The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 10

The County Fair

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM May 10, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • I was very apprehensive when watching this episode...

    This episode pushed the boundaries of conventional children's television, but in my opinion do so successfully. I had alot of reservations heading into this episode, the band wearing dresses and what not seemed to head in places very few had trodden. Now I'm not sure what is worse, the idea, or how well it turned out, or that Alex really seemed to suit the look. I had a lot of apprehension, especially with the beauty pageant. How far were the willing to go. There are somethings the world just is not ready for and those things were cleverly avoided. Rosalina also seemed to really suit the look. The whole Natalina saga was well done, Rosalina Jealous because Nat's a girl what more could you ask for. Again though i wish that everything didn't work out, i mean why did everyone have to come out on tops... except Cooper of course who had to buy his prize.

    The acting well it took on a whole new turn but one that again has worked well. The entire cast did well but there were some moments that seemed awkard, intended or not i am unsure. Alex seemed to fit in well with this persona and reminded me to a larger degree of my time in a little red dress some 15 years ago.

    The editing left me with no qualms, and given the situation rendered the need for further interview style shots unnecessary

    The character developments although the majority were temporary worked well, it was most certainly the best way to do so in regards to Nat and Rosalina.

    The music, well when i first heard the song, this was not how i expected it to be used. But in it's own strange way it was perhaps the only song that could have fit in with the episode.

    There were a number of contenders for my quote of the episode, but it is my job to narrow it done.

    "Get that camera away from me. Do you think i want to add 10 pounds to this?" - Tuffey.