The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • I thought this was an awful episode as a follow up to the movie but the new ones are so much better. I listed the problems with the show that have all pritty much been fixed by now.

    The first problem is Alex. Alex is my favorite character but he is starting to lose the things that made him great. He had so many great lines in the movie and has said almost nothing that was funny in the show. After hearing him talk about Jesus Christ being our best president, why people poop, boobies (lol I know not everyone approved of that),giving the Chinese middlefinger and constantly talking about how hott girls are in the movie, getting none of that in the show is really disappointing. Alex is also much louder and gets very annoying this episode and I had never found him annoying in the movie. It is mentioned very briefly that he is a milkaholic but otherwise you can not tell. He should always be caring a bottle of milk with him the way he was always drinking soda in the movie. Another problem is his "girlfriend" the tutor. In the movie she said very little and she was only used as someone for Alex to flirt with. In the show she is now more like one of the main characters. This is a problem because she is not likable at all. This is apparent when she brings in a magazine and purposely freaks Nat out about the award show. She is not the only character that needs work. The other 3 guys in the band useless characters and really do not have much personalty except being annoying. This was not a problem in the movie because they were not with Nat and Alex most of the time. Since we will be seeing them allot more now they really need some character development. This episode also had a very weak ending and the award show part of it was over way to fast and felt really fake and cheap. With some work this could be a great show and could even be as good as the movie but it really is not right now. Being a big fan of the movie I hope these changes happen alot.
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