The Nanny

Season 6 Episode 3

Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 14, 1998 on CBS



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    • Sylvia: Why couldn't you hold out like I do?
      Fran: Cause my husband looks like James Bond and your husband looks like James Coco.
      Sylvia: James Coco? I wish!

    • Fran: Oh, honey you better start drinking some more milk you're getting a real humpback here.
      Yetta: No I put my brassiere on backwards. It's easier to hook in the front.
      Fran: So I'm thinking i came to the wrong person for advice.

    • Fran: When I was young there was a girl whose parents wouldn't ket her go away with her friends. You know what she started doing instead? Shoplifting!
      Maxwell: What happened to her?
      Fran: She married you.

    • Maxwell: Niles pick a side!
      Niles: I can't! You sign my checks, she keeps my secrets. You hired me first but she'll probably live longer. How can I pick a side that benefits Niles?

    • Fran: When did you start smoking again?
      C.C.: Somewhere between I and do.

    • Maggie: Fran, I'm 20 years old. Doesn't Dad know that, you know, I'm active?
      Fran: You doing the bing bing? I love that you feel so comfortable that you want to be totally honest with me so let me be totally honest with you. Get upstairs!! What are you, crazy?! You're never leaving my house again!

    • Fran: You just don't know how to work your father like I do.
      Brighton: No, I don't look as good in a halter top as you do.

    • Maxwell: I'm his father, I know what's best for him.
      Fran: And what am I?
      Maxwell: You're the nanny.
      Fran: You called me the 'N word'. Did you hear that, Niles?
      Niles: Do you get the house in the settlement?
      Fran: Uh huh.
      Niles: Every word of it.

    • C.C.: Oh, poor woman! Her husband treats his wife that way. See, that's why I never got married.
      Niles: Yeah, that's why.

    • Sylvia: I gotta go now. I got a very important thing to take care of before dinner.
      Fran: What?
      Sylvia: Lunch!

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  • Allusions

    • During the montage of Fran at the country club, the song that is playing is "Ascot Gavotte" from the Broadway musical, My Fair Lady. Appropriate, considering Fran is now the wife of a Broadway producer. This is not the first time Fran has been compared to the musical's heroine, Eliza Doolittle, an unrefined flower girl who is introduced into London society as the result of a bet. For the first time the reference was made, see season 1's "My Fair Nanny."

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