The Naked Truth

Season 3 Episode 20

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Except with Different Names (1)

Aired Unknown Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

Jake's old rival -- Colin -- is having an illicit affair with Nora. When the office finds out, they're infuriated. He works for a tabloid TV show as a reporter -- he might steal a story from them through Nora. Nora's insulted at the suggestion. Meanwhile, Jake and Camilla's secret affair becomes very public knowledge when they become inadvertently locked outside after a late night tryst on the balcony. They are found naked the next day by a stunned collection of workers. Nora lambastes Camilla for her hypocrisy about secret affairs, but they make up and agree to all go out to dinner together. While at dinner, it comes out that Colin and Jake competed over everything. And that one of the reasons Colin went after Nora was that he heard Jake thought she was attractive. Jake denies it, but Nora won't let it go, grilling Colin about whether he's dated her because of her or because of Jake. Meanwhile, Camilla tells Jake they have to break things off. Now that they've been discovered, the thrill is gone for her. Jake understands and thanks her for a great time. That night at Nora's apartment, Colin finally owns up that, yes, maybe initially he went after Nora to best Jake. But then he fell in love with her. Infuriated, Nora throws him out of her apartment. She calls Jake on the phone. To Be Continued...