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  • Season 3
    • Vesuvius: Ancient Aqueduct
      Don Wildman travels through time to unearth the ancient aqueducts hidden beneath the city of Naples, Italy.
    • Stalin's Communication Bunker
      Don Wildman shows us a top secret military bunker built under Stalin's orders in 1952.
    • Prophecies: Bullet Factory
      Don Wildman explores an undercover operation in Ayalon, Israel that specialized in the manufacturing of ammunition for the Sten gun.
    • Prophecies: Bethlehem
      Don Wildman travels to Bethlehem where he visits the alleged birthplace of Jesus Christ.
    • Viking: Celtic Burial Mound
      Don Wildman takes a closer look at a pre-historic structures hidden inside a mountain in Dowth, Ireland.
    • Vesuvius: Dacian Caves
      Don Wildman receives special permission to enter an ancient cave beneath a medieval church to examine mysterious messages left by early Neapolitans.
    • Soviet Bases: Stalin's Bunker
      Don Wildman takes a closer look at how soviet troops in Kiev survived German troops during World War II by utilizing underground bunkers for two months.
    • Apocalypse: Templar Castles
      Don Wildman enters an underground fortress that spans 3 square miles beneath the city of Akko.
    • Apocalypse: Dome of the Rock
      The Dome of the Rock, the oldest Islamic building in the world, is located in heart of Jerusalem and dates back to 691.
    • Hitler's Last Secret: Nazi Factory
      Don Wildman scurries through the abandoned tunnels that once served as a subterranean weapons factory.
    • Katrina Superdome Underground
      Don Wildman looks at how the Superdome, the largest fixed dome structure, survived the after affects of Hurricane Katrina.
    • Maya Underground: ATM Cave
      Don Wildman enters the depths of Mayan caves and discovers the remains of human sacrifices.
    • A-Bomb: Tunnels
      A-Bomb: Tunnels
      Episode 15
      In late 1944, approximately 6,000 laborers were able to complete nearly 80% of an underground fortress designed to protect Emperor Hirohito.
    • A-Bomb: Geo Cites
      A-Bomb: Geo Cites
      Episode 14
      Geo cites sit 180 feet beneath the surface of Tokyo to protect the city from the affects of a major earthquake.
    • A-Bomb: G-Cans
      A-Bomb: G-Cans
      Episode 13
      Don Wildman explores the inner workings of the G-cans, Japan's answer to monsoon flooding.
    • Pagan Caravan Servaii
      Don Wildman explores what may be one of the largest and sophisticated underground city of Turkey, dating back approximately 800 years.
    • Soviet Bases: Submarine Base
      Don Wildman explores a former submarine maintenance and weapons factory utilized during the Cold War.
    • Vesuvius: Cult of the Dead
      Don Wildman takes a closer look at the traditions of the cult of the dead and how they believed praying for a corpse would protect their souls.
    • Vietnam: Vinh Moc Tunnels
      The village of Vinh Moc escaped enemy attacks during the Vietnam War by creating a refuge underground, complete with sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and a hospital.
    • Blue Star Auto Parts
      More than 100 years ago the Cullerton Hotel served as the gateway for an intricate escape route for Chicago mobsters.
    • Mob: Green Mill
      Mob: Green Mill
      Episode 7
      The popular Green Mill Lounge sat above an elaborate maze of tunnels utilized by Al Capone for quick escapes and the transportation of patrons, criminals and booze.
    • City of Blood
      City of Blood
      Episode 6
      Don Wildman cleanses his spirit, ridding himself of evil demons.
    • Barbarian's Lair
      Barbarian's Lair
      Episode 5
      Don Wildman shows us what it was like to be a knight during the crusades.
    • Body Snatching in London
      Don Wildman explores the black market of body snatching in Victorian London.
    • Palermo's Mass Grave
      Don Wildman digs into Sicily's bloody past as he visits a newly discovered bone pit.
    • USS Emmons in Okinawa
      Don Wildman dives into Okinawa's waters to the sunken American battleship, the USS Emmons.
    • Don's Ride
      Don's Ride
      Episode 1
      Don Wildman shares with us his 1973 MG as he hits the road, but not before a quick visit to his favorite mechanic. From Cities of the Underworld 3.
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