The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show

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The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show

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This subversive, comedy / variety show is based on the long-running live comedy show of the same name that has been seen at the Comedy Central Stage and other Comedy Venues in Los Angeles. Dave (Gruber) Allen (Freaks and Geeks) is 'The Naked Trucker' a cross-country trucker in search of freedom who drives in the nude because he can. David Koechner (Anchorman) plays Gerald 'T-Bones' Tibbons, The Trucker's sidekick, a crafty moocher. These comedic veterans are bringing their outrageous stage characters, bizarre cross-country adventures and original music to Comedy Central's new outrageous variety / stand-up show. The show also has many catchy song and long funny stories of life on the road. The naked trucker usually sings and plays his guitar. He likes to embrace his nudity as an example of great American freedom. T-Bones is a freeloading drifter, and always travels along with the Naked Trucker. Comedy Central brings you the twisted tales of a naked trucker and his freeloading sidekick in our brand new series, The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show. The Naked Trucker is a long-haul driver who preaches the gospel of 'live and let live" in a world of 'us versus them." His sidekick, T-Bones, is always looking for an angle to work and not nearly as dumb as he looks.moreless
Dave 'Gruber' Allen

Dave 'Gruber' Allen

The Naked Trucker

David Koechner

David Koechner

Gerald "T-Bones" Tibbons

J. P. Fitting

J. P. Fitting

Dickaround Gang bassist

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  • Regan

    Every little thang T-Bones does not Comedy Gold!!!! David Koechner in this persona/role is brilliant & accompanied only by Stephen Colbert on his Report & Will Ferrell in his . Bush send-up, "You're Welcome America", in the Winner's Circle! There wasn't a second of this, lamentably short series, which ebbed from utter hilarity! I feel very fortunate to have caught it & grateful for the 'Levity', literally, it grants. Good on ya, Reganmoreless
  • Is the Naked Trucker naked?

    Okay, I really didn't hear much about the Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show. First off, is the Naked Trucker really naked or is he wearing a flesh-colored bikini? (Because that's what they usually use when they need someone to do a nude scene.) And what kind of name is T-Bones? Who thought of this, Jeff Foxworthy? I think Comedy Central cancelled this show after a few months. I heard that these two are writers for Saturday Night Live and I wish that Comedy Central would bring back the shows that they showed prior to South Park and keep South Park and Chappelle's Show.moreless
  • this is the best comedy central show ever it makes all the other shows look like ER trying to be funny

    the naked trucker and t bones has the best and most entertaning skits i have ever seen since the chris farley days of SNL and the guest are great to steve carrel will ferrell tenacious d and some other people i dont really knoq but they are a team that has so much chemistry between them that it is nuts this is truly one of the favorite shows because songs+ skits +tibbons+ awsome show i think thats all i neeed to say and as far as the first guy who wrote a review prolly is a huge Fan of lame shows cause giving trucker and tbones a bad rating is like not acepting free money!!! and who would do that?moreless
  • The only reason to even tune into this show is to see Will Ferrell for the less then two minutes he was on it.

    The show looked kind of interesting, and to be honest, a big reason to why i tuned in, was to see Will Ferrell's spot in it. And his quick presence in that episode was definitely not enough to make me want to watch it next week. This was one of the worst shows i have seen in a while because it just was not funny, but plain stupid. TBS' show 10 Items or Less, is a funnier and more entertaining, and thats just sad. Don't bother wasting your time watching this, as it will definitely be canceled in the next two weeks max, or i will be shocked.moreless
  • © 2007 Marc Lecureuil / Comedy Central
  • © 2007 Marc Lecureuil / Comedy Central
  • © 2007 Marc Lecureuil / Comedy Central
  • © 2007 Marc Lecureuil / Comedy Central

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