admit that the line, "Your eyes are pretty... can I touch them?" was funny. Cooper's family was funny, how they all looked like him. Anyway, I feel that this was an over all mediocre episode.
  • it mde me luagh alot

    okay this episode was really silly it made me luagh. i love that nat had to go to the denist and the luaghing gas made him do all those things! when he tied to poke rosalina in the eyes and he looked like he was drunk. at the ar mizvah made me luagh so hard that i lost half of my train of tought anyway he video when nat started saying luke i am youre father. anyway that mithchie kid talked alot like alex it freaked me out! i love the song if u make it tough the rain. This show was so silly!
  • When will these people realise there are more haters to the show than fans?

    They just keep making these bloody cursed episodes!!Nobody will become a fan of this unless their lonely!Alex thinks he's cool doing whatever he wants,wearing whatever he wants,and acting however he wants.When will he realise his cap is unstylish and non-comedic?It actually insults Americans by putting 'Moo'on a cap like that.He lives in America.He should respect his home,not make fun of it.Second,the identicality with Mitch is really not interesting.Everyone has a mole like that near their nose!And the idae to switch really is stupid.They look nothing alike!Third, think these producers and crew members went overboard.They try to make people laugh when they see Natt going crazy from leaving the dentist.Also,Tony Hawk only had a brief role.They only included him so they'd get more viewers for sure!Well,what good is he on a skateboard?Jumping off the side and grabbing the board at once?Boring!I wouldn't be too surprised when one of those ramps toppled over and crushed him and the cast!:laughs: :coughs: Anyway,when they find out they need to cheer up Cooper at his Bar Miztah after a freak accident that was not comedic,they realise Mitch is in Alex's clothes.I bet the two were staring at each others naked bodies while undressing!Would you like to be entertained by gay people?!So,Alex refuses to come.He thinks skating is more important.Greedy little sod.And when he comes,the girls are all over him.I'd be surprised if a worm was attracted to him!And so,Natt will have to come up with an idea.Simply switching the two through their clothes.And Mitch,meanwhile,gets a trophy!I'm not sure he's that good!When I meet that cast I will punch them so damn hard!I will tie them to a rock and dump it into the Hudson bay!Now,I need to go and rip some paper!