The Nanny

Season 2 Episode 21

Close Shave

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 20, 1995 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Fran is putting the shaving cream on Mr. Sheffield, you can see Charles trying very hard not to laugh. Even though his face is covered with shaving cream you can see him smiling (or trying not to laugh).

  • Quotes

    • Fran: Thank God I got a system.
      Niles: No, you don't. I'm tapped.
      Fran: Not you. I have to pay my American Express because if I buy a piece of gum, the S.WA.T. team will storm the building. Meanwhile, I paid my MasterCard with my Discover Card, my Discover card with my Optima Card, My Optima Card with my city trust Visa.
      Niles: But doesn't that leave a very high dollars on your visa?
      Fran: Exactly! And that's why they gave me an Expresso Machine which I sell to pay my American Express. Thank you!

    • Maxwell: Miss Fine, do you have anything for an upset stomach?
      Fran: Let's see, I got Advil, Rolaids... are you gassy or just bloated?
      Maxwell: Miss Fine, I'd like to keep some mystery in our relationship. Surprise me.

    • Maggie: Why do I need to work, anyway? We're rich.
      Maxwell: No, I'm rich. You won't be rich until I'm dead.
      Fran: Careful, Mr. Sheffield. I think Mr. Menendez used that same logic on Lyle and Eric.

    • Maggie: (about her and her boyfriend) It's our eight-week anniversary.
      Fran: Eight? Already? What is that, lint?

    • (Maxwell is having stomach pains)
      Maxwell: Niles, Miss Babcock and I... ugh... Miss Babcock... argh... Miss Babcock... ow.
      Niles: Mmmm, yes, sir, I know the feeling.

    • Doctor: (points to Maxwell and gives Fran a razor): Shave him
      Fran: All right. You're the doctor(puts some shaving cream on Maxwell's face and shaves him and hums)
      Doctor: What are you doing?!
      Fran: Well I have no idea! I mean the man has a SLIGHT 5 o' clock shadow but it's not like he's going to a Bar Mitzvah!
      Fran: Well where do you want me to shave him... (realizes) oooooh! You know, I'll be back in a minute, I have a girl that does a bikini wax... (she tries to leave but the doctor grabs her arm)
      Doctor: Now!
      (Fran does her best to look away from Maxwell's privates as she lifts up his hospital gown and squirts a lot of cream on the area and quickly rubs the cream all over... and hums. Niles comes in holding a bouquet of flowers and sees Fran, much to her embarrassment. Niles smiles)
      Niles: Bucking for a raise?

    • Maxwell: (talking to Fran while she is making an ice cream sundae) You know, I had the strangest dream while I was going under the anesthetic. I was married to C.C. and you... were my nurse!
      Fran: Yeah that's the drugs. When my mother had her hysterectomy, she was convinced that the operation was on 60 Minutes. Why Mike Wallace would devote a whole segment to her uterus she never questioned
      Maxwell: Well, I guess drugs can play strange tricks on the mind. Good night Miss Fine
      Fran: Good night, Mr. Sheffield (she sprays some whipped cream on her ice cream and starts humming like she did when she shaved Maxwell. Maxwell and Fran exchange surprised looks and Maxwell realizes it was no dream)
      Maxwell: MISS FINE!

    • Maxwell: (about Maggie doing candy striping work) Do you really think Margaret's responsible enough to be working in a hospital?
      Fran: Oh, what's the worst that'll happen. She'll forget to bring someone their Jello snack?
      Maxwell: (pointing to a fish tank in the corner of the room) See that aquarium?
      Fran: What aquarium? There're no fish in there.
      Maxwell: Ah. Margaret forgot to bring them their Jello snacks.

    • (Fran is taking an aspirin, and holding her head)
      Niles: Oh, Miss Fine. Is that time of the month again?
      Fran: I'm afraid so, Niles... Time to make my credit card payments!

    • (Fran is sitting in a hospital room; the telephone rings and Fran looks suspicious)
      Fran: (suspiciously) Hello? (pause) Ma, how did you find me here? (pause) Well what's the emergency? (pause) Ma, Mike Douglass isn't on Channel 4 because they cancelled him 22 years ago! Would you spring for a new TV Guide?

    • (Maggie and her boyfriend Peter are kissing on the sofa)
      Mr. Sheffield: I see Peter and Margaret haven't left the couch.
      Fran: Don't worry, I've been in the room all night.
      (Grace runs downstairs)
      Grace: Fran, hurry up. The commercial is over.
      Fran: Honey, you're having a nightmare. Go back to bed.

    • Fran: Excuse me, I need a doctor.
      Nurse: What are your symptoms?
      Fran: I'm 30 and still single.
      Nurse: That's funny... 30!

  • Notes

    • The scene where Fran has to shave Maxwell resulted in the longest ever laugh from the studio audience throughout the series.

    • At the hospital, while all the girls are reading teen magazines, Fran is reading Longevity. Coincidentally or not, Fran Drescher was on the cover of that same magazine the months this episode aired.

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