The Name of the Game

Season 1 Episode 21

Keep the Doctor Away

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 14, 1969 on NBC

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  • First, do no harm...

    A rather good idea informs this episode - the famous surgeon, Dr. Evenhauer, is, in fact, a mediocrity in the operating theatre, but brilliant at fund-raising, publicity and general PR, and he serves as elegant front-man for a famous clinic whilst others do the real work. When he can't get out of doing a routine operation and the patient dies, Jeff Dillon investigates - causing the suave medico to become positively murderous, not, it transpires, for the first time. Alas, it's a rather ragged show, despite this promising plotline; is it a murder mystery, a discussion of medical ethics (if Evenhauer is arrested, his clinic will no longer be able to do its good work) or a savage satire in the manner of Shaw's play, "The Doctor's Dilemma"? Director Barry Shear can't make up his mind, and falls between as many stools as possible, never quite telling the tale as cleanly as one would like, wasting David Brian and Harold J. Stone in tiny roles, and landing Vera Miles with a noticeably ill-defined and under-written part. As the doctor is revealed as a multiple-killer over many years, the moral "conundrum" over which characters agonise could hardly be, in fact, more straightforward.