The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 27

A Pup in Paris (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 20, 1996 on CBS

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  • Mr. Sheffield finally tells Fran he loves her!

    In an exciting, cliff hanger & season finale...Fran and Max travel to Paris! Well...Max travels to Paris for business, but when Fran realizes he took the wrong bag on his trip she boards the plane and "accidently" flies overseas with him. The relationship obviously makes HUGE strides in this episode...which was cleverly plotted and well-written. The sub-plot (all of the other characters at Mr. Sheffield's home) also proves entertaining, as Ms. Babcock wallows in the fact that Fran is accompaning Max in a very romantic city! The two hit the town and the audience meets Mr. Sheffield's brother, but before anything can happen between the Fran & Max, Max decides it is time to go home....
    ...On the trip back home, the plane begins having difficulties, a stewardist dramatically runs through the plane....and as the air bags fall, Mr. Sheffield tells Fran he loves her and the two kiss...Exit scene.

    An exciting, entertaining season finale! This leads to a great season 4 opener when Max "takes back" that he loves her, and Niles absolutely cannot figure out what Max said to Fran on the plane that he took back. Well-written, one of the series best!!
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