The Naked Truth

Season 3 Episode 22

Up, Up, and Away

Aired Unknown Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

The show opens at night, with everyone sitting in a hot air balloon. Nora dictates into a tape recorder that they are lost and no longer with food or water. She sets about explaining how they got there. We dissolve back in time and find Jake and Nora in bed together -- having the worst sex either has ever had. After talking it over, they try again -- with no improvement. Debating about trying a third time, they're called to work at this ungodly hour by their beepers. At work, Camilla explains that Barbra Streisand is getting married today in Malibu. It's the tabloid story of the year. Unable to get there by any other means, they decide to infiltrate by hot air balloon. Suji's boyfriend, Leo (from "Neighbor of Bath") operates one. The balloon strays horribly off course. Not only are they not going to get their story -- it looks like they might die as well. Scared and depressed, they confront their fate -- discussing their regrets in life and their fear of what lies ahead. Nora admits that her biggest disappointment is not what she did or didn't do in life, but being robbed of her future. Jake paints a picture of Nora as an old woman reflecting on a beach in Maine, realizing that her "life was good and one worth living." Moved, Nora thanks him and suggests the previous night might have gone better if they'd done this first. Bradley insists they not take their fate lying down. He suggests they sing. And they do -- badly harmonizing on "The Sloop John B." "Let me go home. I want to go home. This is the worst trip I've ever been on..."