The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 19

Maggie's Wedding

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jun 23, 1999 on CBS



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    • Dr. Hamilton: Mrs. Sheffield, seeing that you had some usually strong Braxton Hicks contractions - it's very common for women over thirty-five under stress - have you been stressed about anything recently?
      Fran: You mean besides the fact that you think I'm over thirty-five?

    • Yetta: (to C.C.) Thank you for inviting me to your wedding, Maggie.
      C.C.: Yetta, I'm not... no, no...
      Yetta: Did you hear about Miss Babcock, and the male maid?
      C.C.: (alarmed)What are you talking about?!
      Yetta: Franny and her husband walked in on them when they were doing the horizontal Hora.
      C.C.: Where? Kitchen, stairway, closet, limo, Wal-mart?!
      Yetta: Wal-mart, huh? Well, if they dig the danger of getting caught, they should try the aluminum sheds, at Home Depot.

    • Fran: Is Barbra's voice this flawless in person?
      Maxwell: Well, actually it was a little tired, after singing 'Funny Girl' and 6 new songs from her next album
      Fran: I'm so glad that I'm pregnant
      Maxwell: Why?
      Fran: (to herself) It's the only thing that's keeping me from killing myself

  • Notes

    • Daniel Davis does not appear in this episode. The explanation for Niles's absence is that he had a family reunion in London. In real life, Daniel had a family emergency that kept him from attending the shooting that week.

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