The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 5

Maggie's Boyfriend

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 28, 1998 on CBS



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    • Fran: Well, Ma, if I don't figure out a way to keep Maggie from moving in with her boyfriend, I may be moving back in with you.
      Yetta: Frannie. You can't move in here. I'd have to move out and go to a home!
      Sylvia: Ma, we put you in a home 10 years ago.
      Yetta: You bastards!

    • Maggie: I am so nervous about my new boyfriend coming over for dinner tonight.
      Niles: Why? Because you have to prepare the chateaubriand, polish the silver and comb the fringe around the area rugs?
      Maggie: No, you do that.
      Niles: Then chill out, girlie.

    • (Maggie's boyfriend, Michael, is an underwear model)
      Maxwell: Michael, do you have anything to fall back on when your rear end is no longer supporting you?

    • Fran: (upon meeting Maggie's boyfriend Michael for the first time) Gee, you look very familiar to me.
      Maxwell: Yes. Yes, you do. Are you an actor? Have you read for me before?
      Michael: No, I'm a model. I don't read.

    • Trick-or-Treater: (about Sylvia) That lady stole my candy!

    • Maxwell: Margaret?
      Fran: Oh, oh Michael, flex your pecs and hide me. Hide me. (hides behind Michael)
      Maggie: Daddy don't even try, I love Michael. Fran gave me her blessing, why can't you?
      Maxwell: You gave them your blessings? (Fran pretends to have a heart attack) Cut the guilt, it doesn't work on the British.
      Fran: Well, what do you want me to say? I mean, they've made their decision and I am going to accept it.
      Maxwell: Well, it doesn't mean I have to accept it.
      Fran: You know, I can't believe you would rather alienate your daughter than try and understand her. I mean, who did I marry?
      Maxwell: You know I was asking myself the same question.
      Fran: Oh well, maybe we should try and answer it separately for a while.
      Maxwell: Well, maybe we should.
      Fran: Well, fine then.
      Maggie: Stop it, stop it, this is crazy!
      Maxwell: Margaret you stay out of this.
      Maggie: Michael, this is gonna separate my parents.
      Michael: Listen, we don't want to hurt anybody.
      Maggie: We can't do this, I can't do this. I'm sorry.
      Michael: I'll take you home.
      Maggie: Dad, I'm packing up my bags we're going home. (Michael and Maggie leave the room)
      Maxwell: I can't believe that worked.
      Fran: Did I not tell you to trust me?
      Maxwell: You were terrific. I had no idea you were such a incredible actress.
      Fran: And how about you? You were so forceful, so strong, such turn on.

    • Fran: Ma, I want to talk to you. You know Max and I had another fight. Now Maggie wants to move in with her new boyfriend and he said it's all my fault.
      Sylvia: Sweetheart you know what your problem is?
      Fran: What?
      Sylvia: You spend too much time with your husband. The 35 years that I 've been married to your father combined, maybe, I've seen him totally 6 months.

    • Maxwell: When we're in the middle of an argument, why do you always walk out when it's my turn to speak?
      Fran: So I don't have to hear you.

    • Fran: Okay honey, you've got it. We're one mind. And by the way, tonight, we have a headache. (Maxwell sighs)

    • Maxwell: Just promise me one thing, you'll try to be a little more conservative tonight, I mean that... that outfit you've got on, I mean, it suggests any woman would hum...
      Fran: What? Jump into bed with a guy after 5 years?

    • Fran: Oh Niles, here I am, Mrs. Sheffield now and you're still making the beds, making the meals, laying his clothes. I feel so guilty.
      Niles: Well, would you like to help?
      Fran: No, just wanna figure out a way to stop feeling so damn guilty.

  • Notes

    • This is the second time that the Sabre Dance is played during a scene in The Nanny (when Maxwell is chasing Fran around the house after finding out that Maggie is moving in with her boyfriend). The first time was in the episode Love is a Many Blundered Thing back in season 2.

    • Alex Sternin and Wilder Shaw are the real life sons of Robert Sternin (devoloper) and Rick Shaw (writer/producer).

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