The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 3

Three is Enough

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 09, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Normally Alex is the one playing the drums for the band. Since he is performing by singing the song "Three is Enough", Nat is the one who is seen playing the drums.

    • When Nat goes to get Alex his popcorn during the cold opening, he takes off the clip on the bag of popcorn. When he goes to the refrigerator to get Alex's milk, the clip is seen back on the bag of popcorn. Then when Nat throws the bag of popcorn to Alex, the clip isn't on the bag.

  • Quotes

    • Juanita: Is that like another language?
      Johnny: No, it's supposed to say "Jesse is super fly".
      Billy and Donny: Yeah!
      Juanita: It doesn't count as fast texting if you write stuff that isn't real words.
      Jessie and Johnny: It doesn't?
      Donny: Then what's Johnny good at?
      Alex: Being an idiot.

    • Alex: Jules you have to put melody in my song.
      (Refering to the cartoon Jules drew)
      Jules Feiffer: Is it my fault you song has no melody?

    • Alex: Stop ruining my song adorable Timmerman Brothers!

    • Ms. Scoggins: The part where the guy comes out of the coffin was so scary.
      Cooper: There, there, Ms. Scoggins. It's all over now.
      Rosalina: It was really scary.
      (Rosalina holds Nat's hand and there is a pause, almost like she wanted him to react)
      Nat: Yeah it was.
      (Rosalina and Nat smile)

    • Rosalina: Poor Cooper, I've never seen him so nervous.
      Nat: I know, hopefully he can make it through the movie without spilling another blueberry slushy.
      Rosalina: Or contracting a infectious disease.

    • Ms. Scoggins: I didn't want to tell Cooper, but I've seen this horror film before.
      Rosalina: You have? Okay so have I. Scary right?
      Ms. Scoggins: Are you gonna do the… (does the head-and-chest thing) at the part where he opens the coffin?
      Rosalina: I was thinking about it, what about you?
      Ms. Scoggins: Yea, I've never done it with a real boy before, should be exciting.
      Rosalina: Yea.

    • Thomas: Hey guys.
      Nat: What are you guys doing here?
      David: We're spying on you guys.
      Thomas: We're gonna see which one of you does the arm-around-yawning-thing first.
      Qaasim: I'm betting on you Nat.
      Nat: Guys!
      (Thomas, David, and Qaasim run away)

    • Rosalina: Hey Nat.
      Nat: Hey.
      Rosalina: Do you know what movie Cooper was to take Ms. Scoggins to on Friday?
      Nat: I don't think he's thought about it, he's kinda in a panic.
      Rosalina: Yea. Now he thinks he has brain fever.
      (they both laugh)
      Nat: Seems like only yesterday he thought he was dying of heartworm.
      (Rosalina laughs)
      Rosalina: Well, he wants to impress her right?
      Nat: Yea.
      Rosalina: Then we should go see a horror movie.
      Nat: A horror movie?
      Rosalina: Yea, because when she's scared she'll do this… (Rosalina puts her head in Nat's chest) and he'll be the brave one.
      Nat: Good tip… (Rosalina leaves) for Cooper I mean.

    • Nat: (at his keyboard) Hey Rosalina thanks for coming to this thing Friday night.
      Rosalina: Sure Anything to help put Cooper right?
      Nat: Yeah 'cause I'm just in it to help out Cooper.
      Rosalina: Yeah! (Rosalina smiles and walks away)

