The Nanny

Season 1 Episode 8

Christmas Episode

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Dec 22, 1993 on CBS



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    • Fran: Niles, you old Scrooge. Get into the Christmas spirit.
      Niles: Spoken by one who doesn't have to clean it all up.
      Fran: Oh, that's the thing about Hanukkah: eight candles and a Menorah. No fuss, no muss.
      Niles: Is it too late to convert?
      Fran: Never! We'll get you a Bar Mitzvah and of course a circumcision.
      Niles: Suddenly I'm filled with the Christmas spirit.

    • (in Church, Fran decides to go to the confessionals)
      Grace: (whispering, to Brighton) Where's Fran going?
      Brighton: (to Maggie)Grace wants to know where Fran went.
      Maggie: (to Niles) What's with Fran?
      Niles: She went to confess.
      Maggie: (to Brighton) She went to play chess.
      Brighton:(to Grace) She went to undress.
      (Grace has a confused look on her face)

    • Fran: Forgive me father, for I have shopped.
      Priest: Well, you could say 10 Hail Macy's.

  • Notes

    • The end credits of this episode shows the entire cast singing and wishing the viewers a happy holiday.

    • When Fran pawns her watch, she says it was a gift from her grandmother when she died. But we see both her grandmothers alive later on the show - Yetta and Nettie.

    • Jean Ford does not appear in the episode, but since what must have been a small part was cut she remains credited because technically she was "cast" in this episode.

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