The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 6

Uncle Miles

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 08, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • This was like the best episode ever! Well, not really. I just love it becuse it got rid of Betty. I hate Betty, and hope she never comes back. Alex's song, Changing was great, too.

    I love this episode so much I could dance! Betty is gone! I'm so happy. She was bad for Mr. Wolff anyway, so it is a good thing that she's gone. I was hoping that she would take off her wig too, and she did. I felt bad for Mr. Wolff because he lost his "Honey Bunny," but it was for the better. Alex's song, Changing, was beautifully written and it fit into the episode well. It has the typical, but better, Naked Brothers Band catchyness. On the other hand it is better because it is a lot deeper than songs like Banana Smoothie and Crazy Car. Nat and Alex were sweet, how they wanted to be friends when they get older. Overall this was an amazing episode.
  • Jokingly I gave this episode 10/10 solely because Betty left, having seen it, I was pleased with how close it got. I am still debating whether this is the best episode of any show i have seen, and is a far better version of the song

    Overall 9.5/10

    Jokingly I gave this episode 10/10 solely because Betty left, having seen it, I was pleased with how close it got.

    Storyline 9/10
    I struggle to find anything to really fault this episode. It contained a good mix of light hearted moments and the serious and for lack of a better word emotional moments. The story flowed well to it's self and is the best Naked Brother Band episode to date.

    Acting 9.5/10

    Alex was magnificent in this episode. Most of the time nothing needed to be said as everything was put out so well. Nat was great as well however I did find his first laugh unconvincing. Michael Wolff did a great job as both Sonny and Miles, he is one of the few people who has played to two people in a show that has done it well, the only other one that comes to mind is Anthony Starr (Van and Jethro West – Outrageous Fortune) Betty (Catharine Curtain) was good and as much as I hate the character and hate what she did, I have to say she did it well. Producing/Directing/Editing 8/10

    This was done well during the episode , there were a couple of moments I was not sure about but this episode was great and this is a rare occasion when I don't think it necessary to drag down the episode. Character Development 10/10

    For once I can say without reservation that I could not see how this could have been better. Betty was introduced into the show in the worst way imaginable, she left in perhaps the best. This shows the improvement between then and now and I can't wait to see what season 3 has instore.

    Music 10/10

    'Changing' – This song compliments the episode on so many levels, and although I considered it the worst song on the album (mainly down to vocals) It is, simply put one of the most touching songs I've heard, especially with the context of the episode. I shudder to think what the episode would have been like without this song.

    Dialogue 9.5/10

    This is another area which a found great. The lines suited the characters and the mood and just as importantly when nothing needed to be said… it wasn't. I couldn't find a single line for my quote of the episode.
  • This is an incredible tear jerking episode you can not truly appreciate it just by reading a summary that is why I can't write one. But since I need to Uncle Miles visits (also played by Mr. Wolff) and does some unappreciated things. WATCH!

    Like said, this is a superb episode that reminds me of an episode last season called, "The Song." Not only do I enjoy this episode but I love the song just as much maybe even more than Nowhere (I miss my family) The song Changing is an incredible song this time an incredible song I actually enjoy a lot from Alex. These are the kind of episodes that I love from this show. Not just the silly but it is nice to see they can have all types of episodes ranging from very silly to very serious. Nat was actually quoted about talking to his mom about a song and she wanted to change some words in the song "I Don't Want to go to School" but he wouldn't let her. That is something I can appreciate not to mention its a family affair.
  • The serious tone of the episode reminded me of "The Song" but it is much much better.

    The first half of this episode felt like a very standard storyline for the show. Alex and Nat decide that they need to compete to prove if big or little brothers are superior. There are some decently funny parts during this but what made this episode great was the serious turn it takes in the middle. It starts when Alex's new song comes on for the first time and he sees what a bad person Uncle Miles is. Alex realizes how lucky he is to have a good relationship with his brother and he wants to end the contest. After that Betty leaves their father for Uncle Miles. The way Nat and Alex tried to comfort their Dad was great and for me it made the characters seem more real. The song is also great and perfect for the episode. Overall I thought it was really well done.
  • Better than i tought

    This show was really good better than i tought i never tought i would fell bad about betty feeling but i did but not about her but for the dad i actually felt bad it was really good Uncle miles is a jerk and bald! i didnt lke him. Anyway alexs song made me cry and moved uo to my favorite nbb song so for. It made my hreat sad and it was so good he is becoming quite the song wirter. I think well see more songs from him in the future and i am waiting for them too. Yay!