The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • After the movie, this is a shocking episode, but on par with the rest of the season. a number of things ruined the episode but you will have to read it to find out.

    Episode Review "VMAs" 4.3/10

    This is the only episode to have followed the documentary style with the voice over and the time and place cards, however I felt this was only done half heartedly.

    Storyline 5/10

    This storyline relatively strange in the regards that although I can only find one major thing worth noting and couple which are in to some degree technicalities. The major thing should not come as a surprise, but is in regards to the song chosen to win the VMA. "Banana Smoothie" is in no way, or is ever likely to be considered rock; the video itself was not special in any sense of the word. A better song should have been used, and thus would have provided better means for a better Rock video. The other comments I have are that the characters are far too aware of the cameras, I think it is alright sparingly, but camera interaction (unless in interview style like the movie) should be severely limited. The other is the feeling of being ripped of to a degree with the awards ceremony; I think more should have been shown in regards to this.

    Acting 6.5/10 Acting in general was good however I felt it was weakened by the characters being too aware of the cameras, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it needs to be restrained, not ignore the cameras in the entirety, but restrict the talking to the camera unless done in the interview style. However back to the acting, I can't add a lot more but I was pleased, I will to take my hat of to Nat, who with his pants around his ankles and was obviously embarrassed, managed to contain it enough to appear more so when it was pointed out.

    Producing/Directing/Editing 5/10

    I think I have managed to contain myself as not to pull the entire episode apart, in which I am pleased to say is most likely what I would have needed to do. Instead I will leave you with my main complaint about this category and my nitpick of the episode. My main complaint ruined a lot of the episode, perhaps sounds abit harsh, but it is the best way to describe the fast forwarded segment. I could assume it was an attempt to make it a bit funnier and if it was, It didn't work… on me at least. My nitpick, isn't quite as hard as the name suggest, but I noticed Alex's hat falling over his eyes while playing "I'm out" but in the next scene it was fine, this is my nitpick as it took me over ten minutes to confirm if it did happen in which I am 95% sure. It was not major, but it was noticeable, thankfully it was the only one.

    Character Development 2/10

    I don't have a lot to say about the character development, it was almost non-existent with only one event worth mentioning. The introduction Quassim to replace Josh was alright, although I think it could have been done better than over one line.

    Music 2/10 'Has no relevance to the episode'* this quote from my review of "A man needs a maid" applies to both songs, but was intended for "Banana Smoothie". It is not worthy for a VMA especially as a Rock video. "I'm Out" was the better song of the two, and lacked relevance to this episode; I believe it would have been better suited to "Rebel and a Skateboarder".

    Dialogue 5.5/10

    I have no problem with what has been said in the episode, but it did seem to be less funny than the movie and some other episodes. Due to this I was unable to select a humorous comment, as I like to do, for my quote of the episode. Instead I have selected the one gives the opinion I expressed to a lesser degree about the end of the movie.

    "What about those knuckleheads that left. Nat must be an idiot to take those guys back." - Matt Pinfield Nothing against Thomas or David, but I know that I would never have let them back in.

    * S. Hannagan YMP – "A Man Needs a Maid Review"
  • The gang prepare for the VMAs, with Rosalina getting her braces off too,

    Alex and Nat were adorable as always! When Nat's pants fell down, it was hilarious and he looked so cute when he Rosalina told him. Alex's scaredness at the whole superstition thing was funny as. And the dude with the violent karate chop things was fully crazy and awesome. Oh and the bike was so prettifullll.

    I don't get why people hate this series it is quite good (and Nat is a hottie :P) but yeah. It has drama, romance, humour, family, friendship...everything. Well, it doesn't have horror, but anyway.

    Not that best episode in the series, but it was still good!
  • This is the first episode of Nbb and an okay but not great series premiere.Its about all the antics that go on before the VMA's;Hair,Matt Pinfield,horoscopes,Nat's pants falling down.In the end though they win the VMA wooo.

