The Nanny

Season 1 Episode 7

Imaginary Friend

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Dec 15, 1993 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Maxwell: Sweetheart, since Imogene was an imaginary friend, couldn't you just imagine her alive again?
      Grace: If only it were that simple.
      Fran: She's not God, you know.

    • Fran: I remember when Goldie died, may she rest in peace.
      Maxwell: Your grandmother?
      Fran: My goldfish.
      Maxwell: Goldie the goldfish. Clever. You should write.
      Fran: I loved her so. And there she was one day belly-up in her bowl, her little body just covered in ick. We gave her a 21-flush salute.
      Maxwell: Lovely tribute.
      Fran: No. She just wouldn't go down.

    • Niles: Miss Fine, it's three o clock in the morning!
      Fran: Thank you, Big Ben!
      Niles: Lose somthing?
      Fran: No, I've just always wanted to go to China!
      Niles: Really, Miss Fine?
      Fran: You'd be singing a different tune if your wing tips were pushing up daisies!
      Niles: Let sleeping soles rest in peace.
      Fran: I can't, I'm still making payments on them.
      Niles: Oh, here. (Starts to dig)
      Fran: Oh, Niles! You doll, you!
      Niles: I just figure if we dig a deep enough hole we can bury the piano.

    • Maxwell: (About Maggie's shrink) She wants to see us.
      Fran: She wants to see us?! Ah, shrinks. They always blame it on the nanny!

    • Fran: I'm not the one who cut back on Gracie's therapy.
      Maxwell: You're the one who suggested it!
      Fran: Since when do you listen to me?

    • Maxwell: Sweetheart, I know you miss Imogene, but part of her will always be with you.
      Maggie: And the rest of her's in Fran's stomach.
      Brighton: Unless she's already been... passed on.

    • Fran: I see you went with the open casket, but wouldn't Imogene be more comfortable without my expensive boots in there?
      Gracie: No. She always wanted to be buried with her boots on.
      Fran: They're my boots!
      Niles: Lord Tailor giveth, Lord Tailor taketh away.

    • Fran: When death comes tapping at your tank, you need some closure. Like a funeral!
      Maxwell: Let me get this straight. We're going to have a mock funeral for an imaginary friend, and Gracie's the one in therapy?

    • Maxwell: If this is about canceling Maggie's piano lessons, god, yes.
      Fran: So she's not Liberace. Is that such a crime?
      C.C.: Yes. In some countries, they'd cut off her hands.

    • Fran: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Although what anyone would want with a whole bunch of flies... I mean, if you had a lizard to feed or a salamander or something...
      Maxwell: Miss Fine, why are you in my office babbling about reptiles?

    • Fran: When they shot Bambi's mother, did you find that a sad moment? At all?
      C.C.: I'm sure she's mounted on a nice wall in a fine home somewhere.

    • (During Imogene's "funeral," Maxwell and Fran are called to the phone to talk to Grace's therapist)
      Fran: Maggie, dear, play something for us!
      Maggie: Really? Any requests?!
      Brighton: Gee, how about "Heart and Soul"?
      Maggie: Okay! (plays off-key)
      Niles: As if there isn't enough grief in this house already.

    • Gracie: Here Fran, you want a cookie?
      Fran: Oh, I don't think so.
      Gracie: It's all right Fran.
      Dr. Bort: Go ahead!
      Fran: All right, you sure you don't see anyone sitting on this?
      Gracie: No, do you?
      Fran: Just checking.

    • Dr. Bort: Well, what's the real reason that you don't need Imogene anymore?
      Gracie: Cause now I have Fran.
      Fran: (Hugging Gracie) Awwww, I'm speechless.
      Maxwell: It's a miracle.
      Dr. Bort: It's actually quite a common...
      Maxwell: No; the miracle is that she's speechless.
      Fran: I feel much better now.
      Gracie: Me too.

    • Gracie: How come they called them toll house cookies?
      Fran: Because you eat now and pay later.

  • Notes

    • The song Maggie tries to play is called "Heart and Soul", words by Frank Loesser, music by Hoagy Carmichael.

    • Fran Drescher's real life parents Morty and Sylvia Drescher make a cameo appearance when Fran picks Gracie up from therapy.

    • The end credits of this episode shows Maggie playing piano (or at least trying to)

  • Allusions

    • After Fran accidentally "eats" Grace's imaginary friend, Brighton refers to Fran as Nanny Lecter. This is a refernce to the film The Silence of the Lambs. This 1991 movie portrays Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibal serial killer helping an agent find a murderer who skins his victims.

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