The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 25

Green Card

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 06, 1996 on CBS



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    • Maxwell: Why is she so taken with him? Like she's never seen a good-looking man before. I've been known to turn a few heads in my time, right, Niles?
      Niles: You're a brick. House. Mighty mighty.

    • Val: Having a kid is hard work. I wouldn't know where to begin.
      Fran: How about getting a date?

    • Grace: What you should give your mother is a grandchild before she dies.
      Fran: How much she pay to say that?
      Grace: Nothing. Not when I live in a beautiful mansion and still gots my health.

    • Fran: A tutor? That's not how you learn a foreign language. You gotta go to the country, emerse yourself in the culture...
      Maxwell: Forget it, Miss Fine. You're not getting a trip to Paris.
      Niles: I tried the same thing when I wanted to perfect my Swedish meatballs. He sent me to IKEA.

    • Niles: (to C.C.) You could have foreign men worship you too. Go to India. You'd be sacred.

    • Maggie: Oh Fran, you look so pretty. I've never seen you in that dress.
      Fran: Oh sure you have, honey. This is the one that I always pull out when my relationships start to get a little serious.
      Maggie: No I've never seen you in that dress... (interrupted by Fran)
      Fran: You made your point, honey.

    • Fran: Vive la France (said with an American accent). Ooh croissants.
      Niles: Croissants! (insists on the last syllable) I never thought I'd say this to you, but more nasal.

    • Fran: I'll tell you it's a good thing Mr. Sheffield put me in charge of this, cause I'm like a man. I will hire a tutor based solely on their academic credential.
      Philippe: Bonjour.
      Fran: You're hired.

    • Maxwell: How long do you have to put up with that posturing Frenchman? Why did they let someone foreign into this country in the first place?
      Niles: Crumpet, sir?
      C.C.: Oh Maxwell don't be so selfish. Philippe and Nanny Fine are perfect for one another. You know how the French love a fine wine. Well, now he can listen to one (in a nasal voice)24 hours a day.(laughs clapping her hands)

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