The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 8

Making Whoopi (3)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 1998 on CBS



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    • Bruce Vilanch: All right, that's it, I want a new square. Brad Pitt wouldn't get picked in this box. I wanna be on top of Whoopi.
      Whoopi: And if you was Brad Pitt, you would be.

    • C.C.: (about the fertility shake) What's that, nanny Fine, Slim Fast?
      Fran: No, Swim Fast.

    • Fran: (about the mushroom root) So, this stuff is really gonna make his little soldiers swim faster?
      Mr. Fu: Just ask Mrs. Fu.
      (Mrs. Fu enters the room, obviously pregnant)
      Fran: Congratulations, Mrs. Fu. So the shake got you pregnant?
      Mrs. Fu No, unfortunately I also had to use Mr. Fu.

    • Mr. Fu: This is ancient Chinese mushroom root. You put it in a shake, and he takes one every twenty-four hours.
      Val: But how many times a day?
      (Mr. Fu sais nothing, but hands her a huge jar of the brain-remedy.)

    • Val: (picking up a small jar) Oh, I wonder what this is for?
      Mr. Fu: Oh, this is very good for the brain. Makes you smart. 50 cents a bottle.
      Val: And how much for two bottles?
      Mr. Fu: (handing her a bigger jar) You better take the Large.

    • (About seeing a herbologist)
      Fran: All right, I'll talk to Max about it.
      Val, Sylvia & Yetta: NO!
      Sylvia: He'll loose confidence, he'll feel immasculated, and then he'll never wanna have sex with you again, and then...
      Yetta: (pointing at Sylvia)And then you'll have her marriage.

    • Val: You know something? When my mother coundn't get pregnant, she went to and herbologist, and then she had three...
      Yetta: ... of the dumbest kids I have ever met!
      Fran: Yetta, you're talking about Val.
      Val: Yeah.
      Yetta: Oh. Well, then you tell it.

    • (C.C. walks into the kitchen, looking satisfied)
      C.C.: (to Niles) Hiya, baby.
      Niles: Hi, dumplin'.
      C.C.: Hmm, you smell good. What is that?
      Niles: Lemon bowl fresh. You're wearing those extra-wide shoulder pads today, aren't you?
      C.C.: I'm not wearing any.
      (Niles has an overly satisfied look on his face)
      Niles: Better!
      (the kids look confused)
      Maggie: Should we worry about this?
      Brighton: Let them experiment. I... hope it's just a phase.

    • Maggie: Have you guys seen Mom or Dad in the past couple of days?
      Brighton: Yeah, what HAVE they been doing?
      (Niles walks in, carrying lemonade and looking satisfied)
      Brighton: Hey, Niles, do you know what Mom and Dad have been up to?
      Niles: Um... they're trying to co-produce a new project.
      Gracie: How? Dad's gonna let Fran handle his business?
      (Niles has a look on his face)
      Niles: Eat your eggs.

    • Fran: I already did a little shopping. (Shows off a little dress)
      Maxwell: What if it's a boy?
      Fran: In that case... (shows a little doctor's outfit)
      Maxwell: Darling, the child isn't even born yet and you're already pressuring him to be a doctor?
      Fran: Well, they didn't have little lawyer suits.

    • Sylvia: Darling, taking hormones is a natural thing. Your Aunt Addie and your Uncle Artie both took them.
      Fran: Ma, that's because Aunt Addie was Uncle Artie.
      Sylvia: Shhh, she's collecting two social security checks.

    • (While Maxwell is on Hollywood Squares, audience member Fran starts ovulating- she goes up each square to get to Maxwell)
      Fran: (to Whoopi Goldberg) Oh, excuse me Miss Goldberg! I need to have sex right now!
      Whoopi: They usually just ask for my autograph!

  • Notes

    • The Celebrities that were in the Squares for this episode were the same set that appeared for the November 2-6, 1998 aired episodes of the Hollywood Squares. With the exception of Fran's square being occupied with Mr. Sheffield for the episode.

    • For this episode, Whoopi Goldberg was nominated for the 1999 Image Award for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series".

    • You can tell Rachel Chagall is pregnant in the scene where Fran, Sylvia, Yetta and Val are in the living room in the beginning of this episode.

    • Both Whoopi Goldberg and Coolio have previously guest starred on the show playing characters.

    • This is the first episode without the opening credits due to its dramatical start. The actors' names appear during the first scene, just like Renée, Rachel and Ann's names throughout the series.

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