The Naked Truth - Season 1

ABC (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Hollywood Honors Male Prostitute!
    Romantic sparks fly between Nora and Nicky when they impersonate a pair of French filmmakers to sneak into a gala awards show - she with a camera hidden in her bra and he with one hidden in his crotch.
  • Man Loses Load While Woman Can't Dump!
    Dave gets a visit from his shady twin brother Intelligent Dave, who has big plans for the huge inheritance check Dave just received; Nora can't get rid of an annoying boyfriend.
  • Sisters in Sex Triangle With Gazillionaire!
    Camilla has plans for the tabloid's newly divorced owner, but her scheming sister Felicia seems to have beaten her to the punch, bringing their long-standing sibling rivalry to a head.
  • Women Rises in World, Falls on Face!
    Nora finds the mantle of responsibility to fit uncomfortably when her promotion at "the Comet" puts her in charge of T.J., Dave and Nicky, but she can't get any respect from her co-workers.
  • The Bubble Show
    The Bubble Show
    Episode 16
    Nora's good intentions are put to the test when she agrees to wear a bubble suit to help find a cure for a rare diseases - and then learns some troubling facts about the doctor in charge of the experiment.
  • Man Wakes Up With Stranger in Pants!
    A bar fight lands Nicky in the hospital with a broken finger, but a mistake sends him home a new man with an unwanted circumcision - and the female hormones he must take until he heals expose a feminine side that Nora finds irresistible.
  • Woman Loses Space Alien, Finds God!
    Nora's new boyfriend loses his appeal when he reveals that he is from another galaxy; Nora runs into an old friend who has become a nun.
  • Shocking Tales of Hollywood Gunplay!
    T.J.'s van is hijacked while Nora and Dave are in it, sending Nora in search of self-defense training - and Dave is search of a new best friend.
  • Sewer Gators, Swordplay, Santa from Hell!
    The holidays are anything but happy for Nora: she's stuck in a sewer looking for giant alligators, she misses her family, and her slip of the lip with "the Comet's" owner has just cost Camilla her job by revealing that she let scruples persuade her not to publish Chelsea Clinton's private diary.moreless
  • Comet Nails Star and Vice Versa!
    Big-time movie actor Dylan Michael Michaels begins wooing Nora - and claims that it's not just because she has compromising photos of him.
  • Woman Weds Siamese Twins!
    Nora's double date of sorts with Siamese twins backfires, leaving Camilla without a story; a discussion of motherhood could cost Chloe her friendship with Nora.
  • Girl Buys Soup While Woman Weds Ape!
    Nora is thrown into turmoil after her parents' unexpected visit affects not only her sex life but her professional life as well: after interrupting a tryst with Nora's new interest (and advising him to masturbate when he gets home), Nora's parents buy her a new couch, find her a new townhouse, and arrange to get her a new job teaching at UCLA. Meanwhile, Nora covers an anthropologist's marriage to an ape, and helps the gang get photos outside a porn theater of an irate Bob Saget.moreless
  • Star and Comet Collide! Giant Bugs Invade!!
    When Nora decides to throw a party for her former society friends, trouble crawls out of the woodwork; meanwhile, a lawsuit against "the Comet" has Camilla fuming.
  • Real Life Henry Higgins Turns Dork into Duke!
    Dave wants Nicky to teach him how to pick up women after Nora is picked up by a guy with the perfect line. Nora tells him he just needs to be himself and takes him on an "instructional date" to prove it. When Dave falls out a window onto Tawny Kitaen's limo, he gets a chance to put what he's learned into practice.moreless
  • Hero Pig Goes Hog Wild!
    Nora plays power broker when a pig she's saved from the slaughterhouse becomes a commodity in the entertainment industry.
  • Sex Crazed Sitcom Zombie Gropes Shutterbug (In Midnight Morgue Orgy)!
    When Camilla and Nora sneak into a morgue to get exclusive shots disguised as medical staff, Nora is called upon to begin an autopsy on a recently deceased television personality - who revives under her touch.
  • Woman Jokes While Husband Croaks!
    Nora's ex-husband visits to discuss financial matters and seduces Nora, who might be convinced to give him another chance - until she meets his fiancée.
  • Elvis is Coming!
    Elvis is Coming!
    Episode 3
    It's an Elvis sighting of the most unusual kind - a scientist reveals that he has a frozen vial of the King's preserved sperm, and Camilla thinks Nora would make a great mother of a little King of rock 'n' Roll. In a cameo appearance, Betty White accedes graciously to Nora's request for a photo opportunity - then pushes her out of a moving car.moreless
  • Bald Star in Hot Oil Fest!
    Nora tries to get a job as a respectable photo journalist but her desires are spoiled when she spots Tom Hanks with his fly stuck. "Give it up, Gump!" she screams while dancing on a tabletop shooting photos of Hanks.
  • The Naked Truth
    The Naked Truth
    Episode 1
    Nora is forced to apply for a position as photographer for the sleazy tabloid "the Comet" after refusing her wealthy husband's divorce settlement and then discovering he has blackballed her from work with respectable newspapers.