    I think they could have talked a little more about what happened between the movie and the show.I want to know more about what happened to Josh and Cole but no just that short line:This is Quasiim he replaced Josh.Also maybe a little more talk about Nat and his Feelings For rosalina.A little bit more about the song they are winning the Video music award for.I think they should have won the award for a song that the viewers know like Crazy Car or Motor Mouth or even Rosalina.Since this is the very first episode these are the only songs we know so far.So thats what I think about the show.NBB rox my sox.
  • I thought this was an awful episode as a follow up to the movie but the new ones are so much better. I listed the problems with the show that have all pritty much been fixed by now.

    The first problem is Alex. Alex is my favorite character but he is starting to lose the things that made him great. He had so many great lines in the movie and has said almost nothing that was funny in the show. After hearing him talk about Jesus Christ being our best president, why people poop, boobies (lol I know not everyone approved of that),giving the Chinese middlefinger and constantly talking about how hott girls are in the movie, getting none of that in the show is really disappointing. Alex is also much louder and gets very annoying this episode and I had never found him annoying in the movie. It is mentioned very briefly that he is a milkaholic but otherwise you can not tell. He should always be caring a bottle of milk with him the way he was always drinking soda in the movie. Another problem is his "girlfriend" the tutor. In the movie she said very little and she was only used as someone for Alex to flirt with. In the show she is now more like one of the main characters. This is a problem because she is not likable at all. This is apparent when she brings in a magazine and purposely freaks Nat out about the award show. She is not the only character that needs work. The other 3 guys in the band useless characters and really do not have much personalty except being annoying. This was not a problem in the movie because they were not with Nat and Alex most of the time. Since we will be seeing them allot more now they really need some character development. This episode also had a very weak ending and the award show part of it was over way to fast and felt really fake and cheap. With some work this could be a great show and could even be as good as the movie but it really is not right now. Being a big fan of the movie I hope these changes happen alot.
  • Very well written and funny!

    This episode was a really good season-opener. You see, the Naked Brothers Band is nominated for a "Best Rock Video" at the VMA's. Alex, Nat, and Cooper have Jesse tell them their horoscopes. Nat's is if he fails, he'll bring everyone down with him; Alex's is to avoid falling objects and motor vehicles; and Cooper's is he'll use brawn over brains. Nat's and Alex's horoscopes make them overly nervous about the whole thing. Thomas and David prank Alex for being afraid of falling objects, so Alex pranks them back by putting hot ice vapor rub in their hair. The whole thing is very funny. You have got to watch it!
  • Funny Episode

    THis episode was great. I really liked it when Alex was worrying about his horroscope. But I don't really think Bannana Smoothie is a rock song , so why did it win the rock award? This is r e c c o m e n d e d to everyone. I have watched it 3 times since it first aired. I hope that this show will become popular. I don't think Spongebob started out well, and now look a it!

    Bannana Smoothie
    I'm Out

    It was exciting that Nat's horroscope was if he fails he would bring everyone down with him. Coopers horroscope was to succeed, use physical violence. Great episode.
  • This episode was absolutley horrible.

    The Naked Brothers Band is nominated for a VMA for best rock video. They spend the whole episode either in their underware or playing dumb pranks on each other. I dont what you classify this show as. Definetly not a comedy, or a drama. Maybe a Pedaphiles Fantasty either way it has no point. They are unskilled actors and wothless musicians. The worst part of the episode was the end. After the 4 foots manager beat up a 6 foot man (very realistic) the naked Brothers band actually wins the award and then they go and sing on top of the roof i dont know if you call it song but lets just say they said Im Out 43 times. Truly television at its worst.
  • Funny :-\

    I like the show, but i think it could do better because it uses kinda barely any funny jokes. But it made me think if this show was real half way through the movie. But this first movie is pretty cool. How they go to the VMA ( Video Music Awards) But that kinda made me laugh when it showed alex and he had his socks tied around his feet again like in does in the movie . But anyway. This show could do alittle better. With it's lame jokes and bad puns. It's still one of my favorite SHOWS OUT THERE!