The Name of the Game

Season 1 Episode 11

The White Birch

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 29, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • One of the few episodes in which guest stars are listed simply in alphabetical order, rather than in descending order of importance. However, Boris Karloff gets a separate "Special Guest Star" billing.

  • Quotes

    • Mikhail Orlov: Ah, yes, I'm very well. Old, crotchety, lame, maimed by time, but, to use a Mark Twain expression, foxy.

    • Philip Saxon: I don't deserve any of the marvellous things that have happened to me , but the point is - they do happen.

    • Glenn Howard: [to Emile]: Spare me the publicity. You always were more of a press agent than a publisher.

    • Mikhail Orlov: Censorship makes children of us all.

    • Philip Saxon: [to Peggy]: I'm so glad that you're on this trip.I didn't think there would be anyone I could, ah... communicate with.

  • Notes

    • Many nations in the West applauded the "Prague Spring" in early 1968, when the Czechs, led by the reforming Alexander Dubcek, seemed to be breaking away from the influence of Soviet Russia and offering what was termed "socialism with a human face". On August 22, 1968, Russian troops poured into Czechoslovakia, Dubcek's government was overthrown, and international tensions ran high. The Russians replaced Dubcek as Czech leader, and he was deprived of his Communist Party membership in 1970. He died in 1992.

    • This is Boris Karloff's last acting appearance. Although the principal players appear to be travelling abroad, this was actually filmed on Universal's backlot, as usual. Stock footage was used for back projection.

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