The Name's the Same

Season 2 Episode 19

Episode # 18

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 17, 1952 on ABC

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  • I believe my brother John Dillinger was on this episode and I remember as a small pup watching the show at my cousins house we had no tv. My brother was so suave.I loved it watching it over and over, I have a video of it.

    I give it a 10 because my brother was on the show and it did not take long to guess him it happens that one of the panelists was from a town where John Dillinger robbed a bank and when they guessed that he was a notaorius bank robber it made it very easy to guess his name I just recently received a video from his son and I watch it over and over since John passed away in 1957.US Steel whomm he worked for paid his transportation costs to from New York.He received I think $50 for being on the show.