The Nanny

Season 3 Episode 7

Oy Vey, You're Gay

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 1995 on CBS

Episode Recap

Maxwell is hung over and slightly confused. He'd gone out the night before and not a single woman talked to him. Fran pointed out that it could be because he's still wearing his wedding ring. They decide together that maybe it's time to let go of the ring. Thing aren't made any better when another producer is feature in the New York Times crossword puzzle.

CC suggests he hire hot shot publicist Sydney Mercer.

Everybody's expecting old man Sydney, but instead his gorgeous blonde daughter arrives. Any hesitation Maxwell was feeling disappears instantly.

The household takes notice when Maxwell starts dressing like a magazine model and are very impressed. He's even taken off his wedding ring. He's also falling head over heels for Sydney.

He comes down dressed to the nines and leaves to meet Sydney at the Rainbow Room for a romantic dinner.

Shortly after, Sydney shows up and Fran informs him that Maxwell left. She also tells Sydney that Maxwell has the hots for her. Sydney admits, that although she enjoys working with Maxwell, she isn't interested in him romantically, she's gay.

Fran is taken back by the news. She's even more shocked when Sydney reveals that she thought Fran was gay also. No, Fran admits, she's not gay, she's just pathetic.

Fran tells Sydney to let Maxwell down easy, but then they decide that Fran should go to the Rainbow Room and break the news.

She arrives at the restaurant, dressed to kill. She hops in the elevator with Maxwell and tells him about Sydney. His disappointment takes a back seat when the elevator get stuck. He and Fran try to get out. He boosts her up the trap door and the echo in the elevator shaft makes her depressed because she's actually now heard her own voice.

Fran can't get out of the trap door, she's stuck. Maxwell talks to her from below and admits he'd just ready to give up on the dating scene. She reassures him that he'll find someone special, you never know when that special one is going to fall out of the sky. Just then she comes dislodged and falls back into the elevator.