The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 10

The Song

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Alex asks Nat to write a song for his new friend Juanita that he can premiere at the upcoming wrap party for the music videos. They both wake up the next morning with the perfect song in their head and secretly compose it without telling the other. Amazingly it turns out that Nat and Alex have written the exact same song! Meanwhile, Dad announces that he and Betty are "pinned" (going steady), much to the boys' dismay.moreless

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  • For this episode focus on Nat and Rosalina's relationship is cut completely. Its about family changes and losing people you love. Its a good episode but its a major change in tone and it feels alittle off.moreless

    This episode is about a song that both Alex and Nat believed they had written. They fought with each other thinking they were getting the credit for the song stolen from them. The song was dedicated to Juanita and the other kids at the foster home who had lost their parents. It turns out that they had actually remebered the song because their late mother used to sing it to them while they went to sleep. This conclusion seems forced. Why would their mom sing them a song about missing family to help put them to sleep? It does not seem like a lullaby. Its not a major problem but they could have tied the story together better then that. Besides that in the episode their father decides to go out with Betty. Nat and Alex are very upset about this and so am I because she is really really annoying. Hopefully she will change in future episodes. I feel like the show does not know where it wants to go. Despite afew funny moments this episode feels more serious then usual and some fans may not like that.moreless
  • Nat and Alex write a song at the same time.

    This must be the worst episode of the series, right now. Nat and Alex fighting, like immature little kids. Nat and Alex need to grow up, and that's for Nat too. He is like 11 years old, and what's the point. If Alex wants his song to be sung on NBB, and Nat wants his, they're the same. What's the difference? They're in the same band, it will say "Composed by the Naked Brothers Band". And the fight all concludes, and they find out their mother wrote the song. Well, this wasn't a great episode. Peace out -There Goes Halo 3.moreless
  • A lot of factors needed taking account on this one.

    Overall 4.5/10

    I'll break it done into what i found and decided, in short it was a bomb. A lot of what is wrong is due to bad writing and complicated Character Development STORYLINE 2.5/10

    The idea for the episode would have to have been the best thing about it in relation to plot. Alot of it is highly unlikely and unlikely does not happen that much in half an hours watching.

    First both of them remembering the same song at the same time is extremely unlikely, and would only have worked better had they been twins. I will not go so far as to say it could never happen but too much unlikeliness in one episode is not a good idea. Both boy's clearly do not like Betty, so their reaction at the lunch was quite bad seeing as what it could be. The old 'she is not our mother' line should have been used during this episode, and it can only be expected to happen in the future. Getting the dog also could only have come about by a massive change in heart, not likely in the two days or so the episode covers. The dog should have been held off. In fact the only thing that was great was Alex splitting the room between bunks, a novel twist to a tired cliche.

    ACTING 6/10

    The acting received a high mark due to the complexity that they had to show through the course of the Episode. The Arguing scenes were quite realistic. I have two brothers and two sisters, so I have alot of experience in this field. However due to poor writing the mood changes far to quickly from heated to excited, the dynamics sucked in this regard. The physical fighting was unrealistic and looked to fake, it should not have been used. Nat looked like he was dancing and this ruined any effect it was supposed to have had. Aspects of Nat and Alex's characters are far to complicated for the experience they have at this time. The main point being the death of their mother in the series. It is had enough for an adult to act like a parent (or child) is dead, if it has not happened to them. It is alot harder for a child, and for this reason i think their mum should have been divorced not killed off. This would better suit their style and experience. Betty is still too unrealistic and needs some work to rectify this.


    By large the dynamics of this episode were good, it however loses alot of points for losing this flow in crucial parts of the episode. Some of this could be done to poor writing but the director/producers should try to keep the dynamics.

    The interaction between characters namely Alex and Nat are too strained and too forced. This makes it seem fake and for a mockumentry this is not a good look.


    We learn a little bit more about Nat and Alex's mum, but there is still alot of gaps that need to be filled in. The fact that she is dead could possibly be the reason why Alex is so angry, which is not just shown in this episode, but through a number of them in the series. This could have just as effectively been accomplished by divorced parents.

    The changes in Betty have occurred to quickly with what seems like a complete reversal on her dog stance. She is allergic and hates dogs as shown in 'a man needs a maid'. By getting the dog in this episode it can only be presumed that she spent alot of time in therapy between that episode and this one.

    MUSIC 7/10

    I quite liked the song 'Nowhere' both the music and the lyrics. Although Nat does a great job on vocals, i think that due to the nature and importance of this song to Nat and Alex in the Episode, they should have both done lead vocals. This may in fact have been tried but the idea was canned, but from the two seconds or so, we heard them both sing the same song together it didn't sound half bad. I would need to see or hear a track with both sing the whole song solo and together to be sure of my final decision, but i don't think Alex would have been to great sing this one solo.

    DIALOGUE 5/10

    There is no great quotes or anything overly funny in this episode, for this it will get middle ground as the rest was not great nor bad.


    *David and Rosalina were most reluctant to pick a side.

    *Cooper says he just wanted a cookie

    *The camera's were not likely to have been set to exactly the same time, so it is possible that there could be five minute or so time difference between the two recordings.

    *It is still unknown how Alex and Nats mum died, this will need to be revealed soon as it holds vital factors which could affect character development.moreless
  • One of the best NBB episodes so far.

    In the beginning of this episode I was a little confused.

    I was shocked when they both wrote the song because I knew there was going to be an arguement about wich song they would perform. But then when they wrote the same exact song at the same exact time that was creepy. So they start a whole dumb arguement about who takes credit for the song they completely forget about the puppy they want and they start saying you can have the song because thats what happens when you get really happy you forget every thing.

    And then at the end they get the dog and they find out their mom wrote the song and it was a whole emotional moment.moreless
  • I have to say, for an episode of this show, I'm definitely impressed.

    At the beginning of the episode, I really wasn't sure where the heck it was going. It seemed, not kinda, VERY unlikely that two people would think of the same song at the same time without even telling each other. Through the beginning, I was thinking, "This is just another unrealistic episode...won't be too good...will just end with some corny brother-bonding conclusion."

    However, as the episode progressed, I realized that it really wasn't just about Nat and Alex as brothers...instead, it was focusing on their late mother. I personally would never know what it would be like to lose my mom, and I can't possibly imagine how horrible that has to be. In this episode, the subject of losing a loved one was brought up in an unexpectedly mature way, completed with a very clever and thoughtful ending. It all made sense in the end...their mother used to sing that song, and they were remembering it. I never would've expected something this profound and amazing from The Naked Brothers Band. This also brought out a lot of character development in Nat and Alex's father...he was really acting like a concerned dad rather than just a goofy accordion-obsessed lunatic.

    Of course, as with every episode of every show, it certainly had its share of downfalls. Betty's still completely unstable, which I don't like about her character. It gets annoying when the children of the show are portrayed as more mature than the adults--that's just unrealistic. It was also somewhat out-of-character for Nat to freak out so fast about the seems to me like he would be busy trying to figure it out rather than screaming his head off. Freaking out about tiny little things is Alex's job, not Nat's.

    All-in-all, I'm impressed with this episode. The ending was very sweet and really unexpected. And though it had a few flaws, no episode can be perfect. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this episode.moreless

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