The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 3

Three is Enough

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 09, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great episode

    Looks like NBB came back with their second episode of the season. It was by far the best episode I have seen. It was hilarious because of good old physical comedy. Alex has also started writing and performing his own songs again and his voice sounds improved. The episode had great songs that really livened things up. This episode also had a very good plot about dating. Cooper and Nat were double dating at a movie theatre and so was everyone else it seemed. This episode also gave everyone a foretaste of what is gonna happen between Nat and rosalina so ill be looking foward to the rest of this season. That pretty much sums up this review.
  • u can tell rosalina is

    Rosalina is liking nat and she likes him alot because she agreed to go out with him and pretend to be srcaed so he could out his arm around her. And at the end of the movie she held his hand while they left and you could tell she liked when their hands met in the popcorn bucket and i also like alexs new song it was great my fav of his so far and the fact that junaita was totally jelous when that girl kissed alex. I didnt really like when jesse went out with that fergion guy. But the timmbermen brothers were very stupid it made me luagh.
  • A good episode with a catchy song.

    This so far is one of the better episodes to air for Season Two. This episode has a song that was written and performed by Alex Wolff called "Three is Enough". Ironically enough, Alex's song title is the title for this episode. The episode is mainly about how Nat and Rosalina help Cooper out by going on a double date to the movies, which turns out fairly okay for Cooper. Cooper accidently spills a slushy on his date, but she for some reason didn't mind. Alex's crush Jesse goes onto a date with the foreign neighbor so he and the Timmerman brothers could continue making noise in the appartment. The Timmerman brothers try and successfully split up Jesse (who they have a crush on as well) and her date at the movies by dumping stuff on them. Alex goes the movies with Juanita, another girl he has something for. At the theater, Alex finally sees his true love the little red head girl in his dreams, who happens to be Jules Feiffer's granddaughter.
  • ...I just didn't get it...

    ...I just didn't get it... They're practicing what they're gonna do on dates, and they're little kids! And Jesse saying 3 guys is enough for her makes her sound like a skank... Ugh... This was another Nick screw up. I did not like this episode at all... Bad acting as usual. I'll admit that I laughed once, maybe twice, but only because there were some parts that were so stupid I couldn't help but laugh. I've practically given up on Nick completely because of shows and episodes such as this. I just don't get it at all. I'm mad at myself that I watched the entire episode. All it did was bore me, make me feel stupid, and get me made fun of because I was watching it.
  • I Loved Jules Feiffer in this episode

    Overall 6.8/10

    Storyline 6.5/10

    The first section of the show (pre theme song) was the weakest part of the episode, although it contained some foreshadowing and all, I just felt that it could have been done a lot better, it needs to be said that it was not so bad it tainted the rest of the episode like "Nat is a Stand Up Guy". Other than that it was an extremely well done, far better than anything that season 1 produced. It was pleasing to see the Timmerman brothers toned down somewhat although I would hope it they could tone it down a tad more. It was also good to see someone who was not a rival dislike the band, in fact I enjoyed Jules Fieffer in this episode.

    Acting 6.8/10

    The acting in this episode was good, Cooper was great in this episode, it is great to actually to be able to see him, and begs to ask why was his role so minimal during season 1. The first section again I felt was weak however the rest of the episode was good, there was just a couple of instancies where things were slightly overdone ie Wynita laughing or Alex while angry. Producing/Directing/Editing 6.5/10

    This section in this episode mirrors that "Sidekicks" in the fact it was generally good, it had a head and shoulders interview although again I would like to have seen more. It also contained unnecessary sound effects. It also contained one transition that was noticeable bad, and that is when Cooper trips over, spilling everything on patty. Character Development 6.7/10

    I enjoyed the character development it was well done and involved some of the minor characters. The double date was well done as well as was the Timmerman brothers being toned down somewhat which I hope to continues through the season.

    Music 7/10

    "Three is Enough" – I like this song and it is quite relevant to the episode, and it really shows Alex's improvement musically. However it should have been used a little more sparingly ie not during the movie

    Dialogue 7/10

    The dialogue was good and well suited to the characters, except for once again the pre theme section. There were two quotes the for me stood out for the episode and it did not seem right to choose between them.

    "Stop ruining my song adorable Timmerman brothers" – Alex Wolff

    "Is it my fault you song has no Melody?" – Jules Feiffer
  • This episode was one of my favorites.

    I loved watching this episode of the Naked Brothers Band during Nickelodeon's crush week for three reasons. The first reason is the songs. I love the songs that Nat and Alex write for the T.V. show and in general. In this episode we heard Three is Enough, which Alex wrote and performed, and also a sneak preview of Nat's song, Tall Girls, Short Girls ... You. Both of those songs are really good in my opinion. The second reason I liked watching this was because of the cuteness of Alex and Juanita's relationship. They are just so cute together. And the final reason is because of Nat and Rosalina. Pretty much everyone I've met on this website loves them together as a couple and this episode really gave us something to smile about with them.