    • Cooper: Nat please don't make me go on this date alone. I don't know how to talk to girls, and can't take her anywhere but the dry cleaners or the Korean Market.
      Nat: Why?
      Cooper: 'Casue my mom said i can only be in a 5 block radius of our apartment.
      Nat: And how would it be different if i came with you?
      Cooper: Not if you came if Rosalina came with us.
      Nat: Why?
      Cooper: Because she's almost 15 and if were with a teenager the 5 block radius turns into a 10 block radius that way i can take Ms. Scoggins to the movie theater on 12th and 2nd.
      Rosalina: Hey guys!
      Nat: Hey Rosalina!
      Cooper: (starts talking really fast) Nat wants you to go on a double date with him me and Ms. Scoggins on Friday night.
      Nat: (yelling) I do not!
      Rosalina: (surprised) You don't want me to go?
      Nat: I mean its not that it's just Cooper!
      Rosalina: Okay.
      Nat: (really surprised) Okay?
      Rosalina: Yeah Friday night sounds good.
      Cooper: Please don't hit me.
      Nat: Did she just say she's coming?

    • Cooper: Guys I need to talk to you.
      Nat: What's up Cooper?

      Qaasim: You look pale are you all right?
      Cooper: No I accidentally kinda asked Ms. Scoggins on a date.
      Nat: What's the big deal about that didn't you ask her on a date already?
      Cooper: No that was just the masquerade party, this is a date.
      Thomas: You mean just the two of you?
      Cooper: Yes.
      David: Wait what were you're exact words 'cause you can almost always get out of it on a technicality.
      Cooper: Well I asked her maybe if she wanted hang out sometime, somewhere.
      Thomas: Whoa those are some really strong words man. We may have some difficulty getting you out of it.
      Nat: but maybe he doesn't want to get out of it guys. Do you Cooper?
      Cooper: Not exactly, I just want to be called out on business, or go to the hospital for my appendix, or...or maybe you guys could come with me.
      Qaasim: On a date?
      Nat: We can't come on a date with you Cooper, it wouldn't be a date.
      Cooper: Well what if you all brought dates?
      Thomas: No way.
      David: What he said.
      Qaasim: I would like to help you out man but none of the four girls I asked to the masquerade party are talking to me right now.
      Cooper: What about you Nat?
      Thomas: Yea Nat why don't you ask Rosalina?
      Qaasim: Yeah.
      Nat: No.
      Cooper: How come?
      Nat: Because I'm too young to date...that's how come.
      Cooper: Why?
      Nat: I'm only 12 you can't go on a date when they still give you the children's menu.
      Cooper: Nat ask Rosalina please! You see this, I'm getting a rash. Nat please ask Rosalina!
      Rosalina: Ask me what?
      Nat: you have a pen?

    • Alex: Hey Nat, what'ca watching?
      Nat: Ah girls from the olden times playing baseball.
      Alex: Wow I like girls from the young'n times way better.

    • Alex: Oh, congratulations on your double date, by the way.
      Nat: She's just doing it to help Cooper out.
      Alex: Right!
      Nat: I am too.
      Alex: Right!
      Nat: I am.
      Alex: Alright, you go on your first date ever, and do the yawn arm around the thing with Rosalina, the most beautiful dream girliest girl you ever meet, and you expect anyone to believe that is a favor for Cooper?
      Nat: Do you think that's why she seems to be making fun of me?
      (Alex does the gesture of I don't know)

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: July 23, 2008 on Nickelodeon

    • Three is Enough Lyrics

      One is OK
      Two is fine
      Three is enough

      (repeat 4x)

      I'm sorry for all of you people out there
      That aren't as happy as me
      Maybe tomorrow you will
      Maybe suddenly see

      One is OK
      Two is fine
      Three is enough

      One is OK
      Two is fine
      Three is enough

      I saw you sitting in the rain
      I wonder what I'd do without you
      And I just have the urge to kiss you
      When I know it's too late

      Three is enough
      Three is enough
      Three is enough
      Three is enough

      Maybe tomorrow you will
      Maybe suddenly see

      One is OK
      Two is fine
      Three is enough

      (repeat 4x)

      Three is enough
      Three is enough
      Three is enough
      Three is enough

    • This episode marks the second song Alex has written and performed.

    • The song used in this episode was "Three is Enough". It was written and performed by Alex Wolff.

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