The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • It was never reveled what Matt Pinfield's zodiac was. However, it's possible that he was a Scorpio, because he was in a car accident and got hit in the head by a falling object. Jesse stated that the horoscope for Scorpio was to beware of falling objects and to stay away from motor vehicles.

    • It's revealed in this episode that Alex's zodiac sign is Scorpio and Nat's is Sagittarius. However, in real life Nat's sign is Cancer.

  • Quotes

    • Nat: (voice-over) And what better way to celebrate a perfect day is to have a concert on the roof overlooking New York City.

    • Nat: Stop telling me what to do! 'Cause I don't know what to do!

    • Jesse: I love you...wait no, no I don't!

    • Alex: I'm just ware.
      Nat: What does ware mean?
      Alex: You know, my fortune said be ware. I'm being ware.

    • Jesse: I-I'm gonna need some hair goo.
      (switches to Alex in the bathroom)
      Alex: (to camera) See this? Hot ice vapor rub. It's payback time.

    • Nat: (voice-over) The day we won the Video Music Awards was the best day of our lives. But it didn't start out that way.

    • Thomas: My head feels...spicy.
      David: My head is like on fire man, I'm not kidding!

    • Jesse: Hair goo is only made stuff.

    • Cooper: Braces are hot.

    • Nat: Alex, man you know that horoscope's not true!
      Alex: I'm sure the Clams Casino guy said the same thing before he bit the dust.

    • Alex: We're gonna win. We're gonna win! We're gonna win! Oh yeah! And I'm gonna live!
      (radio falls off the dresser)
      Nat and Alex: Aah!

    • Nat: Hey guys, I'm Nat Wolff.
      Alex: I'm Alex Wolff.
      Nat: And we're just calmly eating our breakfast, with the cameras in our house because today is the big day of the VMA's.

    • Jesse: Oh my gosh, they are so accurate it's scary. Once, my friend had this horoscope that said he was going to get food poisoning and he totally did.
      Alex: What happened?
      Jesse: He died! All because of Clams Casino.

    • Alex: First she wished me good luck. If I had turned it off right then, it would've been a good sentence. But the Ryan Seacrest said "There's a lot of competition this year". That made it a bad sentence.

    • Ryan Seacrest: How old is he now? Six, seven?
      Alex: I'm eight.

    • Nat: Let's go to this award show and kick some butt!

    • Matt Pinfield: There's a lot of competition this year.
      Alex: Don't say that!
      Matt Pinfield: A lot of competition.
      Alex: We heard you the first time bub!

    • Alex: Nat, Dad's onstage.
      Nat: Just let him stay.

    • Matt Pinfield: The Naked Brothers Band is going down.
      (crazy laughter)
      Nat: Alex, this guy's not gonna end on a good note.
      (a light falls and hits Matt Pinfield in the head)
      Alex: It ended on a good note!
      (everyone cheers)

    • Alex: If anything falls on my head and kills me, my death is on your head.

    • Cooper: You know, there's a lot of competition this year.
      Alex: Don't say that.
      Nat: Yeah, why is everyone saying that?

    • Nat: That was my good deed. You stole my good deed.
      Alex: I didn't steal it. I re-gifted it.

    • Nat: What about the eggs I made you?
      Alex: No offence, but I gave them to dad.

    • Alex: Aagh! I'm in my boxers!

    • Nat: Look we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it.
      Alex: I'm not crossing any bridges today!

    • Matt Pinfield: And we all know Rosalina was only put in the band because Nat has a crush on her. Who knows if she can really play an instrument?
      Nat: She plays ten instruments you moron!

    • Matt Pinfield: I will get you Naked Brothers Band! I will get you and your little dog too! The dog is licking me! Why is the dog licking me?

    • Cooper: You think we're going down? I think you're going down!
      (he flips Matt Pinfield)

    • Jesse: Way to go Cooper. Hi-ya!

    • Rosalina: We just wanna say, that no matter what happens tonight, we're still the best band ever, and that's all because of you.

    • Alex: Aw, poo-poo sauce. I didn't make it in time.

