The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 2

Wolff Brothers Cry Wolf

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Nat must learn to cry on cue for an upcoming video and to also make Rosalina think he is deep. Alex is awesome at crying on cue and offers to help Nat for a price.

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  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    Episode Review – "Wolff Brothers Cry Wolff"

    Overall 5/10

    Storyline 6.4/10

    This is one of the better storylines of the season and in my opinion the most funniest. Part of the reason I found it so funny was due to it's oddity, which has come of quite well, and is along side "Rebel and a Skateboarder to really deliver any thing worth watching. The first scene however really let the episode down, as I have stated there is too much interaction with the camera that is not the sort that is desired for the style the series is following. The two plots of the episode flow so well together that I must give credit when due. The rest of the episode was done to a good standard, but there is room for improvement, there always is.

    Acting 6.5/10

    This has been a difficult thing to judge as although the acting has been above average there are no real defining moments either good or bad. A couple of moments were very borderline and I am still not 100% sure whether it was good or bad. This has to be the least I have been able to right on the topic.

    Producing/Editing/Directing 3/10

    Once again it is this area that has dropped the ball so to speak. Lets not forget that we are being told that this is a mockumentry, but that is not what is being shown. There is too much of the wrong sort of camera interaction especially in regards to Alex's role at the start. The added in sound effects also needs to go, I have not yet seen a documentary in which they put these in, as well as that, they should not turn into cartoon characters except when showing the music video. There are also too many inconstancies in regards to the creating of the music video, and Nat manages to appear in the purple shirt in one shot and then almost straight after is back to green, if they changes is made at least give it reasonable time.

    Character Development 0/10

    This is a strange episode, as it is one of the better episode, but nothing worth mentioning developed. I think that some development if it was done as well as the rest of the plot would have boosted the overall rating, to perhaps a 7.

    Music 6.3/10

    "Sometimes I'll be there" – This is relevant as the episode was built around the song. The song itself is one of the better songs of the season and although not a personal favourite leaves me with no complaints about the music.

    Dialogue 7.8/10

    The Dialogue for the episode has been exceptionally good, and I can not put my finger on a line in which I think is out of place. This episode has had a lot of contenders for the quote of the episode as quite a few got me to laugh, the one I have selected didn't quite get me to laugh but is deserving none the less.

    "Wow! Cartoon of milk and a lonely soul. He earned that ten bucks." – Nat Wolffmoreless
  • I love this epsidoe!

    Nat tries to cry on queue and wonders why Alex can do it so well. In the end, it turns out Alex was using fake tears. I mainly watch NNB for the songs, but the sorylines are cool too. To be honest, I love their songs more than most songs I hear these day, especially Sometimes I'll Be There. That's my favorite song so far. I like Disney music and a lot of music in it's genre because it's just as good as whats on the radio now. People think because it's by a bunch of kids or from some kiddy show or by someone who started on kid shows that it's not good, but if you had them listen to it and didn't tell them who it was they'd probably like it. I wish people would actually give NNB a chance instead of turning it down by episode 1.moreless
  • i love the show

    i love the show it's my dream to be in there position what makes me think because im the same age as them but nothing that great ever happens to me but back to the show i love the show it makes me want to pursue my dream of be a singer alright enough about me back to the show i like the fact that it's a family based show like one big family it shows there passion for music and brotherhood and i think that nat's crush on allie and qassim love skills helps all of them a whole lot reviewed by william grandisonmoreless
  • This episode was really funny. This is exactly why I love this show. It is amazing.

    In this episode Nat has to learn to cry on cue for a music video, but whenever he tries to fake cry, he looks as if he's laughing. Alex offers to show him how to cry on cue, and they end up making a bet that every time he (Alex)fools someone with his fake tears, Nat has to give him money and unlimited usage of his (Nat's) pencil sharpener. Nat ends up getting really angry when everyone (including Rosalina)fall's for Alex's fake tears.

    In the end Nat finds out that Alex was using a bottle of fake tears. Upset, Nat chases Alex, and in the process Alex drops some cement grapes on his foot, causing Nat to cry for real.moreless
  • This is a good episode! i loved this one 2nd best of all nbb episodes! this is about alex teaching nat how to fake cry...little doese nat know alex is up to something bad!moreless

    This episode is very cute! and shows you how nat feels about rosealina! natlina! (nat and rosealina foever!) I love this episode 2nd best! it's sooo cute and funny seeing nat try to fake cry it looks like hes laughing! it really cracks me up when i see this episode its awsome all other nbb fans should enjoy this one as much as i do! it's very well acted and i love the music video and i think they look cute animated in there music videos! it's very well done! alex and nat have great lines and great funny scenes!moreless

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