The Naked Truth

Season 3 Episode 21

Jake Or Fake? (2)

Aired Unknown Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

Jake and Nora drink "Scotch floats" in her apartment and share their tales of broken relationships -- Jake with Camilla and Nora with Colin. Upon leaving, they have an unintentional goodnight kiss. The next day at work, things are awkward and both decide to pretend as if it never happened. Colin comes to Jake desperate. He's in love with Nora. Jake's got to help him. Jake supplies Colin with advice on the things Nora likes -- which Colin is clueless about -- and how to win her back. He surprises himself with how much he actually knows about her. Colin sets about wooing Nora back -- and succeeds. All is forgiven. Suji reprimands Jake for doing this. It's obvious he's got a thing for Nora. And if he doesn't act on it, he'll always regret it. Jake agrees and finds Nora at the restaurant she's meeting Colin at. He explains to her that he told Colin what to do and how to win her back, but Nora dismisses it as part of their stupid competitiveness. Jake leaves, disgusted. Colin arrives and over dinner presents Nora with a charm bracelet. She asks how he knew she liked those. Colin lies. Nora realizes Jake was telling the truth and leaves. At her apartment, she finds Jake waiting for her. It turns out Nora knows as much about Jake as he does about her. They realize there's something between them. And they share a deep, romantic kiss.

Bradley's mother comes to town with a request -- she wants Bradley to kill her. She's losing her memory and doesn't want to be a shell of what she was. Bradley can't bring himself to do it, which first angers his mother. But then she realizes what a great son she has, if he loves her too much to kill her. She promises to spend more time than ever with him. At which point, Bradley considers smashing her head in with a paper weight... but then reconsiders.
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