The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 3

Three is Enough

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 09, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Cooper: Guys I need to talk to you.
      Nat: What's up Cooper?

      Qaasim: You look pale are you all right?
      Cooper: No I accidentally kinda asked Ms. Scoggins on a date.
      Nat: What's the big deal about that didn't you ask her on a date already?
      Cooper: No that was just the masquerade party, this is a date.
      Thomas: You mean just the two of you?
      Cooper: Yes.
      David: Wait what were you're exact words 'cause you can almost always get out of it on a technicality.
      Cooper: Well I asked her maybe if she wanted hang out sometime, somewhere.
      Thomas: Whoa those are some really strong words man. We may have some difficulty getting you out of it.
      Nat: but maybe he doesn't want to get out of it guys. Do you Cooper?
      Cooper: Not exactly, I just want to be called out on business, or go to the hospital for my appendix, or...or maybe you guys could come with me.
      Qaasim: On a date?
      Nat: We can't come on a date with you Cooper, it wouldn't be a date.
      Cooper: Well what if you all brought dates?
      Thomas: No way.
      David: What he said.
      Qaasim: I would like to help you out man but none of the four girls I asked to the masquerade party are talking to me right now.
      Cooper: What about you Nat?
      Thomas: Yea Nat why don't you ask Rosalina?
      Qaasim: Yeah.
      Nat: No.
      Cooper: How come?
      Nat: Because I'm too young to date...that's how come.
      Cooper: Why?
      Nat: I'm only 12 you can't go on a date when they still give you the children's menu.
      Cooper: Nat ask Rosalina please! You see this, I'm getting a rash. Nat please ask Rosalina!
      Rosalina: Ask me what?
      Nat: you have a pen?