The Nanny

Season 5 Episode 2

First Date

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 1997 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At the end, when Sylvia hands the toilet paper to Glenn Close, there is already a roll of toilet paper visible in the stall.

  • Quotes

    • Sylvia: Darling you remember your prom night when you came home with your dress all disheveled and your bra sticking out of your purse?
      Fran: Yeah.
      Sylvia: Let's hope history repeats itself!

    • Sylvia: Ma, what are you doing wearing pants to a formal affair?
      Yetta: This isn't a gown? (Looks down) Oh. And here I thought I was looking sexy with this high slit.

    • Fran: Every since me and Mr. Sheffield started heating things up, we haven't had a moment alone.
      Sylvia: Just tell anyone who bothers you, go away. Leave us alone. We want privacy.
      Fran: Go away. Leave us alone. We want privacy.

    • Fran: Yetta?
      Yetta: (from the bathroom stall) What?!
      Fran: When are you coming out of there?
      Yetta: I can't decide whether to vote for Nixon or Kennedy!

    • Maxwell: Oh, Niles, do you think that Ms. Babcock's upset that I asked Nanny Fine out on a date?
      Niles: Oh, no sir.
      Maxwell: Well, I'd hate for her to think that I didn't like her.
      Niles: (innocently) Oh, wherever would she get that idea?
      Maxwell: Oh, I don't know. Maybe from SOME BIG FAT BUTLER SCREAMING IT IN HER FACE!
      (Niles clutches his heart, takes something out from his pocket, and puts it in his mouth)
      Maxwell: Oh stop it, I know those are Tic-Tacs!

    • Fran: (jumping on a bed with Val) Val, it's our first date!
      Val: Oh, Fran, this is so exciting!
      Fran: OK, OK... We got to calm down. I mean, I'm not 16 anymore. But isn't he a babe?!

    • C.C: I just don't understand why Maxwell would ask Nanny Fine on a date! I should be going to Elton John's dinner, not her. I am the one with sophistication! I am the one with savvy! Why would he pick her over me?
      Niles: (screaming) He doesn't like you!
      C.C: (in tears) Why?! What am I doing wrong?
      Niles: Well, for one thing, you've known him for 25 years or half your life and you don't even know the names of his children.

    • Maxwell: You are the "yoo-hoo" lady?!

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