The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 19

Maggie's Wedding

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jun 23, 1999 on CBS

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  • Micheal: Maggie Will you Marry Me? Fran: YES! Maxwell: NO!

    Micheal is offered a modeling job in Japan but the thought of not being with Maggie tairs him apart so he asks her to Marry him. Fran excrpts (Out of force of habit) and Maxwell declines. Maggie exsepts and She, Fran, Sylvia, and Val Climb into Val's car. Maxwell folows them and tries to talk Maggie out of it. Fran get's car sick so Val gives her stale Captan Crunch to settle her stomach. Later at the Bridel Shoppe (No longet owned by Danny.) Fran and Val' remance on the first time Fran had brought Maggie to the Bridel Shoppe. Later on Maxwell tells Maggie that she can marry Micheal. The next day Yetta tells C.C. (Thinking that she's Maggie.) That Fran and Max walked in on them. C.C. asks where (Listing all the rooms in the house and Wal-Mart.)Yetta says she dosen't know. (She also says something about Home Depot?) C.C. calls Niles and tells him that they found out. (Also she said something about needing something at Home Depot.) Micheal tells Fran that Barbra Strizand is comming to the wedding. The thought of her finaly meeting her idol makes Fran so excited that she goes into Labor. It's a false alarm. But the Doctor wants Fran to stay over night just to be safe. Fran sneeks out of the hospital and goes back to the house. But when she get's there she finds out that Barbra is at her hospital room and she misses her. The wedding goes off perfectly! People are talking about the Barbra preformance last night. Fran tell Max that she was glad that she was haveing the twins because they were the only thing that was keeping her from killing herself.