The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 4

The Talk Show

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 16, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • umm not

    i dont really know how to review this episode nothing really happened it was only about a review and how nat was nervous about metting sam lee untill he finds out he is a she and a little girl. The only thing that really happened was that nat wrote an awesome song. Anyway i did sort of like the alex and jeese thing when joel came on to her. but i just didnt like it nit even a natalina moment which is want i look foward for. I just didnt like it that much it just wasnt up to nbb.
  • This episode ROCKED!

    Nat and Alex have been asked to fill in as celebrity talk show hosts and interview Madden on the program. Their excitement is tempered by Nat's reaction to some harsh reviews from a music critic. As it turns out the critic is notorious for cruel album reviews and is actually a frustrated singer/songwriter herself! Nat, Alex and Joel team up to help her find her musical groove while jamming together on the band's latest song, "Proof of My Love." All is going well until Alex discovers that Joel has developed feelings for his one and only love -- Jesse!

    This episode was great. It had so many twists and turns! I loved it!
  • I know i did not really like this episode, but i really struggled as what to say about it.

    Overall 4.9 /10
    I really struggled to work out what I wanted to say about this episode.

    Storyline 3.2 /10
    It had Potential but failed to deliver. It was mildly amusing and to it's credit had Betty almost likeable… almost Acting 5 /10

    The acting was alright but over dramatized on several occasions, usually by Alex, but Nat did it a couple of times as well. John Madden was alright in this episode however I preferred Jules Fieffer.

    Producing/Directing/Editing 3.9/10

    In general it was ok, however once again small things like altering the tempo unnecessarily and the adding of Sound effects, I really hope this gets sorted.

    Character Development N/A/10

    Music 7/10

    The music in this episode was great, Great Trip although not really relevant to the episode fits in well and really shows how far they have come since the first season. Banana Smoothie was used well during the episode especially during the talk show.

    Dialogue 5.5 /10

    The dialogue was alright… However I was annoyed perhaps even disgusted at the amount of times Alex address Jessie as 'Woman' It just seemed to Chauvinistic, feel free to disagree with me.

    "I guess I can forgive you for old times sake." – Alex Wolff
    "You Just Meet" Nat Wolff
    "I guess I can forgive you for young times sake." – Alex Wolff
  • Not too bad.

    This episode was not even close to my favorite. But I did like it. I like that they had Joel Madden on the show but the way that they mixed him in was weird. Plus the whole Nat being afraid of a bad review only to find out its from a little girl, that was pretty bad. Towards the end was the best part. Especially the song. That sounded great. I kinda expected more for this episode, but it let me down.

    Anyone noticed how Alex's pants kept falling down when he wanted to attack Joel? That was kinda funny just to see that.
  • I didn't really like the episode, but I loved the song.

    This episode, in my opinion was just a filler. It didn't really have any point and the rest of the band members were not featured with speaking roles at all. I thought the critic, Sam Lee, was a stupid character. Why would anyone, especially a kid, insult a twenty something year old guy's mom? Anyway, I really did not like the episode, but I loved the song, "Proof of my Love." I think it was beautifully written, but it should have been in a better episode. This song is my new favorite because the lyrics are great and the music sounds amazing, too.
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