    • Jesse: Oopsies. We don't need to read yours.
      Alex: Why not?
      Jesse: It's kind a downer.
      Nat: As opposed to mine and Cooper's which were really uplifting?

    • Alex: Can someone please get my dad off the stage?

    • (Rosalina walks into the room)
      Rosalina: What's going on?
      (David and Thomas run by screaming)
      David and Thomas: Get me outta here! Fire!
      (Alex runs by)
      Alex: I punked you suckers!
      (Jesse runs by)
      Jesse: You guys are totally ruining my styling! You can't put water on...
      (Cooper runs by)
      Cooper: Guys! We gotta rehearse!
      (Qaasim runs by)
      Qaasim: What about my Jimmi Hendrix wig? You can't leave; I'm not doing Jimmi Hendrix...
      (Nat shuts the door)
      Rosalina: What's going on?
      (Nat smiles sheepishly)

    • (a bucket of water falls on Alex's head while he's drumming)
      Alex: (screaming) Aagh! I hate you guys!

    • Jesse: It's a bicycle built for six.

    • Nat: It's an honor to be nominated, right?
      Alex: I wanna win.
      Nat: Me too!

    • (Nat's pants fall down)
      Nat: So, how's it going?
      Rosalina: Good.
      Nat: I see you got your braces off.
      Rosalina: Yeah.
      Nat: Yay teeth.
      Rosalina: Thanks. Nat, your pants just fell down.
      (Nat looks down and pulls his pants up)
      Nat: Right.

    • Alex: He looked hungry. I thought he should be fed.

    • Alex: A life is a precious thing to waste.

    • Thomas: Hi we're the Naked Brothers Band. I'm Thomas and this is David.
      David: And this is my dog ET, who just peed in the hallway.
      David (making ET talk): Hi, I just peed in the hallway.
      Thomas: Hey, where's Qaasim? Hey Qaasim!
      (Qaasim runs in)
      Qaasim: Hey Jesse, there's some guy outside with some crazy bicycle who says he's waiting for you.
      Jesse: Oh, no. I told him to go away.
      Thomas: This is Qaasim. He's the new guy; he replaced Josh. He is a genius look. Hey say something smart Qaasim.
      Qaasim: Something smart Qaasim.

    • Alex: You took a ride with a strange man?
      Jesse: It was free.
      Alex: Free? I don't think so. Not with a guy named George.

    • Rosalina: What's going on?
      Nat: Everyone's just a little tense about the awards show tonight (trips and falls).

    • Alex: Forgive and forget. That's my motto!

    • Alex: We're gonna loose! I'm gonna die and we're-we're gonna loose!
      Nat: Alex, stop it man!
      Alex: Matt Pinfield is gonna predict we're gonna loose and he's never wrong!
      Nat: Alex stop it man! You can't end on a bad note!
      Alex: Right.

    • Alex: (crying) Nat, if I die today, I'm sorry I didn't eat your eggs.
      Nat: You're not gonna die because I'm gonna watch you very carefully.
      Alex: (stops crying) What good is that gonna do? You're just gonna fail and bring everybody down with you like your horoscope says.
      Nat: Oh come on, man! You know that horoscope's not true!

    • Matt Pinfield: Well I guess when you have that soda-holic brother of his...
      Alex: I'm a milk-aholic now, you booger!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Alex: (talking about Jesse) She's still crazy for me, after all these years.

      This could be an allusion to the Simon and Garfunkel song "Still Crazy".

    • Alex: I punk'd you guys!

      Punk'd is show hosted by Ashton Kutcher in which he plays practical jokes on celebrities.

    • Jimmi Hendrix

      In the movie Cole mentions wearing a Jimmi Hendrix wig. That was when Nat goes to his house and asks him to be in the band. In this episode, Qaasim wants to wear a Jimmi Hendrix wig.

    • Matt Pinfield: harder to keep up with than Diddy's name changes.

      P. Diddy is a rapper who owns Bad Boy Records.

    • Matt Pinfield: I'll get you Naked Brothers Band! I'll get you and your little dog too!

      "I'll get you and your little dog too" is a line from the Wizard of Oz.