The Nanny

Season 2 Episode 15

Kindervelt Days

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 02, 1995 on CBS

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  • A very romantic and hilarious episode of Fran's Past and present.

    Everything about this episode is spot on perfect. Basically it about Fran's High school reunion way back in 1974 I believe. She is hoping to get a date with Maxwell. However she lucked out and got Erik Estrada to sub in as her date for the reunion. Fran also wanted to get back at an old rival named Judy Silverman. Erik escorted Fran but unfortunately he had prior family obligations so he had to leave early. Fran was hoping that Judy would be there so she can show her up. Judy shows up with a so called fiance named Barry Glickman. Judy was trying to show her up but Maxwell Sheffield came to the rescue. Later on everyone at the reunion found out that Barry is gay as he basically gave it away. Judy was embarassed and both she and her date left the reunion. Maxwell and Fran danced beautifully together and what I remember most was Fran was so thankful to Max and her hair was flat and straight. Beautiful hair on a beautiful woman Fran.
  • What a Show! It reveals more about Fran's past including her 'Old platforms! I used to boggy yoggy yoggy till i juts couldn't boggy no more." And her Bert Renolds Cosmo Centre Fold! "Ma you laminated your's" when they rip it fran say "Oh well it's

    This episode is great especially when Eric helps fran get back up to her feet after she falls, whilst singing "Hot Stuff" then falls again after saying "Hi Punch. Punch!"
    Also a classic is where fran says:
    Fran: This is......Amazing! How could this be?
    and Gracie replies
    Gracie: We told him how desperate you were.
    Fran: Oh Thank you!

    Anther apsolute classic is when Silvia meets eric and says Boynes Na-ch-oes. Instead of the real way to say it, and Fran replies.
    Fran: I'd like you to meet my mother from fre-doley.

    Great Show and ends beautifly when Maxwell saves the day
    Fran: My guy, my guy, we're talkin' bout my guy. tell you the truth Judy
    Max: Hello Darling
    Fran: Huh?
    Judy: You're her date?
    Max: Well i wouldn't say date was the right word
    after all we have been living together for
    what, over a year now.
    Fran: (Laughs)

    10/10 well done on a great show!
  • A very Beautiful and funny ending.

    I enjoyed this episode, because it was nice to see Fran live out one of her fantasies even if it was for one day. It showed me that anything could be possibe if you put your mind to it, and it was nice to dream. The scene when Maxwell stepped in as her date was my favourite. They shared a beautiful moment there on the dance floor, and you could clearly see the love in their eyes, even though they would never admit it. It warmed my heart. And the night would not have been memorable and funny if it wasn't for Fran tearing her dress (in true Fran fashion) when Maxwell tried to dip her. Puts a smile on my face when Maxwell hugs Fran from behind and they shuffle off in the hopes that no one will see her torn dress.